10 Benefits of Fish Cork For Health

Benefits of Fish Cork For Health - Benefits of fish cork for health is phenomenal, this is because the protein content in this fish is one of the highest compared to various other fish meat. There are many cork fish in Indonesian waters, because these fish live mostly in rivers, lakes and swamps. At a glance the shape of cork fish is almost similar to catfish. The most easily observed difference is that cork does not have a mane or mustache. Warnanyapun not as dark as catfish. Fish corks are equally able to survive on land, in quite a long time, because cork fish are known to breathe directly with the outside air.

Benefits of Fish Cork For Health
If the cork fish lives in a place where the water happens to be reduced to dryness, then you can see the cork will immerse itself in the mud of the place. It's an effort to stay alive. Or Not infrequently these cork fish can also move places, especially at night done by jumping on the land.

Lots of benefits that you can get by eating fish cork meat. The advantages and benefits of cork are:

Benefits of Fish Cork For Health

1. Muscle Formation & Growth

Cork Fish Contains higher protein content than protein levels found in catfish and in goldfish. But still equivalent to the protein content contained in milkfish. From 100 grams of cork you can get 25.2 grams of protein. Try to compare with the level of protein for per 100 gram found in chickens that only 18.2 grams, beef only 18.8 grams, or eggs that only 12.8 grams. High protein content will benefit you because it will help a lot in the process of muscle formation in your body.

2. Accelerate Wound Healing

Cork fish meat also contains a lot of albumin in very high levels. You need to know that albumin is one type of protein that is very important in the process of wound healing on your body.

3. Maintain fluid balance in the body

Albumin substance also serves to maintain the stability of fluid regulation in the body. If your body condition decreases the amount of fluid, then the proteins that enter in your body will break so that it can not function normally. Normal content of albumin in the body reaches 60%.

4. Healthy for digestion

Fish cork has a more tender structure of meat, you do not need to worry digestion because it is very easy to digest. This is because cork fish have lower collagen protein than protein content contained in other ground livestock meat. Only 3% to 5% of the total protein content of collagen.

5. Healing various diseases

Can help the healing process of various diseases such as hepatitis disease, lung infection, typhoid, diabetes, stroke, etc.

6. Improve malnutrition

Can improve malnutrition that is widely found in infants, toddlers, children and pregnant women because in 100 grams of cork alone is very enough to meet various nutritional needs are very important for health, especially for infants.

7. Helps heal autistic children

Fish cork has a content that can serve to help the healing of people with autism.

8. Accelerate wound healing postoperatively

Fish cork can accelerate the healing process in postoperative wounds. This is because of the high content of albumin in cork fish, so it can quickly help the process of formation of new cells and tissues on the part of your body that has been damaged by the operation process ..

9. Helps overcome swelling in the body

In addition to wound healing, the content of albumin in fish cork is high enough can also help overcome the swelling that occurs in your body.

10. Improve endurance

You want a better endurance? Do not forget the consumption of fish cork regularly, this fish consumption will make your body is not susceptible to various diseases due to weather changes or due to other factors.

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Nutritional Content of Cork Fish

From the laboratory study obtained evidence that from 100 grams of cork fish contains various nutrients such as:

  1. Calories: 69 calories
  2. Protein: 25.2 grams
  3. Fat: 1.7 grams
  4. Iron: 0.9 milligrams
  5. Calcium: 62 milligrams
  6. Phospor: 76 milligrams
  7. Vit.A: 150 milligrams
  8. Vit.B: 0.04 milligrams
  9. Water: 69 grams

Benefits of Fish Cork For Health - This nutrient content that makes the benefits of cork is very good for those of you who want to improve the nutrition of the fetus or any pregnant women, children, to adults. Cork has a very soft texture of meat and is very tasty eaten with a variety of dishes. Consumption of cork regularly will have an impact on your health.