10 Benefits of Meat Frog For Health

Benefits of Meat Frog For Health - What comes to mind when we hear the word frog? Well, for some adults, these amphibians often make them feel disgusted and even scared. However, it is different with children. Children usually like toads because they have funny shapes, often jumping up and down and not bite. Her short, stocky body, slightly hunched back, her smooth, moist skin, and long hind legs make some people like to feel annoyed with her.

Benefits of Meat Frog For Health

Gynecology in Beef Frog

The animal itself has several advantages that are widely used in various interests. In Chinese restaurants, toads have long been recognized as one of the most delicious foods. The dish is known as swie kee (swie: water, kee: chicken) because the frog thighs remind the audience of chicken thighs.

As for detailed information from sources of nutritional information, which was studied Food Weight per 100 grams of frog meat is as follows:

  1. The amount of Frog Energy Content = 73 kcal
  2. Number of Protein Frog Content = 16.4 gr
  3. The amount of fat content of frog = 0.3 gr
  4. Total Carbohydrate Content of Frog = 0 gr
  5. Number of Calcium Calcium Content = 18 mg
  6. Number of Phosphorus Content of Frog = 147 mg
  7. Number of Iron Frog Content = 1 mg
  8. Number of Vitamin A Frogs = 0 IU
  9. Number of Vitamin B1 Frogs = 0.14 mg
  10. Number of Vitamin C Frogs = 0 mg

In addition to be used for food purposes, some of the benefits of frog meat is very influential on health. Some of these benefits:

Benefits of Meat Frog For Health

1. Animal Protein Sources

Frog meat is good for health because frog meat is a source of animal protein high enough nutritional content. Even frog meat is also believed to cure various diseases, as is also present in the benefits of snake meat.

2. Treating Impotence in Men

Frog meat served in the form of juice, it actually has the property to treat impotence in men. In Peru, this juice is called Viagra because it is suitable for people with impotence. Even Peruvian people believe that frog juice can increase stamina.

3. Overcoming Heart Damage

It turned out that frog meat also has the potential to treat wounds caused by damage to heart disease. For that, the frog meat you want to eat can be processed into small pieces and mixed with thin slices of petai, garlic, and ground soft pepper. The ingredients are boiled in water, then added salt and two teaspoons of the original honey benefit. The most important thing in boiling it, it can not be more than 20 minutes because the essence of frog meat can be lost.

4. Prevent Asthma

In addition to treating impotence, it turns out that frog juice derived from frog meat is also able to prevent other diseases such as asthma. This famous frog juice in Peru, commonly known as extracto de rana and very popular in the local market of Lima city.

5. As Antibiotics

Many scientists know that, the skin attached to frog meat contains many substances that serve to kill disease-causing microbes. Including a team of researchers from the United Arab Emirates University, conducted a study to modify the substances contained in the skin attached to frog meat that can be used for humans as antibiotics.

One of them, able to fight staphylococcus aureus bacteria cause deadly infections in patients in the hospital.

6. Heals Injuries Quickly

Researchers from Prof. Chris Shaw's team also found that fire-bellied toads that produce proteins can help someone if they want to recover from injury in a faster time. This study also has the potential to treat patients' wounds in various diseases.

7. Prevent Bronchitis

In addition to preventing asthma and impotence, frog juice derived from frog meat is also able to prevent diseases such as bronchitis. Frog juice is widely known in Peru known as extracto de rana and much sought after in the local market of Lima city.

8. Overcoming Stroke Damage

Prof Shaw revealed that frog meat has the potential to treat a variety of diseases and other conditions that require rapid repair of blood vessels, such as healing for damage caused by stroke.

9. Good For Diabetes Patients

Similarly, people with heart disease, diabetics can mengonsumdi frog meat to restore the disease. Therefore, there are also studies that claim that frog meat can heal the wounds experienced by diabetics.

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10. Overcoming Cancer

Benefits of Meat Frog For Health - Prof Chris Shaw who came from England successfully identified 2 proteins produced by frog meat, able to overcome cancer. Two frog waxy monkey proteins can inhibit the growth of blood vessels and kill cancerous tumors. In addition, there is also a doctor of herbal medicine in Jakarta using mucus produced frog meat as an alternative treatment material for cancer. With infusion media, this treatment is also chemotherapy that does not feel as hot as chemotherapy in general.