13 Health Benefits of Eating Crab Meat

Health Benefits of Eating Crab Meat - The crab spelled out a luxurious meal, because in addition to the expensive and tasty, it also has abundant nutritional content, so it is very beneficial for the health of the body.

Health Benefits of Eating Crab Meat

Nutritional Content of Crabs

Based on the results of research on crabs weighing 100 grams, it is known that the body part that can be consumed only about 45%. Although quite a bit that can be consumed, but the nutritional content is very large. Nutritional content contained in the crab include:

  1. Energy (151 kcal)
  2. Protein (13.8 gr)
  3. Fat (3.8 gr)
  4. Carbohydrates (14.1 g)
  5. Calcium (210 g)
  6. Phosphorus (250 grams)
  7. Iron (1 mg)
  8. Vitamin A (200 IU)
  9. Vitamin B1 (0.05 mg)
  10. Vitamin C (0 mg).

In addition, small amounts of crabs also contain substances that are beneficial to the health of the body, such as Vitamin B12, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Mineral Selenium, Mineral Copper, Mineral Zinc, and Saturated Fat.

With the nutritional content and substances that are useful, the benefits of crabs have a variety of properties for health, including

Health Benefits of Eating Crab Meat

1. Increase Energy and Stamina

Vitamin B12 content that can spur the increased metabolism of fatty acids and amino acids. Plus the high protein content and useful for regulating metabolism, making crabs useful for improving the lackluster stamina.

2. Accelerate Wound Healing

Protein, Vitamin B12, and Zinc Mineral in crabs also work to speed wound healing. Protein in crabs can repair damaged cells, while Vitamin B12 and Zinc Mineral help produce red blood cells.

3. Improve immunity

For those who are worried about the disease during the transition season, it is better to try the benefits of seafood by consuming crabs. Protein, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Mineral Selenium contained in crabs, all have the property to form and boost immunity.

4. Prevent Heart Disease

Kadiovascular disease (heart) can be prevented by crabs, because the content of Omega 3 benefits that can menetlalisir levels of bad cholesterol contained in the blood. In addition, the mineral content of Selenium is also useful in preventing damage to body cells caused by free radicals trigger heart attacks.

5. Brain Intelligence

As known Omega 3 Fatty Acids are widely contained in the benefits of milk is also found in crabs in large quantities. This one substance is known to have a primary function for boosting immunity and educating the brain.

6. Maintaining Eye Health

Crabs can also help maintain eye health because it contains abundant Vitamin A benefits.

7. Preventing Osteoporosis

Bone loss (osteoporosis) can be prevented by consuming crabs because in addition to containing a number of high protein benefits, it also contains Mineral Copper that helps the formation of bone cells and nerves.

8. Assist Diet Program

For those who do a very good diet consume crabs, because the content of saturated fat. These marine animals have very low fat that is 0.2 grams / 100 grams.

9. Helping the Development of Fetus and Infant

For pregnant and lactating women it is advisable to consume the benefits of these crabs 1 to 2 times a week. High protein levels and Omega-3 fatty acid components that help the formation of cell membranes in the fetus and infant brain.

10. Prevent Cancer

The weak body is very vulnerable to free radical attack, and free radicals become one cause of cancer. Both problems can be counteracted with crabs that contain protein, Omega 3, and Mineral Zinc that serves to boost immunity. Selenium mineral is useful to prevent cell damage caused by free radical attack.

11. Preventing and Curing Anemia

Anemia diseases can be prevented and cured by consuming crabs, because Vitamin B12, Mineral Copper, and Mineral Zinc in these animals have an important role in producing red blood cells.

12. Prevent Prostate Disease

Crabs can prevent prostate disease because Zinc Mineral content is useful in preventing enlargement of the prostate.

13. Caring for Skin and Hair

For women who always pay attention to body care, consuming crabs is very good for beauty. Zinc minerals they contain can prevent hair loss and in Vitamin B12 can nourish the nerves and skin cells.

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Healthy Tips on Consuming Crabs

Although the nutritional content of crabs is complex and benefits quite a lot for the health of the body, does not mean we can casually consume crabs. This is because these animals also contain contaminants such as heavy metals, dioxins and mercury. For that, before and after consuming crabs it's good to pay attention to the following things:

  1. Crab cholesterol content is quite high, ie 76 mg / 100 grams, while cholesterol is recommended to be consumed per day not more than 300 mg. For that, in order to benefit from crabs, then eat enough and do not overeat, because that will be obtained is no longer a benefit but a disease.
  2. For those who have gout disease should limit the consumption of crabs, because the purine base content in these shelled animals can lead to increased levels of uric acid in the blood.
  3. Do not eat persimmon after eating crab, because persimmon fruit contains tartan acids that can destroy protein, while crabs actually produce large amounts of protein. If consumed at almost the same time interval, will have an impact on indigestion in the form of nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea. This is because the tannic acid will agglomerate the protein so it is difficult to digest.
  4. Other fruits to avoid when eating crabs are peer, because these fruits have cold properties, similar to crabs that are also cold. If both are consumed almost simultaneously then what happens is a bad digestive risk, it can even make the stomach lymph injured.
  5. Goat meat is not well consumed along with crabs, because goat meat has a hot nature, while the crab is cold. If both are consumed simultaneously, in addition to the benefits of both mutually kill or decrease can also interfere with the work of the stomach spleen.
  6. Do not drink tea after consuming crabs, because it can melt the gastric juice. The impact, digestion absorption will be disrupted, and gastric juice can no longer perform its function as a disinfectant, so that viruses and bacteria found in the stomach can live freely. In addition, tea also contains tartan acid which can cause stomach disease if taken after eating crabs.

Know Animal Crabs

The crabs, also called ketam, are animals of the ten-legged species of Krustasea, of Brachyura infraordo because they have very short tails (brachy = short, ura = tail). Animals that live all over the world have a pair of claws with their bodies wrapped in hard shells.

Health Benefits of Eating Crab Meat - Some of them spend most of their lives in the sea, some live in the sea and on land, and some live in freshwater waters (rivers / lakes). The size of various crabs, ranging from only a few millimeters up to have a stretch of legs along the 4 meters.