15 Top health benefits of Plums

Top health benefits of Plums - Benefits of plums are rarely known by many people, even plum names are still many foreign people. That's because not everyone can see the plum and can feel the plum. The price is expensive and difficult to find this fruit is the reason that this fruit, including fruit with middle to upper class.

About Plum Fruit
The origin of this fruit comes from China, so it is classified as imported fruit. His name is imported fruit. Of course the price offered is quite expensive.

15 Top health benefits of Plums
The price is expensive equivalent to the nutritional content of the fruit. Not infrequently, many nutritionists who advise to consume plums to stay healthy. Plum is divided into three groups, namely Europe-Asia, Japan and also Damson. China is the first and main plum producer, followed by the United States, Serbia and Romania. Plum-producing countries in the United States are California.

Nutrition In Plum Fruit
Lots of nutrients in the plums. Plum contains many compounds that are healthy and refreshing. The nutrients present in the plums are as follows:

  • Plums contain vitamins and minerals.
  • Vitamins present in plums are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin K, vitamin E and also vitamin B-6.
  • Plum contains ascorbic acid and also folic acid.
  • Minerals present in plums are fluorine, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc.
  • High fiber, low in calories and no saturated fat.
  • Rich in antioxidants.

Benefits of Plum for Health

A lot of nutrients in plums are beneficial in maintaining health. Basically the fruit should be consumed every day because it can smooth digestion and also intestine healthy. Other benefits are as follows:

Prevent Free Radicals. Free radicals come from pollutants and harmful substances in the body. Free radicals of the era like today exist anywhere.

Substance In Plums That Ward off Free Radicals. Plums have compounds that are very effective in warding off free radicals. The compound is the following:

Vitamin C and phytonutrients

Cryptoxanthin, zea-xanthin

Neochlorogenic acid


Stopping Free Radical Injury. If you are already injured by free radicals. You can stop the wound membranes produced by free radicals by consuming plums. Plum-containing substances contain phenol which serves to protect the essential fat in neurons so that the wound membranes can stop and shrink.

Treating Obesity. Obesity is a factor that can be caused by genetic obesity and also due to food factors. Consuming plums rich in fiber can be beneficial in the diet so that obesity will be reduced. The benefits of apples can also help lower your obesity and diet.

Avoid From Obesity Complications. Obesity can cause various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many more. Taking plums can be useful for attacking the metabolic syndrome by using bioactive substances present in plums.

Substances In Plum Fruit That Are Useful To Avoid Obesity Due To Complications


Fenolix compounds (anthocyanins, chlorogenic acid, quercetin and cathechindalam plums) serve to prevent a person from the adverse effects of obesity and also useful as an anti-inflammatory.

Vegetable fat cells in plums are useful to prevent obesity effects including diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease.

Maintaining Bone Health. Cartilage for osteoporosis. If a person is exposed to osteoporosis the result is that the patient can not walk because of his bone undergoing a breakdown. Maintaining bone health and strength can use plums.

Substances That Are Useful For Maintaining Bone Health

Anabolic and anti resorptive agents are beneficial in maintaining bone health

Flavonoids especially caffeic acid are beneficial in inhibition of tissue damage present in bone, so women in post menopause will avoid osteoporosis.

Polyphenols together with potassium are useful in helping growth and bone formation, maintaining and increasing bone density as well as preventing bone loss caused by hormones present in the ovaries.

Helps the Digestive System. Plums are rich in fiber is beneficial in the digestive process in the body. Plum is a good source of fiber. Plum can digestion so avoid constipation disease. Compared with psyllium substances, the fibers in the plum more. In addition to plums, the benefits of mangosteen skin is also powerful for digestion.

Substances That Are Beneficial In The Digestive Process

Substituents of sorbitol compounds in plums help the intestines in the digestive system.

Isatol compounds are useful in regulating the digestive system.

Sorbitol and isatin when combined may be useful to provide a laxative effect that can encourage fluid secretion in the intestine. Helps rinse waste in the colon.

Protecting the Body From Cognitive Decrease. As you get older, your body will experience cognitive decline. In cognitive decline the body will easily experience Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and also stroke. Consuming plum juice every day is useful to protect the body from the decline.

Substances That Are Beneficial In Cognitive Decrease

Flavonoids are the most dominant substances to protect the body from cognitive decline.

Phytonutrients in plums are useful to prevent the body from inflammation due to neurological processes. Phytonutrients are also beneficial to increase the memory of the brain so avoid the awkwardness and Alzheimer's.

Plum Contains Good Cholesterol And Healthy. Healthy cholesterol is needed by the body to prevent various diseases or body disorders. Benefits of potato and rambutan benefits can also be used to overcome the problem of cholesterol.

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Benefits Of Good Cholesterol And Healthy

Healthy cholesterol is useful to prevent hypercholesterolaemia and hyperlipidaemia. Hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia are a disturbance in the body due to bad cholesterol.

Plum juice can be useful to maintain a healthy plasma and also maintain healthy cholesterol in the liver.

Healthy cholesterol is beneficial in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol and increasing the amount of good cholesterol.

Overcoming Diabetes. Although the fruit contains natural glucose but there are fruits that can not be consumed by diabetics because it can raise blood sugar levels. Fruits that should not be consumed are sawo, watermelon and also mango. Benefits of plums if consumed can overcome diabetes.

How Plum Works Overcome Diabetes

Plum will give effect in the form of anti-hyperglycemia where the effect is beneficial to overcome diabetes.

Eating plum or plum juice is beneficial for lowering glucose levels and triglyceride levels in the body.

Flavonoid substances in the plum is useful to provide protection against insulin levels and increase the sensitivity of insulin in the body.

Nervous System Being Current. For those who have a blockage in the nervous system is recommended to regularly consume plums. The content of vitamins in the plum is very useful to launch the nervous system.

Ingredients In Plums That Can Radiate The Nervous System

Vitamin B6 helps the nerves in transmission so it can help the function of the smooth nervous system.

Tryptophan and amino acids in plums are useful for producing serotonin neurotransmitters in which they play an important role in helping to sleep soundly, increasing concentration and also increasing appetite.

Healthy Cells In The Body. Cells in the body can be healthy because the plums have a copper content that serves as an antioxidant. Copper in plums is also beneficial for the health of nerves and the formation of collagen. Plum can also prevent anemia due to iron in it.

Overcoming Depression. Multifunctional fruit plums, with anxiolytic content, chlorogenic acid and antioxidants help to relieve depression. Excessive anxiety can be overcome by consuming plums.

Overcoming Flu. The content of lectins present in the plum is useful for inhibiting and treating infections caused by influenza virus.

Healthy Pregnant Mom. When pregnant to consume fruits and vegetables is recommended to nourish the fetus and pregnant women. One fruit that is beneficial for pregnancy is plums. Because plums contain many of the vitamins and minerals that are needed during pregnancy. Compounds in the plum have benefits for eye health, fetal bone development and also the formation of fetal cells. When taking plums for pregnant women should not use sugar. Sugar can cause pregnant women's sugar levels to rise and cause the baby to become large in the womb.

Helps Blood Clotting Process. Plums contain many vitamins, one of which is vitamin K. Vitamin K is beneficial in the process of blood clotting in the body.

How to Choose Plum Fruit With Good Condition

Fruit will decrease its function if in a state not good. Therefore choose the condition of plum with good condition. Because rarely encountered, many people who when looking at the plum in the supermarket or in the modern market directly buy it without knowing how the quality. Fruit with good quality will give positive effects and good benefits as well. Here's how to choose a good quality plum:

Avoid picking plums with bruises or very soft conditions.

Plums that are ripe if pressed slightly will feel soft. While the plum that has rotten condition if pressed feels very soft.

Plum smells sweet and sweet smell.

Avoid picking plums with a defective condition on the skin for example there are scratches or stab wounds. If the condition is like that the nutrient content in the plum is not good anymore so less benefit of plums.

Top health benefits of Plums - The high benefits of plums make it one type of fruit that can be consumed on a regular basis.