20 Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Figs

Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Figs - Figs fruit is a fruit rich in nutrients because it contains sugar molecules, vitamins and minerals. Fruit figs is often used for milk production, while for Arabs, they often boil figs leaves as a remedy to overcome menstrual pain. Fruit efficacy is generated from the nutritional content. A number of nutrients such as protein, minerals, vitamins, iron and calcium are present in the fruit.

20 Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Figs

Therefore fruits are very beneficial for health. Some of the benefits of fruits that are worth knowing are:

Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Figs

  1. Anti Bacteria, viruses and fungi - Fruit figs able to kill bacteria disrupt health. Fruit content can kill microorganisms that can cause viruses and fungi.
  2. Diet - Suitable for people who are on a weight loss program. Adding the benefits of apples and fruits, can be a delicious snack when dieting.
  3. The formation of red blood cells - Triggering red blood cell (hemoglobin) so it is highly recommended for consumption for patients with anemia. In addition, increased red blood also optimizes memory and reduces fatigue.
  4. Digestive System - Not only the benefits of papaya fruit that can facilitate digestion, but the fruit can also overcome constipation or constipation
  5. Risk of heart disease - Content of omega 3 and potassium, prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease. Potassium is also widely found in the benefits of bananas and the benefits of mango.
  6. Calcium - Calcium content similar to the benefits of milk that will accelerate the growth of teeth and bones. In addition, the calcium content in the fruit is useful to prevent bone loss.
  7. Uric Acid - Strengthen bones and joints so that suitable for consumption for people with uric acid.
  8. Asthma - Helps breathing for people with asthma
  9. Blood pressure - Keep blood pressure steady, thus avoiding high blood pressure.
  10. Prostate Cancer - Can reduce the risk of prostate cancer because it contains coumarin.
  11. Substitute Milk - Figs fruit contains high calcium that can be used as a substitute for milk for dairy allergy sufferers. This is the same as the benefits of soy milk consumed as a substitute for cow's milk.
  12. Help sleep - Fruit can make sleep more soundly and avoid insomnia because of trytophan content. As found in the benefits of chocolate.
  13. Cholesterol - Can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood because it contains pectin. This substance can lower the fat contained in because it contains triglycerides.
  14. Antidote Tumor - Contains benzaldehid as well as phenol efficacious as an antidote to tumors.
  15. Blood sugar - Fiber contained in the fruit is useful to slow the absorption of sugar or glucose in the small intestine. Figs fruit is also able to control the blood sugar content because it contains fructose.
  16. Treat wounds - The way is easy, cook the dried figs until mandidih, then mixed with milk. After cooking, cool this figs ingredients, then dress the wound by applying this herb.
  17. Maintaining facial skin - Fruit can be used to cure acne. Routine consume this figs fruit, simply mashed and used as a mask for facial skin care.
  18. Sugar substitutes - The original sweetness of the fruit, often used as a source of food that is often used to replace sugar.
  19. Bowel and gastric medicine - Treatment of bowel and stomach is made with, 6 pieces of figs are cut into pieces. Then mix the benefits of olive oil and lime slices. After mixed, let stand for a night. After that this herb is ready to be drunk.
  20. Maintaining fertility - Fruit can increase sperm and fertility for a person because it contains a very high antioxidant. Anti-oxidants that are responsible for protecting sperm fatty acids and avoid the damage.

Content of Figs Fruit Nutrition

Figs fruit has two types of dried and wet figs, which distinguishes both on the content of calories. Dried fruits contain more calories than wet figs. A professor from the United States said that fruits do not contain cholesterol and fat.

Figs fruit contains fiber, potassium and high iron. In 10 grams of figs fruit there are more than 20% fiber, type soluble fiber. Soluble fiber can keep blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol levels. While insoluble fiber can prevent cancer in the colon. Fiber contained in the fruit is also useful to fertilize the reproductive system of both men and women.

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Thickening the History of Figs Fruit

Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Figs - The figs has a size of 3-5 cm and is green. Several other types of red berry fruits have been cooked. Be careful if you want to take the fruit because the sap can make the skin becomes irritated. Fruit figs has a flavor and fragrant aroma similar to guava fruit. Figs fruit is textured, soft and sweet. Figs fruit has a water content that is not too much and has a lot of seeds in it.