25 Health Benefits of Kale

Health Benefits of Kale - The most unique and unexpected benefits of kale is its greatness in fighting diabetes. Kale is a kind of vegetable that is very easy to get and the price is affordable for all circles. In addition, this vegetable is very easy to plant so it can be easily sought in the markets and vegetable vendors.

Health Benefits of Kale

About Kale

Kale comes from India which then spread to Asia, Australia and Africa. Planting watercress is done in a wet place such as in swamp or mud surface. Kale itself is a plant that can quickly grow about 6 weeks of planting, the results can already be harvested.

Various types of kale have been cultivated widely. What is found in Indonesia itself is the type of water kale and water spinach. Water spinach has a wider leaf and dark green color and a purplish-colored flower. While dried kale smaller leaves with flowers that colored whiteness.

Nutritional content of kale

The content of nutrient kale not inferior to other vegetables, as in the benefits of cassava leaves or any benefits of papaya leaves. A number of important substances such as vitamin A. C and B complex, calcium, phosphorus and iron contained in kale. This is a consideration that you can do for the provision of vegetable kale as a menu of daily food intake.

Health Benefits of Kale

Some of the good nutrition ingredients above, have a positive impact on health. Some of them are as follows:

1. Prevention of Anemia

His body that feels lethargic and weak accompanied by head feels dizzy can be a sign of your lack of blood. Kale there is no iron that can stimulate the production of red blood cells in the body. It is also present in the benefits of sweet potatoes and nuts as in the benefits of long beans or red bean benefits.

2. Prevention of diabetes

Consuming kale produce substances that can inhibit the absorption of sugar in the body. So you may not worry too much if you eat it with rice. In addition to the benefits of watercress that can prevent the absorbing sugar in the body, of course you can also enjoy the benefits of rice without worrying.

3. Improve brain quality

Benefits of kale with vitamin B complex and omega 3 helps better brain performance. So that vegetables kale very well served in children who are in its infancy, because it can increase the intelligence of the brain.

4. Maintaining Heart Health

Kale has essential nutrients and high enough content of vitamin A and C and beta-carotene. These nutrients can help reduce free radicals in the body (as antioxidants) so as to help prevent oxidized cholesterol. Cholesterol is oxidized in blood vessel walls, causing blocked arteries, heart attacks or strokes. In addition, folate contained in kale can help to convert potentially harmful chemicals called homocysteine, which at high levels can cause heart attacks or strokes. Magnesium is a mineral that lowers blood pressure and provides protection against heart disease.

5. Maintain the Immune System

Green vegetables are one source of vegetables that can keep the immune system and increase the level of the human immune system. By consuming green vegetables then you can increase the immune system in your body.

6. Very Good For Eyes

Maybe you did not think that kale vegetables contain vitamin A, carotenoids, and lutein. These three vitamins and minerals can help maintain eye health. In addition, this substance can help prevent cataracts.

7. Reduce Cholesterol

Kale as a very important source to reduce cholesterol in your body. Research conducted with the subject of rats has proven that kale is effective to lower cholesterol and triglycoside levels in the blood.

Health Benefits of Kale - In addition to the above benefits, as green vegetables, kale has hundreds of benefits for the health of the body, especially containing chlorophyll and fiber is very high for health.

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10 other benefits of kale, namely:

  1. Strengthen the teeth
  2. Keep skin healthy
  3. Improve the body's immune system from attacking diseases
  4. Tighten and raise muscle (body building)
  5. Helps reduce excessive cholesterol levels
  6. Prevent the occurrence of fragile bones
  7. Prevent the occurrence of cancer
  8. Can overcome inflammation
  9. Keeping the bones strong
  10. Can heal wounds
  11. Prevents bleeding of the gums