30 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tuna Fish

Amazing Health Benefits Of Tuna Fish - Can not be denied the benefits of tuna for health very much at all considering the nutrient content contained in it is very large. As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has various types of marine products such as tuna should be enjoyed by all the people in the world.

The content of tuna:

  1. Calories
  2. Protein & Amino Acid
  3. Carbohydrate
  4. Vitamin
  5. Fats & Minerals

Amazing Health Benefits Of Tuna Fish

The benefits of tuna for health are at least very vital and minimal tuna has 10 excellent benefits for health

1. Body Protein Source

When talking about protein then the image pictured in our brain may be meat and eggs, but it turns out tuna fish also has a high enough protein content. Protein content is good to help help keep muscles strong. Protein is also good for blood, skin, hair and nails.

2. Preventing Stroke

Tuna can help you avoid the risk of stroke. A recent study showed that adults who consumed 1-4 servings of fish as part of their diet had a 27 percent lower risk of ischemic stroke. Five or more servings of fish per week reduced the risk of stroke by 30 percent.

3. High Blood Pressure

Tuna has omega-3 fatty acids that can help prevent high blood pressure. Studies have shown that meat or foods such as tuna, which contain omega-3 fatty acids help keep blood pressure stable. Those who do not yet have high blood pressure get a considerable effect from omega-3 fatty acids. Benefits of salmon or other fish that contain omega 3 fatty acids is also the same, namely for high blood pressure.

4. Lowering Triglyceride Levels

Triglycerides are the main constituents of vegetable oils and animal fats. With two servings of tuna a week, you can lower your triglyceride levels. Why is it so good for health? Triglycerides in the bloodstream indicate the amount of fat to be processed. If you have high levels of triglycerides, you may also experience high-density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad cholesterol", and low levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDL), or "good protein." Basically HDL content is expected more High and LDL can be low, for that eating tuna to lower your triglyceride level is one way to achieve this balance.

5. Good For Heart Health

The size of the heart rate function known as heart rate variability (HRV), can be increased by memakn tuna. Again, omega-3 fatty acids help tuna improve heart health by increasing HRV. Omega-3 fatty acids also protect the heart from abnormal heart rhythms that can be fatal.

6. Reduce Prevent Obesity

Another benefit of omega-3 fatty acids found in tuna is its ability to reduce the risk of obesity while increasing the body's insulin response. Omega-3 fatty acids can stimulate a hormone called leptin, which helps the body's metabolism and helps regulate body weight and body intake. Tuna is also low in calories and has a good fat content, this food is safe enough for those of you who worry about obesity.

7. Heart Disease

Tuna can also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. This fact is supported because tuna can help increase the HDL ratio for LDL in the body enabling to counteract the increased risk of heart disease, especially when you frequently consume foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol levels.

8. Body Immune System

Tuna is a source of Selenium, an antioxidant that helps boost the human immune system. The immune system is an important part of the body that is an integral part to fight disease and infection.

9. Sources of Vitamin B

Vitamin B is present in tuna can help build and maintain red blood cells and increase energy. This water-soluble vitamin increases the rate of metabolism, strengthens the immune system and helps maintain healthy skin.

10. Prevent Cancer

Regular consumption of tuna can reduce the risk of breast cancer, but tuna fat is also believed to prevent kidney cancer.

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Mercury In Tuna and Its Effects On Fetus Pregnant Mom

Behind the benefits of seafood is good enough for our bodies, there is one thing we should note that the mercury content. Although the benefits of tuna for health quite an awful lot of fish consumption is also to be considered because not a few containing mercury. This effect is caused by the environment where the fish are, can we say seawater contaminated where tuna live will be very dangerous for the development of fetus and infant. The content of mercury greatly affects the abnormality of the fetus that is being conceived which means very dangerous.

Tips on Choosing Tuna

Tuna containing mercury or contaminated have different physical characteristics according to the content of the mercury. Physically yellow tuna has a lower mercury content than that of white or albacore. For pregnant women are advised not to consume more than 6 ounces of 'white' tuna per weekHuman Services.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Tuna Fish - Fish have a myriad of benefits ranging from fat, meat, to oil. The benefits of fish oil can also help maintain the health and nutrients the body needs.