31 Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Health

Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Health - Both red dragon fruit and white dragon fruit both provide an extraordinary impact for our body health. By consuming dragon fruit on a regular basis will increase the immune system and provide other substances and vitamins that are beneficial to our body.

Benefits and content of dragon fruit is very good for various things and the fulfillment of vitamins and minerals in the body. There are about 10 benefits of dragon fruit will we learn more, the benefits of this fruit very much if consumed regularly, it will bring positive effects to the body.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Health

Before discussing the benefits of dragon fruit, it helps us to know the nutrient content of dragon fruit, nutrition contained in the dragon fruit is extraordinary and can meet the various needs of nutrition in our body.

At least in a dragon fruit there are more than 20 essential nutrients needed by the body

The Benefits of Dragon Fruit

The benefits of dragon fruit for the health of the body is very diverse, ranging from simple benefits to the benefits of important and not widely known. Here are some of the benefits of this fruit for our body.

1. Lose Weight & Diet

For those of you who have tried various things in losing weight you should start dragging dragon fruit in your refrigerator. One way to lose weight is to fill the stomach with foods rich in low-calorie fiber that does not make the stomach stretched. One of them is the consumption of dragon fruit, this fruit has a high fiber content and contain lots of water that will make the digestion becomes smooth.

2. Great Source Antioxidant & Good For Detox

Benefits Antioxidants are to reduce the free radicals present in our body, with the consumption of this fruit will at least help the process of detoxification (expenditure of toxins from the body through the liver). Then how to get the source of these antioxidants? The greatest answer is dragon fruit.

3. Prevent Cancer

Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidant phytoalbumin which helps the formation of carcinogenic free radicals in the body. The fruit is also rich in fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C and B2, as well as that help remove toxic metals from the body some of which can cause cancer.

4. Boost the immune system

The most important benefit of dragon fruit is to boost the human immune system. The immense antioxidant content in this fruit will certainly boost the immune system.

5. Preventing diabetes mellitus

Dragon fruit is also believed to prevent the occurrence of diabetes. This fruit can kill the evil cells produced by unhealthy lifestyles. In addition, the sugar content contained therein is also very small so it is very safe for diabetics.

6. Increase your appetite

Dragon fruit can also increase appetite because in this fruit contains vitamin B2 and B1 are believed to increase appetite, especially for children.

7. Delaying premature aging

If you often breathe polluted air then you are potentially exposed to premature aging very quickly than usual. The antioxidants present in the dragon fruit can help to prevent premature aging.

8. Cough and Asthma

Respiratory disorders such as asthma and flu cough may be difficult and very disruptive to our daily activities. Although this fruit is not a substitute for treatment, but it can help relieve cough and respiratory diseases.

Dragon fruit also has a very high amount of vitamin C that makes your immune system stronger so you can fight infections more easily.

9. High Blood Pressure & Heart Attack

There are two main factors associated with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease (vascular disease):
  1. Stress
  2. Artery blockage
Given that dragon fruit essentially "cleans" parts of the human body then it can also help maintain cardiovascular health and those associated with other blood vessels.

In addition, these foods are also known to help reduce the level of oxidative stress which is one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease.

10. Good For Bone and Blood

With high calcium and iron content, dragon fruit is also good for bones and blood. FAO considers dragon fruit is a fruit with high nutritional value because of its calcium content. One small fruit meets 1 percent of the daily value. Dragon fruit is a better source of iron by fulfilling 8 percent of daily value. In addition to helping bone health, calcium is necessary for proper muscle function and nerve transmission. Iron is needed to carry oxygen throughout the body. The contents of dragon fruit is very high vitamin C it is very helpful to increase the body's ability to absorb more iron.

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Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Daily Consumption Day

Dragon fruit is very useful if consumed daily, this fruit has a water content and vitamins and fiber is very high. In addition, other important benefits of dragon fruit is important to lower cholesterol levels, strengthen bones and teeth, care for eye health, and care for heart health. Here are some benefits of dragon fruit for daily consumption

11. Strengthening bones and teeth

12. Good for cleansing the intestines

13. Prevent inflammation

14. Keep body ions

15. Fruit to increase stamina

16. In order not easy to cramp

17. Prevent muscle paralysis

18. Good to keep skin moist

19. Good for the elderly

20. Maintain healthy nerves

21. Good for keeping the intestines from bacterial development

22. can be used for natural coloring (red dragon fruit)

23. can be used to eradicate acne

24. Prevent bone fragility

25. Good for baby's digestion over 1 year

26. Maintain a smooth blood-conscious system

27. Good for increasing breastfeeding

28. Good for treating heat inside

29. Good for treating canker sores

30. Very powerful to overcome dry throat

31. Can keep facial skin firmly

Given the health benefits very much, do not ever hesitate to consume dragon fruit for your health is always awake throughout the day. This fruit can also help the digestive system of the human body. Dragon fruit also has efficacy in preventing more than 10 dangerous diseases such as cancer and 5 intestinal diseases that can be deadly.

Side effects dragon fruit

Until now still not found side effects dragon fruit consumption, this fruit can be consumed by pregnant women, breastfeeding, diabetics, heart disease, to people with asthma. But keep in mind that the one effect that you will receive is urine and feces that somewhat turned reddish.

Babies 1 year old can also be given the consumption of dragon fruit.