32 Health Benefits Of Lemons

Health Benefits Of Lemons - Lime is a small, green-colored orange variant that is very familiar with housewives. Usually lime to be one of the flavor acid flavor enhancer in cooking. Lemon juice is often used to neutralize the stench of some foods. But who would have thought, it turns out many properties in a lemon. Let's discuss various benefits.

Content of Orange Nutrition
Inside the lime there are a number of ingredients that make it have a million benefits:

Health Benefits Of Lemons

1. Benefit-lemon-lime1 Macronutrients, Fibers and Calories

1 cup of fresh lime juice contains 1 gram of protein, 0.17 grams of total fat, which is 2 percent of the daily value set by the United States Food and Drug Administration based on a 2.000 calorie diet per day. Contains about 20 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber and 60 calories. In addition, lime juice has a cholesterol-free amount of fat.

Health Benefits Of Lemons

2. Micronutrient Value

Lime is rich in vitamin C. 1 cup of fresh lime juice contains 73 milligrams, which is more than 100 percent of the daily value of vitamin C the body needs. Vitamin C is essential for the development of body connective tissue, for wound healing and supporting blood vessel walls. Limes contain other important micronutrients in smaller amounts, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin B.

3. Rich in flavonoids

Flavonoids are pigments that give the color of their plants. Their citrus fruits and juices are rich in flavonoids, which act as powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect your body from free radicals, which are unstable molecules that damage healthy cells. According to Linus Pauling Institute, a diet rich in flavonoids is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, and certain cancers.

4. Citric Acid Content

Citric acid is what makes the sour taste of lemon juice that may provide valuable protection for the body. In a study investigating the antibacterial activity of lemon juice against harmful bacterial species, lime juice was effective in reducing the spread of bacteria due to citric acid in the juice.

According to an article published in "Journal of Science Nutrition and Vitaminology" in April 2006. The results showed that fresh lime is effective in preventing certain bacterial infections.

6. Mineral content

Lime contains a number of healthy minerals such as iron, copper, potassium, and calcium. Potassium in an essential component of cells and body fluids helps control heart rate and blood pressure.

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Benefits of Lime for Health

The benefits of lime for beauty is the No.1 fruit in the world, it is very powerful for a variety of skin problems and even health.

1. Digestion

Lime has an aroma that makes the mouth produce water lir and this really helps the main digestion. The natural acidity will break down the food macro molecules. Then flavonoids compounds found in fragrant oils extracted from lemon, stimulate the digestive system and increase the secretion of digestive, gall and acidic juices. Flavonoids also stimulate peristalsis.

This is the reason behind the consumption of pickled lemon with lunch and dinner, which is done in India and various neighboring countries in the region.

2. Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, lemon and other citrus fruits are considered super foods for diabetes. In particular, the high soluble fiber found in lime makes the ideal food aid to help regulate the body's absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, reducing the occurrence of a blood sugar surge which is a serious risk for diabetic patients.

Limes and other citrus fruits have a low glycemic index, meaning that they will not cause unexpected spikes in glucose levels, in addition to the beneficial effects of soluble fiber.

3. Heart Disease

The same soluble fiber can help diabetics, also keep blood sugar levels. Make blood pressure also lower and eliminate the presence of LDL cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol). Furthermore, soluble fiber can reduce inflammation in blood vessels, which is a known preventive measure against heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.

4. Respiratory Disorders

Flavonoid oil extracted from lime is widely used in anti-congestive drugs such as balms, vapors, and inhalers due to the presence of kaempferol. Just by inhaling the aroma, can help overcome the feeling of tightness and nausea.

5. Arthritis

One of the many causes of arthritis is the excess of uric acid that accumulates in the body. Uric acid is one of the waste products that normal urine will cleanse the body. But unfortunately, if too much it can make the pain and inflammation of arthritis even worse.

Citric acid is found in citrus fruits such as lemon is a solvent where uric acid is soluble, increasing the amount eliminated in urine. Citrus fruits in general have anti-inflammatory properties, and can be used for a number of inflammatory issues.

6. Fever

If a person has fever, lime juice can be an alternative medicine. Citrus fruits are generally able to reduce and very high fever, the patient should consume lemon juice and water. However, if mild to moderate fever, other fruit juices, especially orange juice such as lime, can be given to overcome the fever back down.

Vitamin C, found in high concentrations in citrus fruits, naturally lowers body temperature.

7. Uric Acid

There are 2 main causes of gout. The first source is the accumulation of free radicals in the body and the second is the accumulation of toxins in the body, especially uric acid. Lime can help prevent both of these causes. It is a source of antioxidants and detoxifiers (vitamin-C & Flavonoids) that reduce the amount of free radicals as well as detoxify the body.

8. Urinary Disorders

High potassium content of lime is very effective in removing toxic substances and sediments that can be stored in the kidneys and bladder. The nature of the lemon disinfectant also helps cure infections in the urinary system. In addition, it can clean up urine blockage that can come from calcium deposits in the urinary tract.

9. Anti Cancer

Lime is a fruit rich in anti-cancer substances namely the flavonoids that play a role in killing and preventing cell damage. So there is no harm if you try to consume lime regularly to get the best results.

Media of Herbal Medicine

Lime contains natural herbal substances, which are good for the treatment of various diseases. The set of traditional medicine and acupuncture Indonesia, provides several prescriptions of treatment of diseases with lemon.

1. Cough medicine - Lime juice, then added sugar stones, then stir until flat. Taken 1 time a day until the patient recovered.

2. Overcoming Menstruation Less - Prepare 3 tablespoons of lime juice, add a tablespoon of honey and brewed with 2 glasses of hot water. Drink while warm, 3 times a day.

3. Reduce Vertigo - Pure half a handful of lime leaves, plus 1 spoon of lime juice. Apply on the nape, forehead, and temple 2 times a day.

4. Eliminating the Panu and Ringworm - Clean a handful of roots of landep and finely ground. Add lime juice and mix well. Rub on the skin affected by ringworm or panu. Use bandages to bandage wounds. Replace bandages 2 times a day until healed.

Beauty Skin

Oranges are known for their beneficial effects on the skin. Lime juice, whether consumed directly or smeared provides the following benefits on the skin:

1. Eliminate Black Smudges

Lime juice is considered a natural bleach agent because of its lightness on the skin. Lime can be used to relieve dark spots. Here are some ways to apply lime benefits:

Apply lemon juice on the cotton and apply it to the dark part of the skin and leave it for 30 minutes.

Be sure to stay indoors and avoid direct contact with the sun, because lime juice can make skin sensitive to sunlight.

It is recommended to apply sunscreen before leaving the house

2. Acne and Stains

Acne and stains caused by dirt, oil and dead skin cells that clog the pores of the face. Acne is a common problem in people with oily skin. In addition, the bacteria present in the facial pores will aggravate inflammation, increasing redness and pain.

The antibiotic properties of lemon inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause acne. To keep acne, can be combined with honey. While the benefits of honey have anti-bacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria, the acidic properties of lime will control the excess oil.

Perform this facial treatment every week to get rid of acne Scars of acne, can be lightened by massaging the facial skin with fresh lime juice.

3. Anti Aging

The development of age and also exposure to UV rays of the sun, forming melanin that affect the color of the skin. Then the accumulation of melanin on this skin, causing dark spots and menimbilkan signs of aging. To get the benefits of lime to inhibit melanin production, it can be done as follows:

Peel the lime and rub on the skin

Or apply a natural mask with lime peel, which significantly reduces excessive pigmentation

4. Pore Pores

Astringent is effective in flexing the temporary muscles. That is the reason why they are often used in beauty and skin care products to enhance the appearance of facial skin. Lemon oil has astringent properties and can be used to tighten pores, thereby reducing oil production to give skin a brighter and more perfect.

5. Removing Dead Skin

Citric acid is present in lime peel, which is very useful for exfoliating dead skin cells. Lime is often used in beauty treatments in spas as well as home remedies to improve the health and appearance of facial skin.

6. Skin Shines

For glowing skin, all that needs to be done is applying the skin, with a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lime juice every morning on a regular basis. This will give the skin a natural glow.

7. Overcoming Black Spots

Exposure to excessive sunlight can cause black skin spots. Lime can be used to remove these spots effectively. All you need to do is mix the flour by adding some lemon juice to the mixture. Apply this paste evenly on the skin and leave to dry. Wash your face with water and dry. This facial treatment should be done every week for better results.

8. Overcoming Enlarged Pores

Astringent is often used in beauty and skin care products to enhance the appearance of facial skin. Lime juice has astringent properties and can be used to tighten pores. This temporarily reduces excess oil production to make skin brighter.

9. Maintain Natural Skin Moisture

Feelings of lime plus the benefits of egg white can be used as a lime mask, to maintain skin moisture.

Healthy Hair

1. Increase Hair Growth

Lime is beneficial in promoting hair growth. It has been used to treat baldness, thinning hair and hair loss problems for the present age. The main nutrient that promotes hair growth is vitamin C, which is present in large quantities of lime. Lime juice can be used to optimize hair growth.

2. Make your hair shiny

Sparkling hair is desirable to all women and limes can make hair into what many people want. Lime juice used with honey and a mixture of olive oil before washing hair, can give a natural hair glow. Lime incorporated in shampoo along with other essential ingredients can make hair smooth and shiny.

3. Brighten hair color

As stated earlier, lime juice has natural relief properties. If you want hair color to be brighter without using chemicals, lime juice can be an option. All you have to do is apply lemon juice to your hair and sit in the sun for an hour or expose your hair to the sun. Then, rinse hair. This treatment will make hair become brighter.

4. Eliminate Dandruff

Khasiat lemon is widely used for hair problems such as dandruff and hair loss. The way is easy, wash your hair with warm water that has been mixed with lime juice. Allow the hair for a while and rinse again with cold water until clean, it is recommended to rinse hair with shampoo containing lime, to add freshness.

Lime Storage

The peak season of lime is April to August, although this fruit can be available in stores throughout the year. Choose large fruits and weigh in size. Choose bright yellow fruit, with fresh citrus aroma. Avoid the dark green fruit because it is immature and will not have much water. In addition, avoid the fruit with dark spots on the surface.

At home, to keep it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, will keep it preserved for up to a week. Store the lemon juice in the freezer compartment for later use. Store dry the spirit in cool and dry in a glass airtight container away from moisture.

Side Effects of Lime

Lime is likely to be safe for most adults, in the amount found in food. However the application of lime juice directly to the skin may be unsafe. Some people are sensitive to it when applied directly to the skin. This can cause the skin to become very sensitive to sunlight. Wear sunscreen and protective outerwear, especially if it is light-skinned.

Health Benefits Of Lemons - Lime juice is very low PH, about 2.0. In some sensitive people, acidic acid juice sometimes causes a burning sensation when in contact with the mouth, tongue, and lips. In addition, if consumed in large quantities, it can worsen disease and gastric ulcer stomach acid conditions.