5 Health Benefits Of Venison

Health Benefits Of Venison - Venison in the Latin is cervus. The venison enter in the class of ruminant mammals. Venison are animals that have horns, so the venison are easily recognizable. Venison are known to prefer to consume vegetables or fruits and plants that are still young. Although many choices of meat that can be consumed, but venison has its own fans.

Health Benefits Of Venison

It is not wrong if indeed the venison meat is much hunted. But behind the sensation of different taste, the benefits of venison can also be felt, the following are:

Health Benefits Of Venison

For those who really like meat, but can not consume meat due to age or disease, then venison is an alternative to eating meat. Here are some benefits of venison:

1. Vitamin B3 - Benefits of B vitamins, such as vitamin B3 in venison serves to improve immunity in the body, energy and heart. Antibiotics can also be made by using venison liver which is an option in today's medical science.

Vitamin B3 needs every day depending on age

Baby 0-6 months: 2 mcg

Baby 7 - 12 months: 4 mcg

Infant 1 - 3 years: 6 mcg (tolerance limit 10 mcg)

Children ages 4 - 8 years: 8 mcg (maximum 15 mcg)

Children aged 9 - 13 years: 12 mcg (maximum 20 mcg)

Adolescents 14 years and older: 16 mcg (male), 14 mcg (female)

2. Vitamin B6 and B12 - In the body can produce homocysteine. If homocysteine ​​levels are left high, homocysteine ​​can cause damage to blood vessels, liver, lung, kidney, and diabetes, and may increase the risk of heart attack and even stroke. To reduce the appearance and development of homocysteine, it takes the consumption of vitamin B6 and B12 contained. This content is found in venison, to facilitate the circulation of blood in humans.

3. Protein - Venison meat contains high protein and iron benefits, so good for pregnant women, mothers breastfeeding, women who are menstruating and also children. In a day, our body needs 68.5% protein and iron requirement of 28.2% and that requirement can be fulfilled with

4. Carcass - The percentage of carcass in venison meat is greater when compared with percentage of sheep or cow meat, which is about 58%, while cattle 41% and sheep 43%.

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Venison Meat Can Be Used Cholesterol Patients

If you want to diet, but can not reduce the consumption of meat, then can use venison to be consumed as a dietary companion menu.

Other Venison Benefits

These horned animals are known to have many benefits. Starting from the horns, skin to meat.

Venison skin is widely used for souvenirs,

Young horns on venison can be used for medicines.

Venison meat that has a distinctive flavor and also a soft texture and has a sweet taste, widely consumed by the community.

Now venison are animals that are protected by law, their switching habitat, even massive hunting has been done by society, making venison less and less. If you really want to consume venison, consider also the ecosystem and its habitat. If necessary, make a cultivation of the venison. If consumed more than those who pay attention to the life of the venison, it is not impossible at other times there will be no venison that can be consumed, even seen also will not be again.

Health Benefits Of Venison - Do not be ambitious just because of the benefits of venison, but also look at life to keep them a benefit.