59 Health benefits of Long bean for your body

Health benefits of Long bean for your body - The most phenomenal long bean benefits in the health world is its role in forming a healthy heart. These vegetables become one of the vegetables that we easily meet everywhere, almost every vegetable traders sell it. Many Indonesian culinary that uses long beans as one of the materials used for its manufacture.

Health benefits of Long bean for your body

About Nuts

Long bean plants thrive in soils that contain a lot of lush humus at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. This long bean plant can be easily planted, so that every corner of the country can be found cultivation for this vegetable. The price is relatively affordable and easy to plant it makes it very popular, in addition to the content of peanuts in nutrients is no less important when compared with nuts such as the benefits of peanuts, the benefits of soybeans or red bean benefits.

Nutrient content

Various types of nuts are a good source of nutrients for the body, including with long beans. The content of vitamins B1 and B2, phosphorus, iron riboflavin, iron, pectin and fiber is a combination that is able to maintain a healthy body.

Prevention of various types of harmful and stimulate good enzymes for the body can be obtained the benefits of long beans. In fact, vegetable protein sources such as long beans are more friendly to the digestive system than animal proteins. So peanuts can be a menu choice for vegetarians and a healthy diet.

Benefits of Long Beans For Health

In natural food sources such as long beans, there must be a good effect on health. Various types of nuts are rich in the content of providing good nutrition for the body, here are the details of the benefits of long beans for the health of the body:

1. Preventing Diabetes

Almost all types of vegetable nuts can control excess sugar levels that prevent the occurrence of diabetes. In addition, long beans are also low in calories and sugar so it is safe for those of you who have problems with blood sugar.

How to use :

Raw nut juice 3-4 cigarettes every morning, mixed a little water and drink regularly every morning. If you can not stand the smell, can add with tomatoes or fruit.

2. Cardiovascular & Heart Health

There is also a long-term content of heart-healthy beans, thus avoiding heart disease, the high vitamin K content in nutritious long-bean vegetables can prevent hardening of the arteries, a common factor in coronary artery disease and heart failure. Recent studies show one of the vitamin K categories of vitamin K2, which is combined with vitamin D can prevent calcification of coronary arteries to prevent cardiovascular disease.

3. Sources of antioxidants

The benefits of antioxidants are very important for the body, which is to prevent and fight free radicals. Long beans is one of the important sources that are rich in antioxidants, other than conventional antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C and beta-carotene, long beans also contain manganese minerals that are essential for antioxidants. Green beans contain a wide range of carotenoids (including lutein, beta-carotene, violaxanthin, and neoxanthin) and flavonoids (including quercetin, kaempferol, catechin, epicatechins, and procyanidins) which have all been shown to have antioxidant properties.

4. Preventing Osteoporosis

The high content of vitamin K in long beans is one factor that can help prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis. The content of vitamin K in this vegetable can at least meet more than 20% daily requirement of vitamin K needed by the body.

Fiber or fiber in long beans provide a good effect on the digestive system that can expedite secretions that Avoid digestive problems such as constipation or more dangerous diseases such as colon cancer.

6. Bone Health

In addition to Osteoporosis, there are various diseases that occur in the bone is very important for us to avoid. Vitamin K and Manganese found in long beans are very effective for maintaining bone health and making it strong until old age.

In addition to the above main benefits, the efficacy of long beans we can also we describe based on the nutritional content contained in the long kancang. Here are the benefits of long beans in accordance with the nutrients contained in it.

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Vitamin K
  1. Maintain heart health
  2. Prevent cancer
  3. Prevent osteoporosis
  4. Preventing Alzheimer's
  5. Preventing diabetes

  1. Production of bone health
  2. Helps maintain healthy skin
  3. Controlling blood sugar
  4. Prevents free radicals
  5. Prevent epilepsy

  1. Smooth digestion
  2. Prevent constipation
  3. Maintain weight
  4. Prevent stroke
  5. Skin health

Vitamin C

  1. Prevent cataracts
  2. Maintain healthy skin
  3. Prevent difficulty breathing
  4. Prevent heart attacks and strokes
  5. Improve the circulatory system
  6. Preventing stress

Folic acid

  1. Prevents anemia
  2. Nutrition for the brain
  3. Increases the production of red blood cells
  4. Synthesis of DNA and RNA
  5. Helps cell division and division
  6. Very important for pregnant women

Vitamin B2
  1. Prevent cataracts
  2. Prevent migraines and headaches
  3. Energy sources
  4. Prevents anemia
  5. As an antioxidant

  1. Prevent osteoporosis
  2. Prevents anemia
  3. Helping the health of the fetus (pregnant women)
  4. Prevents skin pigmentation
  5. Prevent thyroid abnormalities

Vitamin B1
  1. Prevent metabolic disorders
  2. Prevents abnormalities in the brain
  3. Prevent osteoporosis
  4. Maintain the immune system
  5. Prevent cataracts
  6. Prevent kidney disorders


  1. Maintain bone health
  2. Good for diabetes
  3. Maintain heart health

Health benefits of Long bean for your body - Really a wide range of benefits to be gained from consuming long beans. Eat long beans with a variety of tasty menus with this long bean nut. Not only your tongue that tastes delicious, but the body remains healthy with the benefits of long beans.