6 Health Benefits of Horse Meat

Health Benefits of Horse Meat - The horse has the Latin name Equus caballus or Equus ferus caballus. Horses are mammals that have a large body. Horses are animals that have enormous power. Horses are also herbivorous animals. Horses are actually wild and dangerous animals. However, if we can take care of it properly then it can become very tame and become a submissive animal. These animals also have a high level of intelligence. It is evident that the horse can follow the orders of the horse trainer.

Health Benefits of Horse Meat

Efficacy of Horse Meat

Efficacy of horse meat may not have been known to the public because it is still classified as unique meat. In addition to its energy, it turns horse meat we can eat and have benefits for our bodies. The benefits of horse meat for our health, namely:

  1. Adds stamina. It has always been believed that meat can increase stamina. Horse meat is consumed more by men. High protein content compared to beef and chicken meat makes a powerful horse meat adds energy to our body.
  2. Treat rheumatic diseases
  3. Heal the stiff. Horse meat can heal sore because in 100 grams of horse meat contains 3.82 mg of iron. This iron is able to eliminate sore muscles in our body. In addition, iron can also make our immune system better.
  4. Cures epilepsy
  5. As a diet. Low fat content in horse meat makes this one meat suitable for women and men who want to have an ideal body weight. Horse meat as a diet is very good, because this meat can replace chicken and beef meat that is actually more fat than horse meat. Eating horse meat will not make our body fat.
  6. Keeping cholesterol steady. Low cholesterol content in horse meat is believed to be suitable for maintaining cholesterol stability in our body. In 100 grams of horse meat contains only 50-60 mg of cholesterol. That number is lower than chicken and beef.

Nutrition Content of Horse Meat

With the many properties contained in horse meat, of course, horse meat contains many substances that are very beneficial to our body. According to the study, in 100 grams of horse meat contains

  1. Energy as much as 118 kcal,
  2. Protein as much as 18.1 gr,
  3. Fat as much as 4.1 gr,
  4. Carbohydrates as much as 0.9 gr,
  5. Calcium as much as 10 mg,
  6. Phosphorus as much as 150 mg,
  7. And Iron as much as 3.82 mg.

With so much content, it's no wonder the horse meat is very beneficial to our body.

How to Manage Horse Meat

The famous horse meat is very tasty, tasty, and not hard.

Horse meat that has been separated with the skin wash thoroughly. After that horse corn can you cut - cut into small, medium, or large - large. Cut the horse meat following the meat fibers. After you cut - cut, horse meat you can cook into satay, tongseng, or horse meat sweet asem. Processing horse meat is actually not much different from the meat processing in general. Horse meat you can taste according to your taste.

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Health Benefits of Horse Meat - Once you know the properties of horse meat, you can start trying to process horse meat into a dish that you sukain which certainly beneficial to the health of the body.