6 Health Benefits Of Squirrel Meat For The Body

Health Benefits Of Squirrel Meat For The Body - Bats, the night animals that used to live in dark, silent caves can also be human consumption. And there are also many areas - areas that make these flying animals as food everyday.

Health Benefits Of Squirrel Meat For The Body

About bats

Bat is a mammal that comes from the order Chiroptera, which means, bats breed by way of childbirth. This animal has a front leg that can be used to wing to fly. This animal is a type of nocturnal animal, which is engaged in foraging and socializing at night. When daylight, the bats would sleep in the darkness of the cave - a cave or can be found on the roof of your house, as long as it is a very dark place. This animal has many terms and close relatives, such as codot, kalong, kampret, paniki, and so forth.

Hearing No.1 Bat

Bats are known for their sharp hearing ability, much sharper than other animals. Bats are able to hear and utilize ultrasonic waves to see and navigate. Bats are omnivorous animals, that is, all-consuming animals. Bats eat insects - small insects and fruits to survive.

Then, actually what benefits you can get when you consume bats meat. In addition to the main benefits of food, which makes you become satisfied, it turns out the bat also has good benefits in the health field that is almost similar to the benefits of snail meat, among others:

Health Benefits Of Squirrel Meat For The Body

1. The Benefits of Bat Meat Heals Asthma

If previously snail meat that can cure asthma has not been supported by scientific research, but the research on bat meat as a cure to cure asthma has been done.

The researchers say that bat meat contains kitotefin compounds. This kitotefin compound can be scientifically used to help cure asthma sufferers.

These kitotefin compounds can also be found in other animal flesh, such as rabbits.

2. Bat Meat To Heal Itching - Itching

Return to the growing myth in society. One of the benefits of bat meat is able to cure itching disease. This is in common with other myths about animal flesh circulating in the wider community, yet has not been scientifically proven. Nevertheless, many people who claim to bat bat are useful in healing itching

3. Bat Meat To Increase Stamina

Just like other culinary forms - extreme culinary, such as snake meat, scorpion meat, and other, bat meat is also believed to increase and increase stamina for anyone who consume it. This is also a myth, and scientific research has not been done yet. But until now, people and people who consume bats meat believe that bat meat can increase and increase their stamina.

4. Bats Heal Sore Throat

Another benefit of bat meat is it can help healing in patients with sore throat. People and people believe that by eating coronal flesh, it can help you cure a sore throat. And so far, many people who advise to consume bats meat to cure a sore throat.

5. Bat Meat Being Alternative Healthy Food

Well, if this is not a myth or belief that circulated widely in the community. During this time you must more often consume general meats, such as chicken, beef, or bird meat. This is normal. For those of you who want to try new things, and get bored with that kind of meat - that's it, then bats meat can be an alternative to your meat consumption. You can feel the sensation of eating meat that is different than usual. Although it is said to have a texture that is almost similar to chicken meat, but has a much different taste. So for those of you who feel bored with that meat - that's all, can try to consume this kelelewar meat.

6. Bats as Business Opportunities

From an economic point of view, bat meat can turn into a promising business sector. While it may not be as bright as other business sectors, however, lesser rivals can make this bats meat business opportunity grow.

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Restaurant Business

One of them is you can try to open a restaurant or restaurant that serves bats as the main menu. A restaurant with a unique menu like this is very rare, visible in the corners of the city. The current culinary trends, serving a wide variety of cuisines, will make your business a unique and sparse endeavor. It is not possible you will become a culinary trendsetter bat in your city.

Supplier of Bats Meat

If you do not intend to open a restaurant, then you can try to be a meat supplier bat. This can be done if you have a residence adjacent to a bat's nest, or you can also create a breeding bat own, which later results from captivity can be sent to areas - areas serving menat bat.

Health Benefits Of Squirrel Meat For The Body - Well, that's some of the benefits of bat meat that we can get, not only for health, but for business as well. Quite interesting is not it? Not only the health benefits of the consumption of bat meat, but bat meat can provide good benefits in the field of reconstruction. And if you have a higher level of activity, it is not impossible that other benefits of bat meat can be found by yourself.