10 Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon

Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon - Benefits of watermelon fruit is very good for the body that plays a role to help health and maintain body metabolism. Watermelon is one of the refreshing tropical fruits and rich in water content, very suitable to be enjoyed during hot weather. In addition to delicious enjoyed, watermelon store content that has various benefits.

Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon
Nutrition Content of Watermelon Fruit

Watermelon is a member of the botanical Cucurbitaceae family. One cup of melted watermelon (152 grams) contains:
  1. 43 calories
  2. 0 grams of fat
  3. 2 grams of sodium
  4. 11 grams of carbohydrates (including 9 grams of sugar and 1 gram of fiber)
  5. 1 gram of fiber
One cup of watermelon will give 17% of vitamin A, 21% vitamin C, 2% of iron and 1% of calcium requirement for the day. Behind these nutrients, watermelon fruit was very beneficial for health, even beauty. Read more:

Benefits of Watermelon Fruit For Beauty

Benefits of watermelon useful for beauty treatments. Here are:

1. Watermelon anti aging early

Nutrients in watermelon, such as lycopene, vitamin A and C, menagkal free radicals that attack the skin. Exposure to direct sunlight on the skin, causing fine lines. The antioxidant substances in the watermelon help to store free radical deposits on the body. Eat watermelon fruit regularly, to prevent signs of premature aging of your beautiful skin.

2. Maintain skin moisture

If your skin types dry skin, watermelon can be the best fruit intake, because of the abundant water content in this fruit. In addition to moisturize the skin, consume watermelon also keeps the body protected from dehydration. This content is much in plants that contain lots of water such as cucumber benefits.

3. Reduce sebum (oil) on the face

Large skin pores can trigger excessively oily oil glands. Watermelon fruit with its Vitamin A content, can minimize oil problems in the face.

4. Rejuvenate the skin

Watermelon masks can rejuvenate dull skin. Very good for regenerating dead skin cells.

Watermelon Benefits

For health, consuming watermelon fruit also contributes to health maintenance. Some of them are as follows:

5. Maintaining kidney health

Potassium contained in the benefits of this watermelon, cleaning the substances of toxins in the kidneys, thus helping the kidneys work. Watermelon fruit also reduces uric acid levels that suppress the risk of kidney stone formation.

6. Prevention of canker sores

Sprue is generated from bacteria that multiply well in the dry mouth cavity. Eating watermelon provides water and vitamin consumption that can reduce the proliferation of bekteri in the mouth. For the prevention of watermelon consumption can be juxtaposed with vitamin C as the benefits of citrus, lemon benefits and guava benefits.

7. Reduce the risk of hypertension and stroke

In the watermelon there is a rubberyoid that prevents the hardening of the walls of the arteries and veins that can cause hypertension. Watermelon potassium content also plays a role to lower blood pressure. Of course these benefits can be felt if consuming watermelon with a routine. Potassium is also healthy heart so that will avoid heart disease.

8. Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant

Watermelon is rich in phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, carotenoids, and triterpenoids. Carotenoids in watermelon are very useful in reducing inflammation and neutralizing free radicals. Triterpenoids are also present in watermelons, which provide anti-inflammatory support by inhibiting enzyme activity that usually causes increased inflammation. Be sure to choose a ripe watermelon, as it contains higher amounts of phenolic compounds.

9. Muscle pain

Watermelon has been shown to reduce muscle pain and improve recovery time after exercise in athletes. The researchers believe this might do for the L-citrulline amino acid contained in watermelon.

10. Natural strong medicine

Watermelon consumption in men can reduce and treat impotence. This research was told by Dr. Bhimu Patil, director of Texas A & M's Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center at College Station, as reported by sciencedaily. Of course watermelon does not cause side effects as it happens in people who take strong drugs.

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Diet Menu with Watermelon Fruit

Watermelon fruit is usually only consumed as a fruit dessert. But of course, watermelon as a dessert is not enough for daily nutritional needs. Here are some easy to try watermelon diet menus:

Cut the watermelon in the shape of the dice and mix some ice cubes in a blender for a refreshing cold. Watermelon juice is perfect for rehydration after exercise or during daylight, under the hot sun

The salad menu can sometimes be boring, but by adding watermelon, mint and fresh mozzarella to the spinach leaf bed. Can be an easy to create menu option

Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon - Although consuming fruits is a good thing, but diet food or diet as a whole is the most important thing in the prevention of disease and achieve good health. It is better to consume diverse foods rather than concentrate on certain foods, as a key to maintaining good body health.