99 Great Health Benefits Of Onions

Great Health Benefits Of Onions - The benefits of scallions have been used since early to taste the foods that are often served. The onion leaves do produce a distinctive aroma, especially if made a mixture on the cuisine will be so delicious. Onion leaves are the spices that are characteristic of Indonesian cooking, with other types of onions such as onion and garlic.

Great Health Benefits Of Onions
In the leek is not only food flavor but also a nutritious content for human health. What kind of benefits of leek is this ?? Learn more about this article.

Type of Onion Leaf

As is known, the form of leek is not like leaves in general because the shape is like a stem but the texture is soft. Apparently there are 2 types of leek that can be found that is leek bakung or onion semprong (sibol) which in Latin called allium fistulosum and leek or leek, in latin called allium porrum. Both leeks have different physical characteristics.

Leaves of shallot / semprong / sibol have small tubers, leafy round, long, and have hole like pipe. While leek / leek leeks do not have tubers, long-leaved, flat, and has a long and clay long. Physically possible both types of leek is different but its usefulness can both be spice pelezat and beautify the cuisine.

Great Health Benefits Of Onions

Prevent the occurrence of anemia

The onion leaves contain iron that can increase blood production in the body. Someone who has a blood deficiency should try to consume this food because the content of ferroportin on the leeks keeps the iron.

Boost the immune system

The immune system must be strengthened by a daily intake because at any moment we could be attacked virus body. Strengthening the immune system with the benefits of onions dau was conducted by allicin content such as sulfur compounds. This works the same with vitamin C content in oranges.

Nourish the heart

Good onion leaves are consumed to maintain heart health because they contain polysulfides that protect against heart disease that can occur. These vegetables also contain manganese, a mineral that maintains good cholesterol (HDL) levels in the body.

Maintaining Bone Strength

Garlic leaves are a very rich source of vitamin K. Vitamin K is a very important vitamin to maintain long-term bone health. Vitamin K can help cell regulation which means it can help prevent bone demineralization. It is also aided by the production of bone proteins called osteocalcin, which is essential for maintaining bone mineral density to prevent bone disease.

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Great Health Benefits Of Onions - So it does not hurt not, give these pieces of leek on your cooking. The benefits of scallions obtained will be balanced with the pleasure. Try……