10 Benefits Of Lime For Skin, Hair, And Health

Benefits Of Lime For Skin, Hair, And Health - Lime is one type of citrus fruit that is often used as a beverage. Lime is famous for containing a variety of nutrients such as high vitamin C, anti-oxidant substances, and several kinds of essential acids. Lime leaves have a character shape like other types of citrus leaves. It's just a lime leaf is usually single with a variety of sizes. Leaves produce a fresh aroma such as fragrant citrus fruit. When in the leaf will give off a unique odor of essential oils. This is what makes the lime leaves are often made for perfume, perfume, and odor in the food.

Benefits Of Lime For Skin, Hair, And Health

Active Compound Leaves Lime

Lime leaves are known as leaves that can produce a very strong aroma. It turns out that in every strand of darin lemon contains an aroma extract consisting of various types of essential oils. Some of the typical types of aroma include citrus and citronellal scents.

In addition, each lime leaf also contains several active compounds such as camphorol, quercetin, rosmarinik, flavonoids, luteolin and apigenin. Various types of active compounds is what makes lime leaves have properties as herbal medicine.

Benefits Of Lime For Skin, Hair, And Health

In ancient times lime leaves are often used to create a variety of traditional scents. In the UK, lime leaves are often used for tea blends because they can provide a refreshing effect. For a long time, lime leaves have been used as ingredients to make traditional medicines.

Some countries that have been popular using drugs from lime leaves are like China, India, UK, Europe, America and some parts of the country in Africa. Here are some benefits of lime leaves for health.

1. Maintain Oral and Dental Health

Teeth and the mouth is one part of the body that we must pay attention to. Maintaining health and hygiene in the mouth area will provide a healthful effect and also support the appearance. The most common problems are poor dental hygiene such as corals, swollen gums and cavities. All those problems can cause bad breath. Citrus leaves contain good vitamin C to keep dental and gum health problems. You can chew the lime leaves then use to rinse. Breath will feel fragrant and bad breath will also disappear.

2. Healing Stomach Pain and Nausea

Nausea and abdominal pain can occur at any time. The cause is very diverse ranging from indigestion, colds to the flu that prolonged. Essential oils found in lime leaves can overcome all the disorders. Even essential oils containing active compounds can make digestion better. To make this herb you can dissolve some pieces of lime leaves are still fresh with warm water. Let stand for a while until the compound dissolves in water. Add honey or rock sugar to give a sweet taste.

3. Treating Flatulence

When the body is too tired and there is a burden of thought it can cause flatulence. The severe pressure of feelings and thoughts can trigger a gas reaction to the stomach. Lemon leaves contain several essential acid compounds and also apigenin. These compounds can improve gas production in the stomach and have a calming effect. Use a stew of lime leaves to mix drinks such as tea. You can also add honey or sugar to your taste.

4. Improve Sleep Quality

Can get a good sleep will make the body more comfortable. Even when we are sleeping the body is actually doing its work for several organs including metabolic processes. For people who can not sleep soundly because of various things then can drink tea from lime leaves before bed. The resulting compound extract can be soothing and makes the body more comfortable. Even tea lime leaves stew can also relieve fatigue.

5. Boost the immune system

Lime is famous for its high vitamin C content. But it turns out that vitamin can also be found on the leaf. In addition, lime leaves also contain flavonoids that act as natural anti-oxidants. Tea consumption of lime leaves will improve the health of the body. Lime leaves are also very good to overcome various types of diseases due to viral infections such as influenza and also diseases of cell damage such as cancer.

6. Heals Wounds

Injuries caused by scratches or knives can also be treated with lime leaves. The trick is to take the fresh lime leaves from the tree. After that wash until clean and finely mashed. Paste on the wound and always replace it periodically. Compounds in lime leaves can kill all bacteria that affect the wound and accelerate the drying of the wound.

7. Curing Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be caused by several things such as food that is less clean and trigger the growth of bacteria in the colon. It can also be caused by a cold or body condition that is weak. To relieve diarrhea it can chew the crushed lime leaves. It's a bit bitter but can be added sugar or a spoonful of honey. The effect of lime leaves can improve the quality of digestion and ease the discomfort.

8. Relieve Respiratory Disorders

Respiratory disorders that can be caused by allergies or other reactions can also be treated with lime leaves. Extract lime leaves that have been boiled in honey water can provide a warm effect for the throat and respiratory tract. This method has been used since antiquity and was very effective to overcome the feeling of shortness and breath that is less relieved.

9. Treat Rheumatism

Rheumatic disease or arthritis is a type of disease that affects many parents. This disease often causes pain in excessive joints and causes the body can not beraktifitas comfortably. The pain will usually be felt more late afternoon. To solve this problem can take some strands of lime leaves are still fresh. Cut into pieces and use it to gently rub the affected joints.

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10. Detoxification

Benefits Of Lime For Skin, Hair, And Health - Finally the benefits of lime leaf is believed to be very important for the detoxification process in the body. Lemon leaves contain high antioxidant substances. This antioxidant substance can be useful to overcome the problem of accumulation of toxins in the body. The toxins that come from various types of foods and beverages can cause various types of diseases such as cancer, heart, and degenerative diseases. To detoxify or remove toxins from the body it can consume lime leaves tea.