14 Health Benefits Of Sugar Cane

Health Benefits Of Sugar Cane - Man was created by God Almighty with many advantages compared to His other creatures. One of the advantages possessed by humans is to have a gift from God Almighty in the form of the senses. These senses have a wide variety. There are at least five kinds of senses owned by humans, namely the sense of vision of the eyes, the sense of hearing the ear, the sense of smell that is the nose, the sense of touch is the palm of the hand, and the last is the sense of taste that is the tongue. This sensitivity has its own degree of sensitivity. These senses are used daily by man, without any of these senses (or one of the senses is not working), one's life will be imperfect.

Health Benefits Of Sugar Cane
One type of senses that humans have is the sense of taste. This sense of taste can be used through the help of human organs, the tongue. Yes, the tongue in our mouth, which we use every day to eat and talk. This elongated, pink-bending tongue has an extraordinary function. At least the tongue has 11 functions, namely as a sense of taste, helps digest food, helps humans in speaking, moisturizes the mouth, helps the tooth process food, as a food messenger to the brain, as a temperature between the environment with the inside of the body, Which enters the mouth, helps to emit air, as an indication of the state of the body, and as an object of cultural preservation. Along with the many functions possessed by the tongue, the role of the tongue as a sense of taste is most realized by humans. Tongue as a sense of taste can taste different types of flavors. Various kinds of flavors is what makes us never bored with a variety of foods.

Many flavors that human beings through the sense of taste of the tongue. The feelings are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, tasty, and tasteless. It is these flavors that make the food colorful and the flavor is also the embryo of various foods or culinary can be enjoyed. Imagine if there is no taste, then what can man feel about the sensation of food? There must be nothing special. Of the various flavors, everyone has their own favorite flavors. There are people whose favorite taste spicy, there are like sweet taste, some who like sour taste, salty, and tasty. But for a bitter taste, may be rare people who like this taste, but some people can only consume something that pait, but that does not mean to like.

Talking about the taste of the most popular people, maybe the sweet taste that became the champion. Why is that? Because of this sweetness can be consumed by everyone from different age groups. Starting from infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults, to parents. For babies up to these children usually or in general, almost all of their group likes sweetness, but from adolescence upwards, this sweetness is favored by not everyone. But there are certain people who love this sweetness. Why is this sweet taste much loved by humans? This is because sweetness is easily applied to a lot of food. Many processed foods have basic sweet taste. Although sometimes excessive sweetness will make the stomach feel good, but because of the variety of processed dishes that can be produced this will make the peniktanya not too feel bored. In addition, the sweet taste tends to make the atmosphere or mood to be cheerful. Eating sweet foods will make us feel happy and happy. By eating sweet foods, our emotions can also be controlled and not explosive, as if we eat spicy food. This sweet food also does not cause pain like acid foods. Although for some people, eating sweet foods sometimes causes nausea, but the reaction is not so fast as if you eat foods that are too salty or bitter. So this sweet is more neutral.

Sweet taste can arise from a variety of ingredients. Materials commonly used as a source of sweet taste are sugar, honey, fruits, and artificial sweeteners. But in addition to these materials there are more ingredients that can be used as a source of sweet taste. But the material that is often used as a source of sweet taste is sugar. Sugar consists of several types, there is sugar, there is sugar Java, palm sugar, there is sugar stone, and so forth. On this occasion we will discuss more deeply about sugar.

Health Benefits Of Sugar Cane

Sugar Making Materials

Speaking of sugar, this sugar is made from a plant that has a sweet taste. Yes, the plant is already familiar, namely sugar cane. This is the most famous sugar cane used as a staple to make sugar. This is because the sugar content of sugar cane is very high. But it turns out, sugarcane is not only used to make sugar alone, but this sugar cane used in the field of industry and transportation as an alternative fuel. In addition, sugar cane is also widely used in household consumption, as well as livestock as animal feed. Sugar cane can also be consumed directly, by sucking water that is in the body of sugarcane, which is contained in the sacks of sugar cane body.


This sugarcane has a scientific name Saccharum Officanarum L. This sugar cane is a plant that goes into the tribe of grasses, and is a graminae family. This sugarcane plant has a tree shape whose trunk extends upward and is green. In each trunk there is a segment, and in each segment there are leaves that form elongated like weeds. At first glance, this sugar cane teneman is like a weed, but the size is bigger. This sugarcane plant grows in more than 200 countries.

Sugar Cane Benefits from Various Sides

It has been mentioned before, that this sugar cane is an extraordinary garden. Cane can be used for various things. Starting from the aspect of food, health, industry, transportation, animal husbandry, to household consumption. All that can be found in sugarcane crops. In more detail, here are the benefits that can be obtained from sugarcane.

From the Health Side

Maintain health from heart disease. Did you know if eating sugar cane regularly can keep the metabolism in our body from the name of lack of fluids, so this can avoid the symptoms of stroke. In addition, sugarcane also contains many carbohydrates that increase the strength of the heart, eyes, brain, and kidney.

Maintaining dental health. This cane can also be used to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The best way to do this is to drink the extract of cane juice and added with lime and salt.

Prevent disease. Cane water can be used to block the onset of various diseases, such as throat diseases, flu, and alkaline properties in sugar cane helps prevent cancer and prostate.

Cure illness. Sugar cane is believed to treat jaundice, because it gives strength pda a weak heart due to jaundice. In addition, sugarcane also helps perform kidney function.

From the Industry Side

As the main ingredient to make sugar. The content of sugar substances in the sugar cane is very much, so that sugar cane is used as a material in the manufacture of sugar, in the case of sugar, sugar crystals, sugar stones, or sugar beams or boxes.

As a paper making material. In the past when sugarcane was only used to make sugar, the bagasse produced would only be wasted and burned. But over time, this bagasse can be processed into something useful, ie paper. Obviously after going through a long process.

As ingredients of alcohol manufacture. Molasses or molasses are a by-product of sugar cane factories that can still be exploited. With its still quite high, about 52%, it can be used to make alcohol.

As a power plant. The power plant from sugarcane can be produced from bagasse in the last mill. This is because the waste in the final mill contains elements that can be used to generate the energy that can be used in the process of making sugar in the factory.

Sugar cane has the benefit as a fuel steam train. It is derived from the process of burning sugar cane.

From Household Consumption Side

Biobrick alternatives. This biobriket can be used as an alternative fuel to meet household consumption. The ingredient is a bagasse mixed with straw, coal, and glue from starch flour.

Make a soft drink. This cane can also be used as sugar cane juice that tastes sweet and fresh. Drink from sugar cane is suitable to drink when the weather is hot because it is very refreshing.

As an additional flavor to the cuisine. This sugarcane can be processed as a flavor, of course, after going through a fairly long process.

From the Agriculture and Livestock Sides

As animal feed. Because originally, this sugar cane is a tribe of grasses, then the untreated sugarcane part can be used as a weekend of livestock, especially ruminants.

Processed into compost. Cane can also be processed into compost, because this sugarcane is an organic material. Compost produced from sugar cane, according to observations can increase nitrogen uptake significantly after three months of use.

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Health Benefits Of Sugar Cane
- That's the various benefits of sugar cane that we can meet adri various sides. A lot is not it? Therefore, sugarcane crops must be heavily cared for, do not be treated as arbitrarily as sugar cane crops, because the losses incurred can be overwhelming.