16 Benefits of Baby Oil for Beauty Hair and Facials

Benefits of Baby Oil for Beauty Hair and Facials - Baby oil is known only as a baby warmer, while for other benefits many do not know. Baby oil consists of various brands. Baby oil is often used to warm the baby's body, the smell is fresh also can make the baby will smell nice and has a distinctive odor. If the baby has not used baby oil, the baby will not smell fresh. Though the baby should have a characteristic with a fresh smell and warm skin.

Benefits of Baby Oil for Beauty Hair and Facials

Why Do Babies Need Baby Oil?

This oil is one of the essential oils that must be in the care of babies, especially for babies who are sensitive skin. In addition to making the baby's body to be warm, baby oil can also make baby's skin to be soft. Apparently not only used for babies, but baby oil is also often used by adults. That benefit is not known to many people.

Unfortunately many adults are still awkward to use it, but obviously baby oil can be useful for adults as long as the use is correct and the dose is right. Here are the various benefits of baby oil to know:

Benefits of Baby Oil for Beauty Hair and Facials

1. Body Lotion

Baby oil in adults can be used as body lotion. The benefits of body lotion that can make adult skin becomes smooth and soft as baby skin. Body lotion content is adapted to the baby's skin so it will not cause allergies. High moisturizing content can make baby oil moisturize the skin of the body. Use after bathing or before bed, so the body skin can be moist and also bright.

Oily content will be disturbing, you should use a little baby oil in the skin so as not to remove excess oil.

2. To Soak the Body

Baby oil is also useful for bathing. When soaking you can use baby oil combined with buble bath. Water baths given a few drops of baby oil can make your body become moist again. Benefits of spa with baby oil is also very healthy skin.

3. Massage

To get the old skin moisture, you can do massage using baby oil benefits. In addition to natural and does not make sensitive skin, baby oil can make your skin moist longer. When doing a massage, you can ask a therapist to use baby oil oil. You can feel your body warm, moist and certainly smooth.

4. Cleaning Make Up

Baby oil can also be used to clean the makeup on the eyes and also the lips. Baby oil is free of alcohol so it is safe to use as a makeup cleanser. The oil content in it can moisturize so that the makeup on the eyes or on the lips can quickly disappear with the oil that moisturize it. The ingredients for cleaning other makeup are also found at:

5. Prevent Dry Lips

Have you had dry lips? Use baby oil to keep and create moisture on the lips. Dry lips can be overcome by using the benefits of baby oil. Apply baby oil on dry lips, then massage smoothly and regularly. Do it at night before bed regularly can make your lips avoid drought.

6. Shave Oil

For men can use baby oil to shave the feathers that exist in his body safely. The trick is very easy, namely by applying baby oil to the body covered with feathers, then you can do shaving. Using baby oil when shaving can make you avoid the pain and also avoid irritation.

Unlike the case if the shaving by using other oils, bodyakan susceptible to infection or feel the pain.

7. Nail Care

Baby oil can also be used for nail care, no need for menicure or pedicure. Just use baby oil, so you can treat your nails safely and cheaply. The trick is very easy that is by applying baby oil on the nail before bed. Do gentle massage on the nails. Baby oil and massage that can do blood circulation and can make the growth of nails faster. Nails also avoid cracked and also dry.

8. Treating Hands And Feet

Baby oil is also useful for treating your hands and feet. The feet are easily dry parts of the body, as are the hands. To keep your hands and feet well maintained you can gently massage the heel of your feet and hands using baby oil.

9. Eliminating Broken Feet

Chapped foot heels can disrupt the appearance, not only that the heel of a cracked foot can make the pain when used to walk. Broken leg heels can be caused by weight gain and dry skin of the foot. How easy, before bed applying the benefits of baby oil on the heels of broken feet and massage regularly. Broken leg heel can be overcome by using baby oil.

10. Eliminate Skin Scaly

You can remove the skin of the feet and tanga

10. Eliminate Skin Scaly

You can remove the scaly feet and scalp with baby oil. The oil content in baby oil that moisturizes can make the scaly hand skin becomes smooth again. Baby oil can moisturize the hands so that the scales on the skin of the hands and the skin of the foot can be lost using baby oil. Use it regularly if the scales on the hands and feet want to be lost forever.

11. Stretch Mark Marking

Stretch marks may occur during pregnancy. The fine lines on the skin are commonly called stretch marks, the lines that can disturb the appearance and reduce the confidence is especially annoying when choosing clothes. To remove stretch marks, you can apply stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs and also on the arm. Before bedtime is the right time to apply baby oil. In addition, strech marks can also be removed with the benefits of antanan leaves.

12. Restore Hair Luster

Dull hair and not glowing? You can use baby oil to restore the natural luster of hair. The trick is very easy that is by applying baby oil to hair and wrap the hair using a towel that has dipped the benefits of warm water. Let stand for 15 minutes, then start shampooing. When the hair is dry you can feel the difference.

13. Melebatkan Eyebrows

When shaving eyebrows, there will be a small incident where the hair is not neat eyebrows so eyebrows look weird. To grow eyebrow hair again can use the benefits of baby oil such as the benefits of olive oil. The trick is very easy that is by applying baby oil on the surface of the eyebrow and do before bed.

14. Companion Sun Block

The benefits of swimming is healthy, but of course you need more care for the skin. You can use sun block to protect your skin from the sun. It turns out that sun block is not enough, it takes a mixture of baby oil to protect the skin from exposure to sunlight.

Before using sun block, rub your body using a little drop of baby oil. Not only that, apply baby oil on the hair so as not to become dry, branched and cracked. During swimming, baby oil can prevent damage to hair due to pool water that contains chlorine.

15. Cleaning Ear Wax

To clean the dirt in the ear, you can use baby oil. The trick is very easy that is by dipping cotton bud in baby oil before cleaning the ears. Earpings will stick and perfectly lifted on a cotton bud that has been dipped baby oil.

16. Cleaning Cat

Paint attached to the wall can be cleaned using baby oil. The trick is to apply baby oil dititik affected by paint and want to clean the paint from the wall. You can clean the affected part of the paint with a clean cloth, then drop the baby oil little by little when the baby oil liquid has been lost.

Things to Look For When Using Baby Oil

There are various things to watch out for when using baby oil. These things should really be a concern when wanting to use baby oil as a facial treatment. Here are some things to consider when doing facial treatment using baby oil:

Face cleanser

A beauty doctor says that baby oil is used on infant skin that tends to be normal, while adults have different skin types and have a variety of skin problems. For example, blackheads and acne. If the skin of oily people using baby oil then the skin will be more oily.

Its use can cause skin problems in adults. Mineral oil content in baby oil can actually clog pores so that adults with oily skin can arise acne and also blackheads. Adults should use suitable beauty products that match their skin type to avoid problems.

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No routine

Although baby oil can be used to cleanse the skin after making makeup, it helps you use it not routinely. The reason is :

If baby oil is used continuously and continuously in cleaning eye makeup then the skin can become thicker than before.

In addition to thickness can also make the skin's texture becomes coarser than before.

Cleaning the face on an adult's face using baby oil baby is not the right step. Adults can use face toner or cleansing that can be used as a makeup cleanser, soap should also use the appropriate ph with skin type.

Ph in accordance with skin type can make adult skin will remain healthy and also moist, maintained its acidity and brighten up by lifting dead skin cells on the skin surface.

As a facial moisturizer

Benefits of Baby Oil for Beauty Hair and Facials - Benefits baby oil can be used for adult facial moisturizer. But according to beauty doctors say that facial moisturizer should be tailored to the type or type of facial skin. Here's the right facial moisturizer according to an expert doctor:
  1. If an adult with oily skin uses baby oil to moisturize it, baby oil can actually damage the skin and make oily skin like an oil refinery.
  2. If oil production is excessive, then the skin will be more problematic such as blackheads and acne.
  3. Basically moisturizer can be divided into three kinds of moisturizer occlusive or moisturizer that is close, sticky and also for dry skin.
  4. The second moisturizer is humectant which means it is attracting water in various tissues around the facial skin.
  5. The third moisturizer is meolien that can serve as a substance that can fill the gaps between facial cells.
  6. Of all types of moisturizers, baby oil is included in the occlusive or sticky and hot. Although moisturizing, baby oil can make skin dry.