17 Surprising Benefits of Toothpaste

Surprising Benefits of Toothpaste - Who does not know what is toothpaste? Everyone will know the objects used as "soap" teeth cleaners that make your teeth white and your mouth fresh also make your teeth healthy and not filled by germs. However, do you know that in fact, this toothpaste is not only useful as a tooth cleanser, but it also has several other functions that will make you gaping. In this article I will explain some of the functionality of the toothpaste that has been possible only you know as a dental cleanser. Here are some functions of toothpaste:

Surprising Benefits of Toothpaste

Surprising Benefits of Toothpaste

1. Fixed the damaged Compact Disk

Compact Disk or CD must be so vulnerable to damage and can not be read by your CD-rom. This usually happens because the CD is so dirty and scratched. This makes CDs hard to read by optics in CD-rom. When you face this problem, you can use toothpaste to make scratches on your CD less and make your CD clean and readable by your CD-rom.

2. Clean up the stubborn stain on the wooden table

In addition to cleaning Compact Disc or CD, toothpaste can also clean stubborn stains on your wooden table. When your desk is suddenly doused with a drink or food that is difficult to clean using a regular cloth and when you want to clean it with regular cleaning, you are afraid to make your wooden table broken, you can use toothpaste to clean it. You just need to brush the toothpaste on the annoying stain and then you wipe the toothpaste with a dry cloth. Undoubtedly the stubborn stains will be gone.

3. Eliminate stubborn stains on clothes

Once upon a time you see one of your favorite clothes there is a stubborn stain that makes your clothes look ugly, you think to immediately wash it. When you use a regular detergent, you encounter a failure because the stubborn stains do not go away, so you can use toothpaste as a stubborn cleaning tool on your clothes. Stains on your clothes will undoubtedly be lost.

4. Make your silver jewelry more sparkling

Who does not want his silver jewelry to look shiny? Of course everyone wants to make it look more shiny because it will make it beautiful. Some people just just wipe it to make it shiny, in fact, there is a more effective way to make your silver jewelry more sparkling, ie cleaning it with toothpaste. You simply apply a little toothpaste on your silver jewelry and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Undoubtedly your silver jewelry will re-shine and make your appearance more beautiful.

5. Clean the graffiti on the wall

The cleansing substances found in this toothpaste are powerful and useful for many things besides cleaning your teeth. One of them is cleaning the graffiti on your wall made by your child. Sometimes this stroke makes you uncomfortable because your house looks dirty. On the other hand you have trouble cleaning it in the usual way. If you have experienced it, you can clean the streak with toothpaste, undoubtedly your wall will be back clean and beautiful.

6. Getting rid of chewing gum on hair

Sometimes your friend is so fun and puts gum in your hair that makes it difficult to clean. Some people choose to cut their hair from cleaning it because it's so hard to clean the chewing gum on your head. Now you do not have to worry if you have this problem, you just have to clean the gum on your hair with toothpaste. Toothpaste has a strong substance that can separate gum that is so sticky to your hair.

7. Hand sanitizer

Like the original function of toothpaste that is to clean teeth and keep teeth from germs that attack teeth at any time when we eat, toothpaste is also useful as a hand sanitizer. Basically the use of toothpaste as a sanitizer for the hand is to remove the odor on the hands when eating food by hand and smell is still left in your hands. Surely it makes you uncomfortable and not confident. So cleansing your hands with toothpaste after eating a meal that makes your hand smell smelly will make your hand re-smell and smell no more.

8. Cleaning the toilet

The crust on the toilet that was so hard to clean it was basically the same as the tooth crust. So do not be surprised if toothpaste can be used to clean the toilet. You just need to apply toothpaste in stubborn toilet parts and then brush it. After that you just wash it with water and you will see the results. Your toilet will become more shiny and clean.

9. Eliminate acne

In addition to cleaning the goods, toothpaste can also be used to clean the acne on your face. Toothpaste has a substance that is able to cleanse and remove acne on your face. You just have to rub it on the pimple in your face and wash it with water. Do it regularly, surely you will have a face free of acne.

10. Make shoes look new again

Toothpaste is indeed one of the most multi-functional objects. In addition to cleaning your jewelry, tables, walls and even toilets, toothpaste can also make your shoes look new again. All you need to do is apply your shoes. Preferred is white shoes, with toothpaste, then wipe them with a dry cloth. Will undoubtedly get clean white shoes and look like new.

11. Remove scratches on the smartphone screen

Like on silver jewelry and on a scratched compat disc. Toothpaste can also be used to bolt the screen on your smartphone, which has been scratched, become smooth again. You just need to apply toothpaste on your smartphone screen and wipe it gently with a dry cloth. You will see the result, your smartphone screen becomes cleaner and no scratches.

12. Cleaning the piano keys

Like a tooth, tut piano also needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the piano tut with water is very vulnerable to make the piano sound strange. Therefore, cleaning it with toothpaste is one of the best ways to get your piano tut back clean. You just have to polish your piano keys with toothpaste and then wipe them gently with a dry cloth. Undoubtedly you will get a clean piano keys.

13. Clean the nails

The nails have the same forming structure as the teeth. Therefore, do not be surprised, when you can clean the nails by using toothpaste. You no longer need medicure pedicure at a high cost just to get a cleaner nail. You just use toothpaste, where your toothpaste on your nails and clean it with water, you will get a clean nail. Try!

14. Whiten skin

In addition to teeth whitening, toothpaste can also be used to whiten the skin. The trick is to mix a tablespoon of lemon flavor with a tablespoon of toothpaste. After that, apply a mixture of two ingredients to your skin. If you do this routinely, then your skin color will gradually shine.

15. Removes stains on face and body

Everyone certainly hates the scars on the face or in other parts of the body. Some people find it difficult to clean the scars. One way that you can use to clean the scars is to use toothpaste. You just have to mix the toothpaste and milk and then apply it where the scars are located. You see for yourself.

16. Reduce wrinkles

Old is one process that must happen to every human being. However, there are some signs of aging that appear prematurely. This is called premature aging. The things that indicate premature aging include wrinkles. Many people choose to use expensive drugs to clean it up. Did you know that just using toothpaste you can reduce wrinkles. How to simply put toothpaste at night on the part you want then the next morning, you just rinse it. Do it regularly then you will see the results, your wrinkles will be reduced.

17. Ward off oily skin

Oily skin is everyone's problem. Some people use soap which is said to make oil on the skin is reduced. However, did you know that a mixture of brine, and toothpaste can make your oily skin become non-greasy? Yes! All you have to do is apply this ingredient every morning. Do it regularly and you see the results.

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Surprising Benefits of Toothpaste - So are some benefits of toothpaste other than as a dental cleanser. Actually there are many other benefits of this object. However, remember, you as human beings, must be smart to regulate the use of the goods, whatever it is. thanks.