17 Top Health Benefits Of Mango Juice

Top Health Benefits Of Mango Juice - Mango is one of the tropical fruit of the pride of the Indonesian community in addition to having a delicious aroma, flavor and varied forms and types turns out to have nutritional content that can maintain a healthy body everyday. Whatever type of mango like mango manalagi, kweni, sweet arum, indramayu, mango gong, apple mango, mango avocado and others but basically have the same health effects regardless of whether you consume them or not.

Top Health Benefits Of Mango Juice

The best nutrients contained in the mango fruit is carbohydrates, fiber, protein, monounsaturated fats. Folate, pyridoxine, riboflavonoid, thiamin, pantetonic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A. Vitamin E and Vitamin K. contain low sodium, potassium, calcium, manga, zinc, copper, magnesium and iron.

This is the best benefit of the benefits of healthy mango juice!

Top Health Benefits Of Mango Juice

1. Prevent and treat constipation

Contains high fiber can thicken and freeze feces and prevent nausea and stomach pain.

2. Prevent and treat blood cancer or leukemia

Contains polyphenol substances that tiunggi acts as a powerful antioxidant to prevent and inhibit the growth of blood cancer

3. Prevent and treat breast cancer

Polyphenolnya substances are able to detect the presence of breast cancer cells in the early stages and able to inhibit the path of cancer cells that already exist and will be easily removed with the help of chemotherapy.

4. Prevent and treat prostate cancer

Polyphenolnya substances can improve the performance and function of the prostate in men to avoid the attack or growth of prostate cancer cells.

5. Prevent and treat lung cancer

The complete polyphenol and minerals can prevent cancer cells from appearing on the liver tissue. Because of its high antioxidants are able to resist and protect the liver tissue from attack objects produced by the body.

6. Prevent colon cancer

Polyphenol antioxidants in the form of polyphenols can keep the intestinal wall from inflammatory bacterial attacks that dihaasilkan from food or free radicals that can prevent the entry of cancer cells to the large intestine.

7. Prevent and treat cancer in oral organs

Polyphenols are one of the strongest substances in fighting and destroying cancer cells in the oral organs. Healthful condition of the oral cavity in order to avoid the growth of bacteria from the results of the remaining food scraps.

8. To sharpen vision and prevent cataracts

The benefits of vitamin A are high enough and is helped by the benefits of various minerals able to repair eye damage due to minor injuries. Sharpen eyesight in capturing light or shadow.

9. Controlling blood pressure

The content of vitamins and minerals can control the rise and fall of blood pressure levels and load the body from mild stroke.

10. Can ward off free radicals

Its antioxidant substances can counteract and bind to free radicals generated from within the body, from air and food so as not to spread easily throughout the body.

11. Avoid dehydration

Full nutrition will always provide water that can prevent the occurrence of dehydration in hot weather and are in the room that uses air conditioning.

12. Increase the production of hemoglobin to remain stable

Nutrition on the benefits of mango can improve the quality of blood cells or hemoglobin in the body to always be stable and able to maintain blood health.

13. Maintain healthy skin

The content of vitamins A, C and E is enough to protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to sunlight and free radical attacks. Some of these vitamins can be powerful antioxidants in maintaining skin collagen in order to remain stable and healthy.

14. Overcoming motion sickness

Chest and uncomfortable heartburn and stomach conditions that are wrapped around the pain will trigger motion sickness. To prevent it, consume the benefits of mango juice 20 minutes before leaving for traveling in long distances.

15. Can be an effective wound healer

Full nutrition can accelerate the process of drying and healing of burns, cuts, bruises due to collision and others.

16. Keep the nervous system in the fetal body to keep it normal

Nutrition in mango fruit is useful to strengthen the neural network in the fetus, the young asih between the gestational age 2 smpai 4 months and will accelerate the growth of organ organs of his body to be more complete and healthy.

17. Prevent babies born with mental disabilities

Nutrition in the mango fruit can nourish the brain cells and organs of other babies and able to regulate the baby's body temperature. Then it will always be able to grow its growth, so the baby will be born with normal and not experiencing mental disability.

Combination of Mango Juice

To multiply the nutrients from the mango fruit and improve the taste quality you can make mango juice by combining other fruits such as:

  1. Mango + Sweet star fruit, a combination of both nutrients can give stamina, extra energy and balance blood pressure
  2. Mango + Avocados, can nourish the skin and improve the health quality of collagen under the skin so that the skin is always in its best condition.
  3. Mango + mangosteen fruit, can nourish blood vessels and accelerate the process of burning fat and make skin always radiant series
  4. Mango + carrot fruit, can increase the sharpness of the eye and prevent from the attack of dusk and mta dab.
  5. Mango + tomatoes + milk, can be a powerful antioxidant to be able to menagkal adverse effects caused by free radicals and ties to be thrown into toxins that the body does not need through urine and sweat.
  6. Mango + soursop + honey, Can smooth the blood circulation around the head and neck and prevent stiff pega throughout the body and rtubuh protected from cold and heat inside.
  7. The fruit of mango + Guava red, can increase cell red darh cells and healthy and refresh blood vessels and improve body immunity, so the body is able to ward off bacterial attacks from free radical results.
  8. Mango + cherry + broccoli steamed, Can act as a powerful antioxidant to be able to fight the growth of cancer cell cells.

Facts About Mango

Here's what you should know about mango!

For those who suffer from gastritis or have sensitive stomach sores, should consume mango fruit that is old or ripe.

Many think that chocolate is a sweet food that can relieve stress and change the mood that is not good to be fun, but it turns out the fruit of mango has a unique taste and aroma that calms the mind and the complete mineral substances can actually relax the nerves around the head and increase the power Concentration of a person so as to repel excessive stress.

Someone who is diligent and hobby of eating mango every day will have a more radiant face, smooth and acne free. Vitamins C, A, and E can combine to work from within to prevent and eliminate acne-causing bacteria and are able to control the production of excess oils on the surface of male and female facial skin.

Mango fruit is very good to meet the needs of vitamin C, A and E daily, but the high sugar content needs to be taken into account cooking because if too excessive and consumed in the long term it will cause blood sugar levels increased sharply.

Never eat mango juice aatu eat mango along with soft drinks because it will only increase blood sugar levels at a speed that you have never expected before.

Beware of leaves and stems of mango trees will remove toxins if made into toys for children!

Mango leaf is not as popular as mango fruit because its leaves can irritate the skin and mucous membranes in the eye if the leaves become toy materials for child ank then the toxic substances will develop more dangerous because it can injure the eye tissue and skin surface. Give understanding to the children on the danger about burning mango leaves.

Avoid and keep stems and twigs twigs of mango trees from reach siappun because rods and sticks relatively have toxins and will accumulate with air and wind and then unwittingly enter into the human body through the respiration and oral cavity. This condition can cause inflammation of the throat, eyes, and harmful to sensitive human skin because it will rash red and itchy rashes.

Do not give livestock like cows, goats, buffaloes, sheep or other grass-eating stars with mango leaves, because any animal that eats them will be threatened by poisoning and death.

In processing and sprinkling the right and in accordance with the rules then the mango leaves can have health benefits also to destroy the kidney stones and able to overcome respiratory problems (shortness of breath).

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Top Health Benefits Of Mango Juice - Mango fruit is very good and important for the growth of children's health, but give a correct understanding of the content of sugar that is high enough and not good if consumed excessively in the long term, the understanding can be done by direct practice using real fruits mango So that later there will be no misunderstanding about the mango fruit originally from India.