20 Best Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

Best Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Skin, Hair And Health - Who does not know lavender? Lavender is one type of short grass and a small shrub that has a soothing fragrance. The beautiful flower color makes lavender is often planted as an ornamental plant in the yard of the house by some people.

Best Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

Lavender has a purple flower and is famous for its distinctive aroma. Due to the fragrant aroma, lavender flowers are also often used as an essential oil that can create a fragrant aroma. However, besides the fragrance of lavender flower oil also provides many benefits as will be discussed in the following article.

To make lavender flower oil, you can do it yourself at home by extracting it and adding it with olive oil, almond oil or safflower oil. If you feel bothered, you simply buy it at the nearest herbal medicine store :).

Best Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

1. Helps to treat insomnia

The lavender flower is famous for its fragrant and soothing scent. Well, for those of you who suffer from sleep disorders or insomnia, the use of lavender oil may help you sleep more soundly.

As for how to use it is by sprinkling lavender oil to the pillow or bolster that you will use to sleep. Or, you can also directly inhale the fragrance of lavender from the bottle before going to sleep. Fragrant aroma caused by lavender oil is believed to help overcome insomnia.

2. Helps to treat acne

In addition to helping to facilitate sleep, lavender oil can also help deal with acne. Well, these benefits are sought after for most women. To treat acne with lavender flower oil, you just need to apply a drop of pure lavender oil on the acne you will treat. Use regularly undoubtedly acne will usually heal within 2-3 days.

3. Helps to treat headaches or migraine

The presence of symptoms of headache or migraine certainly interfere with daily activities. If you do not like swallowing medicine to treat your headache, please use lavender oil as a traditional medicine to cure your headaches.

The trick is very easy. Dissolve 3-5 drops of lavender oil into 1 tablespoon of carrier oil then apply on the head area that hurt. Carrier oil or base oil is a vegetable oil used in aromatherapy to be mixed with other essential oil puree before applied to face, body or hair. The examples of carrier oil include minayak olive, shea butter, jojoba oil etc.

4. Helps to treat dry lips

For those of you who have dry lips, you can use lavender oil as a therapy to moisten your lips. How to apply it very easy, that is you need to mix vegetable oil with carrier oil and then applied to dry lips.

5. Helps stimulate hair growth

Hair is like a crown of someone who can beautify appearance. To help beautify the appearance on the hair, vegetable oil can provide benefits for us to stimulate hair growth.

How to apply it is by mixing as many as 5-8 drops of pure lavender oil with 1 tablespoon of pure coconut oil and then massage the hair smoothly. To get the pure coconut oil, you can heat the thick coconut milk while stirring constantly until the rest settles and produces pure coconut oil. If you are lazy, you can buy coconut oil at a nearby store.

6. Help overcome nausea

If you feel nauseous because of colds etc., you can also use lavender oil to relieve your nausea. Way, please you inhale the aroma of lavender oil from the bottle or use lavender aromatherapy in your room.

7. Helps treat allergies on flower powders

Who would have thought that powdery flowers can cause allergies? To treat it, you do not have to worry! Please use lavender oil to help treat your allergies. The trick is very easy. Please live the lavender flavor from the bottle or sprinkle some lavender oil on a tissue or handkerchief for your inhalation.

8. Helps muffle the foot

If you feel tired after a day of walking, there is no harm for you to dampen the feet in warm water mixed with lavender oil. How, please mix 10-15 drops of pure lavender oil and 1 cup (225 grams) of Epsom salt or salt english in warm water. Use the water to soak tired feet to feel comfortable and help you sleep more soundly.

9. Helps treat skin burning from sunburn

The skin can be sensitive to even burning when exposed to direct sunlight without a shield. If you have already, you can treat sunburned skin using lavender oil.

The trick is very easy. You just need to mix lavender oil with carier oil for later applied to sunburned skin. Lavender oil is useful to accelerate the healing of burning skin and prevent scars. However, you need to remember that you should not use this lavender oil when you want to bask in the sun. This is because the lavender oil will make the skin sensitive to sunlight.

10. Helps to treat insect bites

Sometimes insect bites can cause injury and leave itchy skin. If this is the case, you can use lavender oil to treat insect bites. The trick is of course very easy! You only need to apply lavender oil on the skin that is exposed to insect bites to reduce the pain or swelling that may arise.

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Best Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Skin, Hair And Health - In addition to the above benefits, the following is also a benefit that you can derive from the use of lavender oil.

  1. Helps heal skin wounds
  2. Helps overcome skin irritation
  3. Helps overcome dandruff
  4. Helps relieve motion sickness
  5. Helps treat skin burns
  6. Helps overcome bleeding in the nose
  7. Helps overcome eczema and dermatitis
  8. Helps relax the body
  9. As massage oil and massage
  10. As an aromatherapy.