22 Wonderful Benefits of Calcium

Wonderful Benefits of Calcium - Calcium is a mineral that is very important for the body but much forgotten by people because it is only concerned with other vitamin intake. Therefore, a lot of food products that offer high calcium content in it. Calcium itself is generally contained in milk, potatoes, grasses and soybeans.

Wonderful Benefits of Calcium

A number of benefits of calcium is necessary for the body, as follows:

Wonderful Benefits of Calcium

1. Make High - The main benefit of calcium is to make body size to be high. Usually to get the benefits of calcium so we are encouraged to diligently drink milk because of the benefits of milk for health one of the body is making bone growth to be fast.

2. Prevent Bone Loss - Adequate calcium intake can prevent bone loss. It is also believed to prevent your bones porous as in:

3. Helps Blood Clots - Calcium helps to freeze blood in your body when one part of your body is injured as well as the benefits of leech oil.

4. Burn Fat - Studies of calcium in the body have an important role in the regulation of weight because calcium itself can suppress appetite. In addition to calcium that can withstand appetite include:

5. Making Strong Teeth - One of the functions of calcium is to help teeth become stronger so avoid a variety of dental diseases such as cavities such as cavities. If your teeth have holes immediately treat with frangipani flowers because the benefits of frangipani flowers for health one of them is to cure the tooth.

6. Helps Keep Blood Pressure - Calcium in the body can control blood pressure and help muscle movement and nerve work so that the heart and blood vessels work well.

7. Protecting the Heart muscle - Calcium helps the heart muscle to perform movement and relaxation correctly.

8. Prevent Bowel Cancer - If your calcium intake in your body is covered you will be protected from calcium cancer intestine, able to suppress the growth of polyps that cause cancer.

9. Preventing Kidney Stones - High intake of calcium intake is believed to prevent kidney stones but if consuming too much calcium containing lots of water will actually cause kidney stones.

10. Helping Travel Nutrition - Calcium is one of the important nutrients in every healthy lifestyle. So it can be concluded if the intake of calcium is not fulfilled will cause you to suffer many diseases.

11. Preventing High Blood - Adequate calcium will prevent you from high blood disease because the body is experiencing a high deficiency will experience narrowing of blood vessels and trigger high blood diseases.

12. Protect from Various Diseases - Calcium ions in the body will react first when there is a disease virus that enters the body and instructs the immune system to destroy it. Therefore, someone who lacks calcium can be ascertained his immune system is chaotic.

13. Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis - Calcium and pineapple benefits are able to strengthen bone tissues in adults so that bones do not experience calcification.

14. Reduced Menstrual Syndrome - Women tend to feel pain as they approach menstruation. It is recommended to provide calcium intake for the body because studies have proven that calcium and tin benefits can reduce menstrual syndrome by as much as 48%.

15. Launch Brain Function - The brain will work optimally if given calcium intake because if the lack of calcium can lead to functional brain and nervous system.

16. Reduce Cramps During Pregnancy - Adequate calcium in the body of pregnant women will reduce cramps because of the adequacy of potassium and phosphorus in the body.

17. Producing Enzymes - Calcium is needed by the body to produce enzymes that will convert food into energy.

18. Helping the Fertilization Process - The sperm to the egg cell uses energy possessed by calcium. Research proves when the sperm approached the egg sperm shoots that contain calcium is what mebuat sperm able to penetrate the egg membrane. So it can be concluded if the body lack of calcium resproduksisinya process will be disrupted.

Calcium Benefits for All Ages

The benefits of calcium for the human body from the process of fertilization to adulthood, following his review:

Fetus - Calcium will help the growth of the fetus in the womb because calcium has the function of forming the baby's cranium, forming feet, hands, back, and some other bones.

Child - When a child is still a toddler is required a very high calcium intake because this will be a provision to avoid various diseases such as rickets, O-shaped or X foot, incomplete bone growth, tooth decay, weak memory, and various other bone diseases.

Adults - Humans who have reached the adult stage need adequate calcium intake because it is useful to protect the body from attacks of bone muscle pain, leg cramps, rheumatism, flu, and colds.

Parents - Decrease in body condition will make the body susceptible to diabetes, heart problems, high blood therefore when the age is old enough calcium intake should be taken care to avoid from any disease.

Other benefits:
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Nutritional needs of calcium

In addition to calcium sources that need to be considered the needs of every human calcium also needs to be observed because calcium intake will increase as age gets older. Here are the details of calcium needs, at every age level:

Infants aged 0-5 months: 400 mg

Baby 6-12 months: 600 mg

Children aged 1-10 years: 1,300 mg

Adolescents aged 11-24 years: 1,000 mg

25 - 50 and above: 1,200 mg

A source of calcium for the body

Wonderful Benefits of Calcium - In addition to milk that contains the benefits of calcium, many other types of foods that you can consume to provide the necessary calcium intake by the body. Among others are:




Okra Nuts



Salted fish



Tofu or Tempeh