25 Beauty Benefits of Sleep

Beauty Benefits of Sleep - As a child most of us would be hard to be told to take a nap. Parents are already shouting for napping but we still want to play or do something else. Meanwhile, when we are adults we are having trouble finding free time to take a nap. Various routine activities such as school or college, work, home care, child care, and so on make siesta impossible or very difficult. Though siesta is very good for health. Especially if we lack the time to sleep at night, napping becomes something that is needed to restore stamina and freshness of the body.

Beauty Benefits of Sleep

Unlike a night's sleep, a nap does not take long. Enough quality sleep for approximately 20-90 minutes then the body will be refreshed. Naps should be done around 14:00 to 16:00. Sleeping too late will cause the sleep of the night to be disturbed so that we can only sleep after late at night which causes early risers so late. This is certainly not good for health and can disrupt the activity of the morning. If you plan on taking a nap should also avoid consuming caffeine such as tea and coffee near nap time.

Beauty Benefits of Sleep

Not only can restore stamina and freshness, napping was also very useful for beauty include:

Prevent premature aging Every human being must experience the aging process seen from the symptoms of skin that began to wrinkle, especially in the area around the mouth and nose, the lower eyelid that began to decline, the appearance of stains and spots on the face, and the emergence of dark circles under the eyes. But do not let us aging prematurely aka premature aging caused by various factors such as smoking, pollution, stress, or an unhealthy lifestyle. To prevent premature aging one of them by doing a nap that can make skin ageless and relieve stress like stress on the workload.

Overcoming acne The presence of acne, especially in the face is very disturbing appearance that ultimately also affect one's confidence. One of the cheapest, easiest, and best ways to cope with acne is by taking a nap. When napping our body cells will regenerate and the body's energy will be restored so it is good to combat stubborn acne.
Rejuvenate the skin The cells of our body need to regenerate to replace the cells that have died. And the right time for the cells to regenerate is when to sleep, when the body is resting. By taking a nap then we provide an additional opportunity for the body to regenerate cells including skin cells that are very helpful in skin rejuvenation.

Balancing hormones In our body there are various hormones that are very influential for health and beauty. So that hormonal imbalances can lead to the emergence of some beauty problems such as acne that is difficult to lose and the skin becomes redness. With a routine nap was also useful to balance the levels of hormones in the body so as to prevent us from various beauty problems.

Slimming the body A beautiful face is still less if the weight is still excessive alias obesity. So no wonder there are still many people who want to do various things to lose weight ranging from the sensible such as exercise and diet to the extreme like taking slimming drugs that are not clear until a super strict diet that can actually cause the disease. Though the desired is a healthy slim body. One way that can be taken is to routine nap before 4 pm. It does not take long enough 20-90 minutes a day. Body fresh and healthy, the body was slim.

Can we see how useful nap to care for beauty. Instead of doing expensive treatments and extreme ways to try to take a regular nap. Body healthy and beauty was awake. But that does not mean taking care of beauty is enough with a nap only. Consumption of healthy foods, exercise, facial care every day, and apply a healthy lifestyle should still be done to get a healthy and beautiful body.

Although nap is very useful to maintain beauty but not everyone is good at doing this. There are some conditions where napping is not recommended that is for people who have trouble sleeping well at night and for people who experience inertia or dizziness that is difficult to lose when waking up. Taking a nap can actually aggravate the condition of people with insomnia or difficulty sleeping and other sleep disorders such as frequent waking at night and difficult to get back to sleep. In addition, nap should also not be done by people who like to experience inertia when waking up because it can interfere with various activities during the day. It's not fresh after waking up, which is a headache.

Tips for Napping

For those who are not accustomed to napping is quite difficult. If you feel the need to take a nap to maintain health and beauty then you can condition the atmosphere to make it easier to fall asleep:

Minimizing illumination A bright daylight sometimes causes a person difficult to sleep. For that you can try to turn off the room lights or close the curtains so the room becomes dark enough. Related articles: the benefits of a light sleeper

Eliminating various sounds and interferences Another way is to minimize various disruptions and sounds such as by turning off the television and radio and turning off or setting the phone on silent. Various mobile notifications often become a very disturbing thing so that eventually not so nap.

Creating a supportive atmosphere For those of you who are accustomed to listening to music as a lullaby can also set soft music with low volume making it easier to fall asleep. In addition it can also turn on the air conditioner or fan so it is more comfortable and relaxed. Related articles: music benefits

Lying with a comfortable sleeping position And the last do not forget to find sleeping position is as comfortable as possible so you feel relaxed and more easily fall asleep.

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Beauty Benefits of Sleep - The above tips you can try to make it easier to sleep during the day so the benefits of nap for beauty can be obtained.