30 Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Health Benefits of Almond Milk - Benefits of new almond milk is popular and calculated in the world of health around 2011. Previously we may hear more often or drink soy milk. If soy milk is made from soybeans, well if almond milk is made from almonds.

Health Benefits of Almond Milk
Almond milk is actually the essence of almonds. This drink is common in consumption to replace milk in the needs of healthy food 4 perfect 5. In addition, the essence of almonds is also used as a food ingredient in a recipe. For food, the benefits of almond oil have long been well-known to the body.

Almond milk is more pale and thicker than milk in general. Almond milk you can make yourself at home. But most now almond milk is already in production by industry in various countries. Almond milk is now gaining in popularity until it is likely to shift the popularity of soy milk.

Almond milk content

Almond milk based almonds. Almonds themselves have a complex nutritional content. The UK institute found the content of almonds contained probiotics.

Besides almonds also contain vitamin E, fiber, selenium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, natrimun, phosphorus, iron, calcium, copper, and also amino acid tryptophan.

But the content that exists when it is in if a drink almond milk, the main content as follows:

Unfortunately almond milk has a protein content lower than cow's milk. So it can not be a substitute for milk for toddlers or the age of children who still need formula milk substitute milk.

Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Here are the benefits that can be obtained from almond milk:

Prevent heart disease

For those who want to prevent before being exposed to heart risk either to consume this drink. The content of almond milk has unsaturated fats is also good for those who have heart disease. In addition, the flavonoid content is also very good for preventing heart disease.

Suitable for vegetarians

For those of you who are on a diet or indeed a vegetarian who does not want the consumption of food from animal products, you can consume almond milk in maintaining the nutritional needs of your body. Almond milk is also a vegetable product, which does not contain cholesterol, so good for vegetarians.

Prevents skin damage

One of these beverage vegetable products has high antioxidant properties. Almond milk helps to strengthen the cell membranes of our body that make it avoid cell damage. This milk is very good for skin health. Skin damage caused by sun exposure for too long can be avoided with almond milk drinks.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Antioxidant properties of almond milk one of them comes from vitamin E which is needed to ward off free radicals that cause the onset of chronic diseases such as cancer. Antioxidants of vitamin E can reduce the growth of cancer cells in our organs.

Good for pregnant women

Almond milk can trigger healthy cell growth and also the formation of body tissues. Almond milk for pregnant women can help the growth of the fetus perfectly. Risk of birth defects can be avoided by consuming almond milk during pregnancy.

Streamlining the digestive system

Almond milk is rich in fiber content. As we know, fiber is needed by the body to facilitate digestion. Fiber fiber will be at risk of CHAPTER. Therefore with the consumption of almond milk every day can meet the body's daily needs for fiber.

Reduce the risk of colon cancer

This is a long-term impact that can be avoided if we have a smooth digestive system. With a routine chapter every day it will make the dirt in the bowel does not last long. Benefits of our intestines will be cleaned every day and avoid intestinal damage.

Supports diet program

Almond milk has a calorie content that makes the fattening in small amounts. The content of a little saturated fat will make your diet program run well. Supported by the content of manganese, copper, ribovlafin, to carbohydrates that keep your energy met during the diet program.

Overcoming hypertension

Almond milk triggers the body to release pottassium that can control blood pressure. This condition can help blood flow to run normally. Supported by the content of saturated fat is good for the heart to make blood that is pumped by the heart goes well.

Reduce the risk of stroke

Other benefits besides overcoming hypertension will also make you avoid the risk of stroke. The blood circulation is smooth and let alone almond milk does not contain cholesterol which is good to make the circulatory system more normal. The deposition of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream can be reduced. So the risk of stroke can be avoided.

Good for bone growth

As with any other milk benefits, almond milk triggers healthy cell growth well. In addition, the calcium content of almond milk is quite high and able to meet 30% of the body's daily needs for calcium. For adolescents who are still in the stage of pertiumbuhan, this drink is suitable to help accelerate bone growth during the growth stage.

Prevent osteoporosis

While for adults, the fulfillment of 30% of calcium from the body's daily needs can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can also be prevented by the benefits of high calcium soy milk. This joint problem is very often in the suffering of adults to old age. Therefore from the beginning need to prevent it by forming bone cells to be stronger, one of them with almond milk.

Substitute for cow's milk

Did you know that 20% of the world's population is allergic to cow's milk and goat's milk. When our body needs nutritional intake in milk as a healthy food supplement we need to find a substitute for animal milk that still meets the nutritional needs of the body. Almond milk is one of the best vegetable milk you can consume.

Strengthen the teeth

The content of vitamin D, iron, and calcium in almond milk is not only beneficial for bone. Nutrition found in almond milk is also needed by our teeth. Drink almond milk regularly to keep your teeth healthy.

Drinks for diabetics

For people with diabetes would avoid the consumption of sugar in both food and drinks. If we observe, often the milk is not delicious if it is not given sugar. For diabetics it may be a taboo. But by drinking almond milk, it will remain delicious even in fresh conditions or without sugar. This can be an alternative for you diabetics who avoid sugar.

Increases muscle mass

The content of B vitamins such as ribovlafin is good for the growth and health of your muscles. Coupled with a high iron content in a cup of almond milk will help your muscle mass growth.

Make skin look brighter

Having bright skin is certainly everyone's wish. Almond milk has vitamin E that can provide 50% of the body's daily needs for vitamin E. Peru we know, that the vitamin needed skin is vitamin E. Many cosmetic products come from fruits that contain lots of vitamin E. Vitamin E can make skin Your body looks naturally bright.

Slows down premature aging

Premature aging can be caused by a body that lacks intake of foods / beverages that contain antioxidants. The content of vitamin E and flavonoids will practically benefit your appearance. Antioxidants in almond milk help counteract free radicals, and slow premature aging.

Lose weight

One of the goals of the diet is to lose weight. Calorie content in almond milk is lower than cow's milk, if cow's milk is about 146 calories, while almond milk is only 60 calories. This will make you successful in reducing your weight.

Improve cognitive abilities

Cognitive ability can be characterized by the strengthening of memory. Many researchers reveal that cognitive power can be increased along with the need for good fat (HDL) in the body sufficiently every day. That is why almond milk is beneficial for the development of our cognition. Superb calories in almond milk is a healthy fat that improves the functioning of our brain.

Prevent arthritis

Arthritis can also be called inflammation of the joints. Usually there will be pain and swelling in the joints of our bones. This disease can be avoided if the required intake of calcium per day. Almond milk has a very high calisium content and helps reduce the risk of arthritis.

Kidney health

Almond milk is different from other milk that has minerals that threaten heart health. Low content of phosphorus and potassium can ease your dander's performance. As a result your kidney function will be well preserved.

Nourish the eyes

It's rarely known to people. The content in almond milk is good for maintaining eye health. Almond milk contains vitamins A, E, and D. Adequate vitamin content allows your eyes to adjust to the light entering, so that eye damage can be avoided.

Strengthen the immune system

Almond milk has antioxidant properties of vitamin E is high enough. This almond milk helps the metabolism of body cells run well. Supported by intake of iron, magnesium, copper is good for forming white blood cells that act as the immune-forming cells that the body needs

Prevent cardiovascular disease

Almond milk has a low content of sodium and is free of bad cholesterol. In addition, the milk almonds contain high levels of omega 3 fatty acids that work to maintain blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Can be used instead of mask

Almond milk rich in antioxidant properties is very good for maintaining healthy skin. You can make almond milk instead of a mask for your skin care. How to?

  1. Grab a bunch of almonds
  2. Wash peanuts almod until clean
  3. Then a blender of almonds
  4. Then strain to separate from the dregs
  5. The dough you can use directly on the face
  6. If you want to increase viscosity you can add it with honey
  7. Apply on face and leave 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water

Improves muscle structure

Not only increase muscle mass, vitamin B content such as iron and ribovlafin in almond milk also help improve the structure of damaged muscle cells. Ordinary muscle cell damage is caused by improper motion during severe exercise or injury while exercising.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

If only almond milk is very good for diabetics, of course for those of you who have not been exposed to diabetes can benefit from this almond milk. Almond milk is low to carbohydrates is only about 8 grams only. However carbohydrates can be used as energy and can store sugar as fat, so the risk of diabetes can be avoided.

Prevents the risk of gallstones

Gallstones are caused by too much cholesterol to settle in the gallbladder to the intestine. Consumption of almond milk is low cholesterol and actually has a good cholesterol content will make us avoid the risk of gallstones.

Make your body stay energized

Almond milk helps the metabolism of cells faster. Absorption performed in the digestive system is also improved. The content of carbohydrates, iron, and calories both make our body remain energetic in undergoing heavy activity.

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Health Benefits of Almond Milk - Benefits of almond milk is quite a lot for health, the most important benefits are felt is an additional energy and greatly help lose weight. Diet can be successful easily with the help of almond milk. In addition, almond milk is also useful for pregnant women.