30 Top Health Benefits of Half Boiled Eggs

Top Health Benefits of Half Boiled Eggs - Who does not know one of these foods? Yes, eggs are one of the most common types of food consumed by us. Egg itself is one result of poultry. Lots of types of birds that we can eat eggs. One of the poultry that is often used by eggs is eggs from chicken poultry.

Top Health Benefits of Half Boiled Eggs

Type of Chicken Egg

Chicken egg is one of the most easily found eggs everywhere. You can find chicken eggs in traditional markets and large supermarkets. Usually there are three types of eggs sold and you can get:

  1. Chicken egg
  2. Domestic chicken eggs
  3. Egg chicken egg

Domestic chicken egg is the type of eggs most often used, one of them by boiling. Boiled egg is one kind of processed food that is very good for consumption by us. Chicken eggs have a lot of nutrients that are good for our health.

What are the benefits of boiled eggs?

As mentioned earlier, chicken eggs have a lot of benefits for us. What are the benefits of this poached egg? Here are some of them:

Top Health Benefits of Half Boiled Eggs

1. As breakfast

Boiled eggs is one of the best breakfast consumption, because it contains a lot of nutrients in one boiled egg. You can consume boiled eggs every breakfast to maximize your daily nutritional intake.

2. As a mixture of various foodstuffs

The benefits of boiled eggs are also often used as one of the ingredients of food mixture. It is as found in risoles, pecel, balado eggs, gudeg, curry and many more types of dishes that use boiled eggs.

3. Rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals

Boiled eggs have a lot of vitamins and minerals that are important for the body, diantarana are:

  1. Protein
  2. Carbohydrate
  3. Omega 3
  4. Various Complex vitamins
  5. Choline
  6. Calcium
  7. Phosphor
  8. Carotenoids

4. Helps the production of nerve molecules in the brain

Protein and also omega 3 contained in the benefits of boiled eggs for pregnant women, both for brain development of children. This is because it can help optimize the production of nerve molecules in the brain.

5. Build and repair body cells

Choline contained in boiled eggs has excellent benefits to help repair damaged body cells, so as to maintain your overall body health.

6. Make hair become more sparkling

Fatty acids contained in boiled eggs have an excellent effect to maintain healthy hair. One of them is to make hair become more sparkling and look bright and healthy.

7. Prevent broken and broken hair

For those of you who often have damaged hair and also broken, try to consume boiled eggs regularly. The content of fatty acids and also vitamin E in boiled eggs is good to help prevent damaged hair and also broken.

8. Prevent hair loss

The benefits of boiled eggs contain vitamin A and vitamin E. Both types of these vitamins can help you to prevent hair loss.

9. Accelerate hair growth

Vitamin B12 in boiled eggs is very good to accelerate hair growth. Your hair will grow faster and also more healthy when you regularly consume boiled eggs.

10. Ability to limit the absorption of calories

Boiled eggs were able to limit the absorption of calories in the body. This is of course good for you who are running a diet program, because it can keep the calorie intake is absorbed by the body.

11. Make full longer

In addition, boiled eggs can also help you to prevent the emergence of hunger, because boiled eggs can maintain and also maintain a sense of satiety to be longer.

12. Lowering bad cholesterol

Although some statements say that eggs have high cholesterol, but it turns out the benefits of boiled eggs for health have omega 3 content is very good for lowering bad cholesterol. Omega 3 is very effective to reduce and also maintain cholesterol levels in the body.

13. Good for building muscle

Protein is one of the prima donna content of boiled eggs. Especially for those of you who are trying to increase muscle mass, boiled eggs is one of the mandatory menu for you because it is rich in proten.

14. Good for blood circulation

Boiled eggs are also very good to maintain and also can accelerate blood circulation.

15. Producing hormones and enzymes is important for the body

The proteins contained in boiled eggs have excellent benefits for producing hormones and also enzymes that are essential to your body.

16. Maintain and improve body metabolism

Boiled eggs also have high vitamin B12 content. This can help you to increase your body metabolism, which is also very good for enda who are undergoing a diet program.

17. Energy production

In addition to increase metabolism, vitamin B12 in boiled eggs also have very good benefits as one of the substances that can produce energy. This is very important for us in doing activities and activities everyday.

18. Good for bone health

Eggs contain vitamin K, phosphorus and calcium. These three substances are one of the most important substances to maintain bone health, and can prevent the appearance of disorders of the bone.

19. Prevent anemia

Anemia is a condition in which the body is deficient in blood. By eating boiled eggs, you can avoid the symptoms of anemia. Beware of symptoms such as 5L (fatigue, fatigue, weakness, lethargy, and weakness) and often not eager in the move.

20. Control appetite

The benefits of boiled eggs for the diet is also good for controlling your appetite, so you do not overeat.

21. Good for eye health

Boiled eggs contain keretinoid. This substance is very good for maintaining the health of your eyes, and prevent the appearance of myopic symptoms in the eyes.

22. Good for nail health

Boiled eggs also have excellent benefits for maintaining healthy nails. Your nails will look brighter and also look clean.

23. Maintain body endurance

Boiled eggs have lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential to help keep your immune system. This will cause you to become more difficult to get infected with various types of diseases.

24. Antioxidants

The benefits of boiled eggs for health can serve as antioxidants that can counteract free radicals. In addition to maintaining endurance, antioxidants are also good for preventing premature aging and also cancer and damage to skin cells.

25. Prevents blood clotting

Another benefit of boiled eggs is being able to help prevent clotting and also blood clots. Blood clots that occur in the blood vessels is one cause of stroke and also various other chronic diseases, such as heart attacks.

26. Prevent breast cancer

Women, and jug apria certainly can avoid the risk of breast cancer by eating boiled eggs regularly.

27. Helps lose weight

Apparently, boiled eggs are also very good to help you lose weight. That's why boiled eggs is one of the mandatory menu for those of you who are running a diet program.

28. Helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's is one type of disease that is regenerative, which appears as berkambanya age. With regular boiled egg consumption, you can prevent the onset of the disease.

29. Maintain healthy skin

Your skin's health will be well preserved if you consume boiled eggs regularly and also regularly, because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals are very important for your skin health.

30. Can repair cell body damage.

Benefits of the last poached eggs are boiled eggs able to repair damage to body cells.

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Top Health Benefits of Half Boiled Eggs - That's the efficacy of a boiled egg that you must know, for those who do not know the benefits of this extraordinary food. Hopefully this article useful and useful for you all.