34 Top Benefits of Bombay Onions For Health

Top Benefits of Bombay Onions For Health - Onions have been known only as cooking spices, while others have not known what the benefits of onions are. Onion is a large onion. Onion is not produced in Indonesia, but based on the name of onion comes from India. Onion is like onion, has a layered shape and has a spicy flavor.

Top Benefits of Bombay Onions For Health
When we slice it, not infrequently our eyes will water because of its hot and spicy effect. Onions are often created with a variety of foods whose raw ingredients are onions. Onion rings are one of the kriuk foods made from onions. The price of onions is more expensive than onions.

The characteristics of onions

Specifically, onions have a characteristic such as onion. The only difference is the size and color of the flesh. Here are the characteristics of bvawang bombay:

  1. Size - The size of the onion has a larger size compared to the onion, whereas the red onion has a smaller shape.
  2. Meat - For meat, the color of white onion bambay while red onion mmeiliki red meat color and a bit purplish.
  3. Odor - Onions have a more distinctive odor that adds to the savory aroma of cooking seasoning with onions.
  4. Breeding - Onions can breed with flowers. This flower is at the end of the stem. Similar to bulbs.

Content in onions

Benefits of bombay onions have a wide variety of substances, which have a wide variety of types. No wonder if consuming onions can be used as health. Here are the various substances or nutrients contained in the onion:

  1. Ash
  2. Phosphor
  3. Potassium
  4. Calories
  5. Calcium
  6. Fiber
  7. Fat
  8. Protein
  9. Carbohydrate
  10. Sodium
  11. Iron
  12. Water
  13. Vitamin A
  14. Vitamin B2
  15. Vitamin C
  16. Niacin.

Onions have a wide range of health benefits. The benefits are many that are not known by many people. Here are the various benefits of onion for health that have not been widely known by people:

Top Benefits of Bombay Onions For Health

1. Ward off Free Radicals

Onions are rich in antioxidant benefits that can be used to counteract free radicals. Free radicals affect bad health, free radicals can affect health and also affect the skin health.

2. Improving the Body's Immune System

The content of the benefits of vitamin C in the onion can be used to improve the body's immune system. If the body system increases then the body will be protected from various diseases that want to enter the body.

3. Suppressing Sinogenic Effects

Sinogenic is the effect that can be generated from free radicals. High content of antioxidants in the benefits of onions can be used as a suppressor of the sinogenic effect.

4. Minimize the risk of colon cancer

Colon cancer is a colon cancer and the efficacy of onions can prevent us from the risk of colon cancer. That's because in the onion there is a high fiber content that can cleanse the intestines and digestion.

5. Preventing Constipation

One of the benefits of onion for health is to prevent constipation. Constipation can be prevented by using fiber-rich onions. The benefits of fiber in onions more than in the benefits of onion.

6. Anti Virus

The content of niacin present in onions can be used as an anti virus. Niacin can be useful in preventing various diseases caused by viruses, such as flu or cold and influenza.

7. Treating Worm Disease

Consuming onions can also be used to treat intestinal worms in children. The trick is to make onion as a food and then consume to children who suffer from intestinal worms. Other deworming can be obtained from:

8. Overcoming ulcer

Consuming onions can also be used as an ulcer drug. This is because in the benefits of onions, there are sodium content that can normalize the acid levels in the stomach stomach.

9. Strengthening Bones

Bones can be kept healthy and also density. The content of the benefits of calcium on the onion can be used as a bone booster and avoid osteoporosis.

10. Increase Hemoglobin (Hb)

Hb can be increased by consuming onions. That's because in the onion there is a high iron content benefits. So by consuming onions regularly can make the content of iron in the body to increase.

11. Overcoming Nausea

The heat and spiciness produced by onions can be used as a nausea reliever. The trick is very easy by grinding the onions and affixed to the stomach. The pungas of grated garlic can be used to overcome nausea in patients with colds.

12. Power Producer

Onions can also be used as a producer of energy, fat content and the benefits of carbohydrates in the onion can produce power. When you consume onions can make your body more energetic throughout the day.

13. Strengthening Teeth

The content of calcium in the benefits of onions not only strengthen the bones, but also can be used to strengthen the teeth. Porous teeth will break easily and easily apart from the gums. Other nourishing natural substances are also present in:

14. Treating Anemia

The iron content in the onion can also be used as an anemia treatment. That's because in the onion there is iron in it.

15. Increase Memory

Various kinds of vitamins present in the onion are useful to remind the brain's memory. If memory increases then the brain will avoid dementia and various other brain diseases.

16. Maintaining Fluid Intake In The Body

The content of many water benefits in onions, can keep the body from lack of fluids. Liquids can make the body become dehydrated, if it is dehydrated then the body can lose concentration.

17. Avoidance of Cardiovascular Disease

The benefits of onions are also believed to prevent cardiovascular disease. That's because onions can be used as a bad cholesterol-lowering in the body. Bad cholesterol can cause various diseases in the body. Onions can be used as an HDL cholesterol enhancer, which can lower LDL cholesterol.

18. Smooth Blood Vessels

Eating onions can also be used as a blood stream in the body. That's because in onions contain lots of good calories that can be used for dilation of blood vessels. Dilation of blood vessels can make blood flow to be smoothly different from the narrowing of blood vessels. If the blood vessels are narrow, then the blood flow becomes disturbed and can cause various diseases.

19. Treating Hypertension

Onions can be used to prevent hypertension, the cause is blood vessels become wide and smooth so that blood pressure can become normal again.

20. Prevent Rupture of Liver Insulin

If the liver insulin breaks out, then the body will lack insulin. If insulin is reduced then the person will be susceptible to diabetes. The content of compounds present in the onion is useful to make the body produce a lot of insulin and quality.

21. Lowering Sugar Levels

Good insulin production and quality is beneficial to lower sugar levels in the body, so that the body will be fulfilled its insulin needs. If insulin is fulfilled, sugar levels in the body can decrease and can overcome diabetes.

22. Preventing Stomach Cancer

Consuming onions can be used as a prevention of stomach cancer. That's because the high content of antioxidants in the onion can prevent various types of cancer cells in the body, especially stomach cancer cells and also the colon.

23. Protect From Allergies

Compounds in onions can be used as protection from allergy attacks. A useful compound in allergy protection is the quercetin compound. The nature of this compound is to anti-allergy so for those of you who do not want to have allergies can consume onions.

24. Treating Inflammation

One of the benefits of onions is to treat inflammation. The cause is a quercetin compound in the onion can be used for anti-inflammatory and suitable for healing inflammation.

25. Maintain Brain Health

Brain health can be maintained using onions, the content of the benefits of B vitamins in the onion can make the brain awake nutrients every day so that the nutrient brain can perform its function properly.

26. Resistance Against Cancer

One of the benefits of onions is to fight cancer. The high antioxidants and sulfide compounds in onions are very effective to keep your body from attacking cancer cells that want to enter the body.

27. Preventing Blood Clots

Blood clots can be prevented by using onions. Sulfur content that is in the onion useful to keep the body from blood clots. Blood clots can be detrimental to health.

28. Strengthen the Body Network

Body tissue needs to be strengthened, to strengthen it can use onions. Benefits of sulfur present in onions can be used as a booster between body tissues.

29. Acne Medication

For beauty, the benefits of onions can be used as an acne treat. The trick is very easy:

  1. Blend one onion, smoothing it out by grinding it.
  2. Grated onions are affixed to acne.
  3. Let stand for 15 minutes.
  4. Do it regularly three times a day, acne can be deflated back and smaller.

30. Make Your face Blush

The content of vitamins present in the onion can make a fresh face blush. The trick is to smooth the onion and make it as a mask. The thing to remember is do not let onions on the eyes. Eyes can become irritated and red.

31. Preventing Dry Skin

The many water content in onions can be used to prevent dry skin. Dry skin can make skin peel easily. If it is peeling, the appearance will be disturbed. Skin also requires fluid intake, onion mask can be used for the prevention of dry skin.

32. Diet

For the beauty of onions can be used as a diet and made vegetable salad. High fiber benefits in it can be suitable for use diet menu for women.

33. Increase Appetite

Onions can also be used to increase appetite because of the content of the compounds in it. Benefits of onions are suitable for children who have problems with their appetite.

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34. Relieves Asthma

Top Benefits of Bombay Onions For Health - Quercetin compounds on onions can be used to relieve asthma. Research conducted by these compounds can cause the airway to become wide so that asthma can be subside and breathing becomes normal. Efficacy like this is also obtained from: