4 Surprising Benefits of Garlic for Skin

Surprising Benefits of Garlic for Skin - Garlic is known as one of the main kitchen spices, because almost every dish uses garlic. Although in a raw state many people who do not like the smell, without garlic some types of cuisine will not get a delicious taste. In addition, in some ghost stories in the West, garlic is known as a type of onion that can be used to ward off ghosts. What's interesting is, it turns out that garlic has some substance contained in it that is beneficial to the skin.

Surprising Benefits of Garlic for Skin

Surprising Benefits of Garlic for Skin

There are several benefits of garlic that you can feel on your skin. Garlic can solve some skin problems such as:

Overcoming Acne

Acne is one of the skin problems that appear in the face. Many people especially women who are very annoyed by the acne on their faces. Yes indeed because the presence of acne when touched will hurt. In addition, acne makes the minder because with the onset of acne on the face to be less canti and reduce their appearance. Acne also causes black marks on the face and these marks are hard to remove. Therefore, many women who have acne prone skin do any way to reduce acne and acne scars on their face.

Garlic may be a solution to reduce acne on the face. In addition to easy to find, garlic is also cheaper than acne medicine. Garlic has anti-bacterial content that is believed to overcome the problem of acne. Just by smoothing the garlic and smear it on acne at least 10 minutes. Then the acne will be deflated. In order to get optimal results, can be done regularly for acne completely thoroughly.

Not only acne medicine, garlic can also remove acne scars that are very disturbing appearance. Acne scars can be removed with garlic spread. The content of anti-inflammatory in garlic can effectively remove acne scars that interfere.

Eliminating blackheads

In addition to acne, blackheads also become one of the problems on facial skin. To eliminate blackheads that often interfere with appearance, garlic can also be a solution. By smoothing the garlic and smear it on the part that there are blackheads, the blackheads will disappear and the appearance tetep awake.

Overcoming Premature Aging

The content of allicin in pure garlic can increase antioxidant kadara so that it can combat free radicals that can cause skin damage. Allicin is assisted by sulfur in garlic that keeps skin elasticity. In addition, garlic also contains sulfur that serves to smooth the blood flow, so the skin looks glowing. The face looks younger and healthier so it can increase the confidence when going to travel or are interacting with the crowd.

Solving Skin Problems Caused By Mushrooms And Bacteria

The development of skin problems caused by bacteria and fungi such as ringworm and ringworm is very disturbing. The itching caused disruption while being with many people. Skin problems caused by the development of bacteria and fungi can be overcome with garlic, because garlic contains a very high antioxidant.

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Surprising Benefits of Garlic for Skin - Although garlic has a very useful properties for skin problems. However, many people are reluctant to try it because the smell of garlic is less savory when raw. However, there may be no harm in trying this garlic herb to overcome skin problems in order to save and look for it too easy.