5 Important Vitamin A Or Retinol Benefits

Important Vitamin A Or Retinol Benefits - Vitamin A is a type of vitamin that is found in many fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A is included in a fat-soluble vitamin. Substances contained in foodstuffs that can be called as a source of vitamin A that contains retinol, retinoic acid, retinal, and beta carotene.

Important Vitamin A Or Retinol Benefits

Examples of foods containing vitamin A are carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, broccoli, apples, grapes, kiwi, fish oil, milk, cheese etc.

Vitamin A is known to have various benefits, especially to overcome or prevent diseases that affect eye health. Vitamin A has been believed to overcome eye problems.

The eye as the organ of vision in humans has a very important task for one's life, with the eyes of a person can see what is in front of him. Eye health needs to be maintained so that one day no disturbance or disease. One of the benefits of vitamin A is as a good vitamin for eye health. Here's a list of benefits of Vitamin A for eye health.

Benefits of Vitamin A for Eyes

1. Helps Eye cell metabolism

In general vitamin A is believed to overcome and prevent eye disorders. Vitamin A itself has a role to help the cell metabolism in the eye precisely the part of the retina (the retina of the part that regulates dark light on the eyes). So the eyes get enough nutrient intake to help in the process of working eye cells. Vitamin A is also as an intake of nutritional supplements eye health.

2. help prevent cataracts

Consuming foods with adequate levels of vitamin A (not excessive) can help the eyes to counteract free radicals that may attack the eye cells so that in the long term can prevent cataracts, cataracts biasnaya suffered by someone who entered elderly (elderly) but did not rule out a person The younger suffer from cataracts due to vitamin A deficiency and the risk of disease associated with retinal cells of the eye.

3. Helps reduce the risk of eye minus

Minus eye is a disorder in the eyes that can not see objects with long distances, so need the help of optical devices such as glasses amupun contact lenses. By diligently consume foods that contain enough vitamin A can at least reduce the risk of eye minus and suitable as a companion therapy to reduce the minus the eye.

4. Moisturize the eyes and prevent the risk of eye dryness

Dry eye disorder or usually known as conjunctival xerosis can be experienced by anyone, when it happens it's good to make the eyes moist again with the help of foods containing vitamin A. Vitamin A will help the existing mucous membrane work in the eye This is related With the benefits of vitamin A is very potential to maintain moisture and eye health. (Also read: benefits of vitamin e - watermelon fruit benefits)

5. Preventing the risk of night blindness

Vitamin A which is a nutrient for the eyes can be useful as a substance that supports the retina work process. Retina that serves to regulate the bright light that comes into the eye, With healthy retina of the eyes then the night vision will be awake and not experience night blindness. (Read also: vitamin C benefits)

Vitamin A in general has the benefit as a source of eye nutrition and helps in reducing the risk of diseases associated with visual organs. A good organ of vision is characterized by its healthy appearance and good working ability. In the eyes marked with a fresh vision does not experience the opacity in seeing and can see within a certain distance well. At night the object seen is noticeable and there is no occurrence in the night view. (Read Also: the benefits of honey - the benefits of honey for the skin)

Eye health should be maintained one of them by sufficient intake of nutrients by consuming foods containing Vitamin A. Foods that contain vitamin A a lot in everyday life and most be excellent are carrots. Eating This is very important to do to realize good vision. (Read Also: the benefits of star fruit for health and beauty - the benefits of lime)

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Important Vitamin A Or Retinol Benefits
- Not forgetting the provision or consumption of vitamin A will be very beneficial when done regularly with a portion of adequate and not excessive because if excessive akna bring bad consequences.