8 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Water For Hair

Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Water For Hair - Coconut is the kind of plant that many of us meet in our country. The plants can flourish in yards, gardens, fields, forests, by the beach and in other places. Almost every part of the plant can we use, one of which is the fruit. Yes, coconut fruit is usually used as an ingredient in various types of culinary preparations, either made into coconut milk or processed into coconut oil.

Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Water For Hair

What are the benefits that can be obtained from hair care using coconut? Here's the review:

Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Water For Hair

1. Overcoming hair dry and damaged

Coconut fruit that has been extracted into coconut oil otherwise free of chemicals contained in hair care products are widely circulated in the market. One of the nutrients contained in coconut oil is protein. When the protein content in our hair begins to decrease, then the condition can cause dry hair and also damaged. The way of application of coconut oil is to be used as a safe conditioner used by all ages.

Tips for its use:
After shampooing with shampoo, apply coconut oil on the stem and tip of the hair, then proceed with rub it on the scalp. Cover your head with a shower cup and let stand for + - 1 to 2 hours or overnight. After that, wash your hair using shampoo.

For hair that has been damaged, the application of coconut oil can be added with a few drops of sandalwood oil or essential oil geranium. The function of this essential oil is to improve the hair moisture as well as provide a soothing effect.

2. Helps hair growth

If you have hair problems like thinning hair need not worry, because coconut can help you overcome the problem, where coconut oil can help improve blood circulation in the scalp so it can grow hair, long, and thick. Natural nutritional content such as lauric acid present in coconut oil can penetrate the hair shaft so as to improve overall hair health.

Tips for use:
Scalp massage using coconut oil for + - 10 minutes. You can do these activities 3 to 4 times a week. After that, cover your head with a shower cup. The final step is to clean your hair using shampoo. In this therapy, you can add essential oil rosemarry which is believed to improve blood circulation in the scalp and can support the growth of new hair more than 20%.

3. Overcoming hair loss

In fact, in addition to being used in a variety of processed foods, the use of coconut oil for hair care has been ongoing since ancient days. And one of the benefits that can be obtained is to help overcome hair loss.

Tips for use:
Simply apply a herb made from sage leaves boiled in coconut oil. This therapy can make hair become healthier and overcome the loss of hair.

In addition, another way to treat hair loss is by applying a mixture of coconut oil with lime on your hair.

4. Overcoming dandruff problems

Dandruff is one of the problems that often affects our hair. Besides the itching caused, dandruff can also interfere with our appearance. This condition can be caused by several things such as dry scalp, malassezia fungal infections such as yeast, and scalp sensitivity to the chemicals contained in the hair care products we use. Coconut fruit that has been extracted into coconut oil contains lauric acid and capric acid that serves as antiviral, antimokroba, and antifungal. That is, by applying coconut oil on the scalp we will be able to help kill bacteria and viruses that hide in our scalp.

Tips for use:
After washing your hair, do a scalp massage using coconut oil + - 2 teaspoons that have been mixed with a few drops of essential oil (can be lavender, tyme, wintergreen, or a combination). After that, tutp your head by using shower cup for + - 20 to 30 minutes or overnight to increase the heat on the scalp. Finish by rinsing your hair using shampoo.

5. Facilitate hair styling

The use of tools such as a hairdryer, curling hair, or other hair equipment can reduce the moisture of the hair shaft, making the hair brittle and tangle-free. To overcome this, try to apply coconut oil that is proven to be free of the chemicals commonly found in hair care products.

Tips for use:
Apply or apply coconut oil (according to hair needs) on your hair. Although this will take a longer time in the drying process, but the results obtained are soft, shiny, and easy to manage.

6. Protect hair from exposure to sunlight

Similar to the scalp, hair is also very susceptible to damage due to sunlight. But, coconut oil can help overcome your anxiety will arise the problem, because in this case coconut oil can be used as a sunblock containing SPF 8 and safe to use for all ages.

Tips for use:

You simply apply coconut oil (as needed) as a conditioner on the hair before the activity in the sun.

7. Overcoming the problem of hair lice

This is one of the best uses of coconut oil, which can help treat and prevent the appearance of hair lice. Several studies have shown results that the use of coconut oil as a treatment therapy and prevention of lice is more effective than conventional medicine use. In addition, this therapy is also considered more safe, especially for children and not cause serious side effects such as the occurrence of irritation.

Tips for use:
Apply a coconut oil mixture with a few drops of essential oil to massage your scalp. Next cover your head with a shower cup and let stand for + - 2 hours. Do a hair sweep before you rinse your hair with shampoo. After the hair is cleaned, spray a mixture of apple vinegar and water on your scalp and hair and do light massage. After that, rinse back your hair using shampoo. Do this therapy as often as possible.

8. Provide cool effects on the hair

The application of coconut oil on the scalp and hair also has a cooling effect, so for those who feel a hot scalp or for those who have frequent sweaty scalp disorders can try therapy using coconut oil.

Tips for use:

Apply coconut oil on the scalp and hair at night then let sit overnight. The next day, rinse or wash your hair with shampoo.

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Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Water For Hair - The application of oil extracted from coconut to hair and scalp is the best way for you to avoid the side effects of harmful chemicals contained in hair care products on the market.