9 Health Benefits Of Chili

Health Benefits Of Chili - Chili is commonly known as flavor cooking on you who like the taste spicy. Chili plants are found in every home. This is because the pepper plant is quite easy to plant and does not require many places. Chili is of course as one of the natural ingredients that produce red color and spicy flavor in cooking. Although chili is often associated with abdominal disturbances, but actually chili saves a very useful benefits for the body.

Health Benefits Of Chili

Health Benefits Of Chili

Chili has a content that can support health for those who eat it. One of the best chili-based substances is capsicin, capsicidin, vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin C is also rich in chili, just like the benefits of oranges, the benefits of lemon, the benefits of wine known as a source of vitamin C.

Here are some of the benefits of good chili consumed by us:

Improve immunity

The bright red color of chili is a signal of high content of beta carotene or pro vitamin A. With just two teaspoons of red pepper, it gives about 6% of the daily value for vitamin C. In addition, coupled with more than 10% of the daily value of vitamin A. Vitamins A Often called anti-infective and very important for healthy mucous membranes, which line the nasal passages, lungs, digestive tract and urinary tract that serves as the body's defense against pathogens.

Lose weight

Recent medical research has shown that the content of capsaicin, dihydrocapsiate, helps increase energy expenditure for several hours after the consumption of chili foods. In addition, the satiety provided, technically helps the body stay in a weight-loss plan to reduce overall caloric intake.

Overcoming diarrhea

High insulin levels are directly related to the onset of type 2 diabetes. This can actually be overcome by inserting 24% of the chili regularly into the food. Peptides also encourage the liver to be more capable of excess insulin in the presence of chili.

Healthful digestion

We all often hear complaints that spicy food will upset the stomach or because it makes heartburn. In fact, many studies have proven that spicy chilli can actually prevent chronic gastrointestinal disorders, kill the bacteria that cause peptic ulcers, trigger bowel peristaltic function and not even cause acid reflux disease. The benefits of chili contain capsicin which is able to stimulate microorganisms both on the digestion of increased absorption of nutrients for the source of metabolism.

Relieves pain

Topical capsaicin is now a recognized treatment option for osteoarthritis pain. Some evaluation studies relieve pain seems to list the benefits of topical capsaicin to reduce the pain associated with disabling this condition.

Stopping the spread of prostate cancer

Capsaicin chili is a compound responsible for stopping the spread of prostate cancer cells through various mechanisms. A study published in March 15, 2006, Capsaicin kills both major types of prostate cancer cells and stimulates the growth of male hormones so as not to be affected.

Relieves headaches

Among the many successful clinical trials that have been performed, capsaicin packed in Zostrix cream has proven zap pain triggered by cluster headaches by blocking P neuropeptides. The brain (which transmits the familiar old 'ouch' feeling) - especially when applied in the two nostrils Times a day.

Reduce body aches

In chili there is a compound capsisikol that gives a natural warm feeling of chili. This privilege that can help for people suffering from severe labor. This makes chili, made into a drug in the form of patches that allows us to benefit from chili.

Smooth digestion

Capsaicin not only relieves pain, but hot and spicy flavor also stimulates secretions that help clear the mucus from the nose and overcome the shortness of the lungs.

Health Risks On Chili

The chili contains capsaicin, which gives it a strong spicy strong character. Capsaicin when eaten in excess will cause severe irritation and thermal sensation to the mouth, tongue and throat.

Capsaicin in chili initially brings about localized inflammation after contact with the fine mucous membranes in the oral cavity, throat and stomach. Then produce a severe burning sensation that is considered as 'hot' through free nerve endings in the mucosa. The benefits of yoghurt can help reduce burning pain by diluting the concentration of capsaicin and preventing contact with the mucosal wall.

Avoid touching the eyes with pepper-contaminated fingers. Rinse eyes thoroughly with cold water to reduce irritation.

Certain chemical compounds, such as aflatoxin, are found in chilies that are known to cause stomach, liver and bowel problems.

Chili Consumption

Chili is included in the herbal food class is actually very healthy. But in its development a lot of preservation on this type of food. This actually destroys the natural content of the chili and potentially create other health problems.

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Health Benefits Of Chili - Therefore, we must be smart in choosing natural foods in fresh form. In chili itself, when consumed in people who have sensitivity to spicy foods, should be consumed within reasonable limits and not excessive. Because we should permit the benefits of chili we get well, not the side effects because of consuming too much.