Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For Skin

Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For Skin - Dragon fruit is one type of fruit that grows with trees that have karkateristik like cactus but the thorn on the tree is only a few to many called as the cactus barbaric. Dragon fruit has roots of fibers that exist in the soil and there are some roots that exist on the outside as the roots of the hanging . Dragon fruit skin has a uniform color with the contents of the fruit eg red for dragon fruit that has the contents of white and red fruit and red color for black dragon fruit. The dragon fruit skin has tassels that can be draped like dragon scales so this fruit is called the dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is a fruit that comes from the mainland Mexico began to be cultivated in the Asian region, especially in Indonesia. At the beginning of the dragon fruit in Indonesia its price is expensive and known as a fruit rich in benefits.

Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For Skin

Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For Skin

Dragon fruit is known as a fruit that has many benefits on this occasion will be peeled dragon fruit benefits for skin beauty. Here are the benefits of dragon fruit for the skin

1. Contains a good vitamin for the skin

Dragon fruit contains vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B3. These vitamins are good vitamins to nourish the skin. Similarly, the body that always needs nutritional intake, the skin as part of the outer limbs in direct contact with the outside world so it needs nutritional intake for healthy skin is always awake, so the skin looks healthy, beautiful, and smooth.

2. For masks and skin scrubs

One of the preferred skin care of women is the use of masks and scrubs to keep the beauty of the skin. Dragon fruit can be processed into the material as a mask and scrub for the skin with the correct processing of the contents of dragon fruit that has been cooked and blended until soft and soft shaped like porridge then strain the dregs from the blender. Then can be applied to the cool body parts such as face and skin throughout the body and let stand for a few minutes between 15 - 30 minutes for the efficacy of the dragon fruit awake because the dragon fruit spread into the pores of the skin. After that do not forget to clean.

3. Prevent premature aging

The skin is the outer part of the body that is susceptible to signs of premature aging. Early signs of aging are considered as a problem that can make the appearance of the skin is not beautiful because there are problems such as wrinkles etc.. One of the benefits of dragon fruit that has vitamin E content is good for skin health. Vitamin E in dragon fruit can help prevent signs of premature aging of the skin. This utilization can be done by consuming dragon fruit or by making mask or scrub with dragon fruit base material. The strongest red dragon fruit.

4. Helps deal with acne problems

Acne is a skin disorder especially on the skin of the face in the form of small red lumps and usually pain. Acne can make a person not confident with his appearance. Dragon fruit has the benefit to get rid of acne on the face, the way is quite easy that is by using dragon fruit as a face mask is applied to the facial acne with the intensity of regular use until the acne on the face is lost. The content in dragon fruit that has a share in overcoming the problem of acne is vitamin C. Vitamin C is known as a vitamin as well as natural antioxidants can help cure acne on the face.

5. Protect the skin

Dragon fruit can be processed into a lotion to protect the skin. The dragon fruit is extracted and then applied to the skin part of the body can be a face or part of the skin that can want to be protected from the sun when outside the home. Once applied to the skin should be silenced first for the efficacy of dragon fruit dai seep into the skin after it was cleaned. This use is devoted to protect the skin from the dangers of UV rays by using dragon fruit lotion that is natural and good for the body.

6. Brighten the skin

Bright skin is the dream of women because the bright skin is a symbol of healthy skin is well groomed. Dragon fruit has benefits that can help skin look brighter because it contains vitamin b3. Bright skin can be done with routine maintenance using dragon fruit base material. Dragon fruit has a property to brighten the skin by dragon fruit process into a scrub or mask is most of the benefits of dragon fruit for skin health is obtained in addition to consumed can also process dragon fruit into a mask or body scrub for the body.

7. Helps skin regeneration

Masks from dragon fruit have excellent benefits for skin regeneration process. Skin regeneration process is the process of turning dead skin cells with new skin cells. The regeneration process of skin cells will cause the rejuvenation of skin cells that can make skin look more fresh and healthy. Dragon fruit can help the skin cell regeneration process to optimize. The form of dragon fruit masker is considered effective to help regenerate skin cells especially on the face.

8. Helps recovery of sunburned skin

Activity outside the room especially the activity under the sun sometimes make an effect that is not good for the skin especially sensitive skin types. One of the effects of too long activities under the sun is the burning skin, the form of burning skin is red skin even very red and hot to the characteristics of brown skin will look red with a mixture of dark brown. One of the benefits of dragon fruit is that it can help the recovery of sunburned skin by processing into a lotion / mask mixed with extra cucumber or honey. Preparations can be applied to the skin burned.

9. Helps moisturize the skin

The use of dragon fruit masks has benefits that can make the skin moist and overcome dry skin. Besides consuming dragon fruit also helps maintain skin health from within. Treatment to moisturize the skin will be effective if done regularly and regularly.

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Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For Skin - Of the several benefits above dragon fruit in addition tasty and nutritious if consumed daily - also has great benefits for skin beauty.