Health Benefits of Vitamin C and Best Natural Sources

Health Benefits of Vitamin C and Best Natural Sources - The benefits of vitamin C for the health of the body is very important, without it will be very difficult to maintain a healthy body. In every food there must contain various nutrients in it. Nutrition is certainly included with the vitamin in it. There are various types of Vitamins in these foods, generally vegetables and fruits, of course, Vitamins such as Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. Each Vitamin has its own source and has Benefits and consequences of each if our body suffers from Vitamin deficiency.

Health Benefits of Vitamin C and Best Natural Sources
Above, we are already talking about some types of fruits that contain high levels of Vitamin C, and know little benefit and function of the fruit in general. Here we will do a detailed description of the benefits of Vitamin C in general to our body. The function of Vitamin C in general is to help the body to control all the organs of the body in order to remain stable and have a good immune system.

Health Benefits of Vitamin C and Best Natural Sources

1. Become a disease-preventing medication and fight cancer cells

Against cancerous substances is one of the main benefits of Vitamin C itself. Vitamin C is asked as a vitamin substance that is toxic to cancer. Vitamin C is a vitamin that works to increase human body power, then cancer cells will not be able to grow if our immune system awake.

2. Fixed skin cell tissue

Vitamin C is a vitamin containing antioxidant substances also in it. This antioxidant substance is needed by human skin health in general. Antioxidant itself is a substance that serves to eliminate or counteract free radical substances that exist on our skin. Free radicals themselves are substances that arise from excessive sun exposure, the number of foods containing toxin, and air pollution. In addition, Vitamin C can help inhibit cells that are a sign of aging and can prevent premature aging.

3. Improve mood

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to mood instability in a person. In general, if a person has a tendency towards a deficiency of Vitamin C then the person will become an easily worried and quickly agitated.

4. Reduce the risk of heart attack

Vitamin C can help prevent the occurrence of heart attacks because when the content of Vitamin C increased or stable then the arteries in the heart will not thicken by itself. The thickened artery blood vessels are the main cause of heart attack.

5. Prevent the rise in blood pressure

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C can help control blood pressure in our body. Given the level of stability of our blood pressure, the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension, low blood or anemia, and stroke and diseases caused by blood pressure instability will decrease.

6. Improving eye health

Who says only Vitamin A is important for eye health? Vitamin C also takes part in maintaining eye health. Vitamin C can prevent the occurrence of eye disease increased cataracts, as well as other eye diseases, such as nearsightedness and eye tumors.

7. Reduce complications of colds

Although the benefits of vitamin C can not cure colds, but some studies have revealed that vitamin C is able to prevent colds become more serious complications (source: webmd). This can help prevent chronic colds that can cause lung infection.

8. Prevent stroke

Many people who do not know that vitamin C is also highly positive correlates to prevent stroke. Research has revealed that people with enough vitamin C in their blood can suppress 42% lower stroke (Source webmd).

9. Prevent premature aging

Vitamin C is very important for the skin and it is already very popular in the world of beauty, especially women. Vitamin C is essential for cell cells inside or outside the body that can help prevent premature aging. In research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition we quote from webmd to examine the relationship between vitamin C intake with skin aging in 4025 women aged 40-74. The results are amazing that they have a lower risk of wrinkles, skin dryness, and skin aging that is a scourge for every woman.

Benefits of Vitamin C Also believed to work for a variety of other body health such as:

  1. Prevent heart disease
  2. Prevents macular degeneration
  3. Reduce the risk of cancer
  4. And reduce the risk of other cardiovascular diseases.

Foods that are the source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is the most widely contained vitamin in every fruit or vegetable available. Many people know that citrus fruits are the main and well-known source of Vitamin C, but there are many more both fruits and vegetables that are the source of Vitamin C itself.

Here are some kinds of vegetables and fruits that become sources of food containing Vitamin C, among others:

Apparently, the content of Vitamin C in guava fruit 2 times more than oranges. Guava fruit, not only contains a lot of Vitamin C, but also has other benefits such as losing weight naturally, treat facial skin to prevent acne, lower cholesterol in the blood, and very powerful in stopping diarrhea. Currently it can be said that guava is the fruit with the highest Vitamin C levels that have been found.

Vitamin C content contained in kiwi fruit, was comparable with the amount of Vitamin C contained in guava fruit. In addition to being included in one of the fruits that contain the highest Vitamin C content, kiwi fruit is also a cure for various diseases such as to prevent a person's risk of having heart disease, hypertension or high blood, and to maintain stamina or endurance. Kiwi fruit is also good for maintaining healthy skin and high nutritional content causes this fruit is recommended for consumption by pregnant women.


Other fruits that contain vitamin C with a high enough content is the fruit kelengkeng. Fruit kelengkeng turned out to have a special benefit that is treating insomnia. There are things to note from this fruit is the effects of addiction ditakaranya, so we must have self control so that we can limit the amount of consumption will this fruit.

Broccoli is one type of green vegetables are often consumed by the people of Indonesia. Broccoli has high levels of Vitamin C. Broccoli has the property of being one of the vegetables that can prevent cancer, detoxification, prevent diseases caused by stomach leh disorders, and prevent the occurrence of heart attack disease. In addition, broccoli is very good for skin health and prevent anemia.

Vitamin C content in strawberry fruit is not too high then we need to eat at least 8 pieces of strawberry to be able to meet the needs of Vitamin C in our body. Strawberry turned out to have properties can help the process of teeth whitening and prevent canker sores. And, other properties are strawberries can also help treat acne. However, we must be careful, because the strawberry taste is sour and sweet as sweet as we imagine in general.

Tomatoes are vegetables that are sometimes mistaken to become part of the fruits. It turns out that tomatoes have a fairly high content of its vitamin C content in these vegetables. Because of the high content of Vitamin C in tomato vegetables, the tomatoes are very nutritious to prevent the growth and rise of cancer cells in the body and can help improve the health of our eyes.

Chili is one vegetable that has high levels of vitamin C. Spice cook this one also didaulat as cooking spice with levels of Vitamin C is very high. Therefore, chili is highly recommended for patients canker sores because it is very effective in curing canker sores.

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Health Benefits of Vitamin C and Best Natural Sources
- Benefits of vitamin C you can get from the 7 main sources of foods containing vitamin C above, consuming these foods will increase the vitamin C requirement of our body to stay healthy and strong.