The Health Benefits of Vitamin D

The Health Benefits of Vitamin D - Many of the functions you can get from vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K. All of these vitamins are mostly contained in the food in the form of vegetables and fruits, which you usually consume everyday. One of the vitamins your body needs Is vitamin D. The benefits of vitamin D are very much for you.

In general you probably already know that vitamin D serves as the formation of bones and teeth mansia for better and stronger. Vitamin D can be found in foods, such as tuna, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, fish oil, broccoli, and other green vegetables. In fact, the morning sun also contains vitamin D is needed by the body. The move was justified because morning sunlight is good for bone growth especially for toddlers (under three years). However, it should be known not to dry above 8 o'clock because the sting is getting hot. And toddlers are dried in about 30 minutes and do not be too long because the skin function is not perfect.

That is one of the benefits of vitamin D. Here are some other benefits of vitamin D that you can know.

The Health Benefits of Vitamin D

1. Maintain your immune

You need to know that the benefits of vitamin D, ie there is an active molecule content called calcitriol. Its function for the body's metabolism, which helps the absorption of calcium into the bones and muscles. In addition, calcitriol acts as an immuno modulator that helps maintain the human immune system. Therefore, you who do not want to suffer from illness would be good to consume foods, such as green vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamin D. It aims to keep your body healthy and not susceptible to disease. Some minor illnesses, such as fever, flu, colds, headaches, or colds will rarely attack your body because it is protected by vitamin D in the body.

2. Prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the diseases that became a frightening specter for all women. This disease attacks one of the body organs of a woman who is very proud and as an attraction, the breast. Usually, cancer cells attack only one part of the breast only. However, it is possible to attack a pair of female breasts because cancer cells are growing rapidly. If already in a severe advanced stage, will be operated by lifting the cancer cells along with the breasts as well. It's certainly not what you want, right?

But do not worry, because according to research by consuming foods that contain lots of vitamin D can inhibit the multiplication of cancer cells in the breast. That way, you can prevent and avoid the dangerous breast cancer. The benefits of vitamin D can be obtained from a variety of natural foods, such as green vegetables and fruits that are easily found and bought in traditional markets or supermarkets. If necessary, you can take vitamin D supplements are sold freely in pharmacies, but you should consult a doctor first to be more secure.

3. Rejuvenate your skin

You can consume natural food intake containing vitamin D, such as fish, eggs, and margarine. By eating foods that contain vitamin D regularly means the supply of these vitamins in the body can be maintained. The positive result, which is to help the rejuvenation of skin cells of your body. That way, your body skin is healthier and look fresh. Especially for vitamin D2 and D3 which can prevent skin disorders, such as psoriasis. The content of these vitamins are usually mixed in the ingredients of body care and beauty products that you usually wear. Therefore, when you buy skin beauty products, you should check first, whether vitamin D is very useful for your body skin or not. Choose vitamin D and contain lots of natural ingredients. That way, the beauty products you use help to provide vitamin D intake on your body skin.

4. Treating osteomalacia disease

Osteomalacia is a disease that can be found in human tissue. The main cause, namely the process of formation of mineral coating on human bones is not functioning normally. New bone is formed in the absence of a layer that supports it, so the bones become soft and easy to crack and break. Bone conditions like that of course very susceptible accident. Especially for those of you who move a lot outdoors. Osteomalacia is usually diidap by adults, such as hamya osteoporosis disease in the elderly.

One effective prevention for this disease is eating vitamin D supplements and supplements. But for treatment should always take vitamin D supplements on the instructions of the doctor. Because the step to consult a doctor is the right step to treat this disease. In addition, vitamin D intake from sunlight is also very helpful to cure osteomalacia.

5. Prevent rickets for children

The age of children is the time when the bone structure has grown and developed. At this age is necessary to note the intake of various foods consumed by children. Do not get just the food belly just given. While healthy foods, such as vegetables and vitamins are forgotten by parents. Therefore, multiply give healthful food to your child.

One of the vitamins that is needed for children in growing and developing is vitamin D. The reason, children who lack vitamin D intake will cause rickets, ie bones that are not hard and sturdy because of lack of minerals in it, so easily broken and rapun . To prevent it, children as early as possible should be given intake of vegetables and fruits that many of its vitamin D benefits. In addition, children need to be dried in the morning sun which is very useful for bone growth.

6. Prevent osteoporosis in the elderly

Those who are elderly alias seniors should also be given a lot of vitamin D intake. That's because the older age means the decreasing function and the content of minerals and vitamins in the body. Therefore, seniors should be given vitamin D intake in the form of food and supplements. In addition, the help of sunlight in the morning is very helpful in maintaining the bones in the elderly.

With sufficient vitamin D intake for the elderly, it is expected that they will be able to do proper activities at an age that is no longer young. In addition, they are not susceptible to suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

The Health Benefits of Vitamin D - That's a bit of writing about the benefits of vitamin D that you can read. Hopefully the above article can add to your insight while making your life more healthy again.

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Food Sources Vitamin D

Vitamin D will be processed by the body when it gets sunlight, a source of vitamin D you can get from various foods below:
  1. Fatty fish: Tuna, mackerel and salmon
  2. Milk and orange juice
  3. Soy milk
  4. Cereals
  5. Beef liver
  6. Cheese
  7. Egg yolk