Top 17 Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

Health Benefits of Mint Leaves - Mint leaves is one of the foliage that has the benefits and properties are very character. Because this soothing aroma has a lot of devotees. Usefulness in addition to the addition of aroma of cuisine, as well as a type of treatment. Not to forget some cosmetics and beauty tools also take advantage of the goodness of this mint leaves themselves.

In Europe, the use of mint leaves is mixed into various dishes. Not only that, but drinks with mint flavor are also very much found.

Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

The content of mint leaves

Some of the excellent mint content for the body is an antioxidant, as well as some vitamins such as vitamins C, A, D and E which are very good for your body. Some minerals are also present in them, such as calcium and phosphorus. This content that brings a number of benefits of mint leaves, such as the following:

Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

1. Food flavor enhancer

Have you ever felt a mint perment? Well that's one application of mint leaves in the food. Actually people mix mint in cooking, aim to add characteristic and refreshing aroma.

2. Increase your appetite

Many claimed to be more addicted if the food served contains mint. The taste of this mint leaves is very menetramkan and provide a comfortable effect for the audience. So one of the goals of giving this leaf in cooking ingredients to increase the appetite is higher.

3. Aromatherapy

In medical terms, the benefits of mint leaves are good in use as aromatherapy. Usually used for patients who need calm and special relaxed feelings.

4. Overcoming pain

Mint leaves are also believed to be a remedy to overcome the pain in the body. Because the content in it is antispasmodic. This substance works very well to relax your tense muscles. So it is suitable for overcoming muscle pain in the body.

5. Good for digestion

In addition, the benefits of mint leaves for health is also good for your body's digestive system. The levels and content present in the mint have no harmful side effects. Even mint is also able to maintain the health of your body's digestive system. Because there are antioxidants and phytonutrients.

6. Overcoming fever body

One of the effects of mint leaves is to provide a refreshing coolness to the body. Despite being under the hot sun, the effects of mints are different. Even those with fever or temperature rise, usually use mint to relieve the heat.

7. As a shield for free radicals

For those of you whose lives are kept under the hot sun, more exposed to free radicals. This increases the tendency of several new diseases to emerge. One way to deflect it is to eat foods that contain antioxidants. Mint is an example.

8. Caring for oral health

Lots of bacteria that exist and nest in your mouth. For that why you are advised at least brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. Benefits of mint leaves are plants that contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory good to maintain and maintain your oral health. Even able to prevent from permanent tooth decay.

9. Reduce stress

Mint gives estraction and quiet effects for the audience. That is why mint is used as aromatarapi in the medical world. The content of antioxidants can be used against stress from outside your body. The result is your body becomes more calm and relaxed

10. Treating cough and itchy throat

Some drug stalls adopt mint as a flavor to relieve cough. Because the content in mint is also very active to cure and relieve itchy itchy throat that causes cough. This is because there are some excellent mint composition to open the cavity in the nose.

11. Relieves breathing

People who feel crowded, usually given a relievant refresher. One of the estractions used is with the benefits of mint leaves. Because there is a special content that is able to open the cavity in the respiratory nets, thus making the patient feel relieved.

12. Improving the immune system

Immunity will increase when the nutrients in your body needs are met maximally. One of the nutrients that makronutrien is very useful to maintain body immunity is vitamin. The work of vitamin C in accordance with your body portion, usually 500 mg, if fulfilled throughout the day can improve immunity.

13. Good for eye health

The content of mint also contain vitamin A. one of its functions is to maintain health and eye care. Even elderly people who experience interference or begin to be shortsighted are encouraged to continue to consume foods that contain lots of vitamin A, one of them with mint and carrots.

14. Good for bone and teeth growth

Longer bone conditions are declining, in line with age. But the way to maintain bone health is to consume foods that contain lots of calcium and phosphorus. Although in mint does not contain much calcium and phosphorus, but at least it can be a little help in terms of fulfillment.

15. Reduce the risk of cancer

Recent research revealed that mint was able to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Because the content of free radicals in the body can be neutralized with mint. One of the substances that play an active role here is an antioxidant substance.

16. Maintain healthy skin

Benefits of mint leaves have vitamin E and D content is very good for maintaining skin health. In this case, in use to help update dead skin or skin that is not good. In addition the benefits of salicylic acid are very useful in the process of replacing skin cells that have been damaged. So that the skin that grows after it becomes healthier and look fresh.

17. Overcoming allergies

Mint is very good for controlling allergic conditions on your skin. It has a substance that is able to control and kill the condition of bad bacteria and fungi. So the control of allergen flavor, itchy itchy form that arises from allergies so controlled.

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Health Benefits of Mint Leaves - The above is a form of benefit that is caused by the mint leaves. Hopefully can help. Thanks for reading….