12 Health Benefits of Omega 9

Health Benefits of Omega 9 - Fat becomes one of the food sources needed by the body. Fat can be a source of energy that keeps the body moving and full of energy. But many people who do not want to consume fat for fear of fat or become unhealthy. There are 2 common types of fats known as healthy fats and unhealthy fats.

One class of healthy fats is a type of omega 9. All types of fatty acids are composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms. The most obvious difference from different types of fatty acids is the health effects of fat and molecular configuration systems on the fat chain.

Health Benefits of Omega 9

What Is Omega 9?

Omega 9 is one type of fat from a monounsaturated fat type. Omega 9 can be obtained from outside the body, especially from various types of food. Omega 9 is an essential fatty acid that can not be produced by the body. Omega 9 has a very good role to support the body's health system, especially for the heart and maintain immunity. Omega 9 is also important to balance cholesterol levels in the body.

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Omega 9 is also known as oleic acid and is not included as an essential acid. Our body can produce omega 9 even in very small quantities. Consumption of various types of foods containing omega 3 and omega 6 can also help the body produce omega 9. So in certain conditions the body can get omega 9 and also not. Benefits of omega 9 is very important to maintain a healthy body, the following list of benefits omega 9.

Health Benefits of Omega 9

1. Lowering Cholesterol In The Body

Omega 9 is produced by the body and obtained from various types of food is beneficial to lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is the source of several types of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, hardening of the arteries and various other diseases.

Cholesterol is also included in this type of fat even though this fat is not needed by the body in large quantities so it is not good if excessive.

2. Increasing Inflammatory Response

Inflammation that occurs in the body causes some types of diseases that are triggered from inflammation. All parts of the body including blood have a risk of inflammation. But the body usually has a response to inflammation and includes anticipation of antibodies. So the benefits of omega 9 in the body will help transmit a special signal and make the body can fight disease.

3. Lowering Risk of Arterial Hardening

Hardening of the arteries is often the cause of stroke as well as other heart diseases. This disease can be caused by poor lifestyle and diet that contains a lot of bad fats. But sometimes diseases that interfere with the arteries can also be caused due to unhealthy blood vessel conditions.

Omega 9 has a very good system to prevent the buildup of plaque and hardening of the arteries and protect the body from heart disease.

4. Lowering Insulin Resistance Risk

Insulin resistance is the cause of type 1 diabetes, where the body can produce insulin but the body can not use insulin as needed. This causes some sufferers to experience insulin buildup as well as insulin deficiency. This condition will make diabetics should continue to get help injections of insulin.

Omega 9 can reduce the risk of insulin resistance because the body forms a very good reaction to normal cholesterol levels.

5. Improve immunity

The buildup of cholesterol in the body has a very bad effect, one of which is weaken the immune system. As a result, the immune system will decrease and the body easily ache. When the body has normal cholesterol levels and also a healthy heart then the immune system will be better and the body can fight various types of certain diseases.

6. Lower Cancer Risk

Cancer risks always remain elevated when the body has a lot of cholesterol. Cholesterol triggers the development of free radicals present in the body because the body's cells are unable to fight the evil cells that cause damage to healthy cells.

Benefits of omega 9 can indeed help lower the risk of cancer because the body receives the necessary cholesterol including good cholesterol. The risk of cholesterol buildup is also so low that the risk of cancer also decreases.

7. Increase Vitamin Absorption

Different types of vitamins have different functions for the body. Vitamins are needed specifically for organs primarily because it helps the development of organs and maintain organ function to be balanced.

Omega 9 helps the body in absorbing various types of vitamins that enter the body including vitamins that can not be produced by the body. Omega 9 has a very good role because it can make all kinds of vitamins needed by the body is met.

8. Maintain a Neural Response

Our nerves have a very important role, especially to provide responses in the balance of muscles, body tissues and brain. Omega 9 helps the body in maintaining nerve responses including forming good memories and brain intelligence. When compared with omega 3 and omega 6, may be omega 9 does play a smaller role, but it can support good neurological health for children to parents.

9. Preventing Stroke

Benefits of omega 9 reduces the buildup of arterial cholesterol and blood vessels. Omega 9 works by lowering bad cholesterol that quickly blocks the arteries. Arteries affected by block by cholesterol usually can not function properly and if it continues to occur then it can cause malfunction which is usually indicated by the symptoms of stroke. Parents have a greater risk of stroke due to unhealthy food consumption habits.

10. Lowering the Risk of Arthritis

Arthritis or a disease that causes severe joint pain is often the case in the elderly. The disease is also caused due to inflammation that attacks the joints. Consumption of various types of foods containing omega 9 since childhood is very good especially to prevent joint inflammation in old age.

11. Maintain Body Health

Omega 9 has a very important role to maintain body health. This is actually influenced by the various benefits associated with heart health and the nervous system. Cholesterol has increased various types of disease risks and omega 9 makes the body healthier. Therefore, the consumption of various types of foods with omega-9 content is feasible for children to parents.

Omega Food Sources 9

Omega 9 can be obtained by the body in the form of other food substances and then the body will produce omega 9. Consumption of various types of foods containing omega 9 is still recommended because of the benefits of omega 9 is very complete, especially for the protection of heart and body health.

Some foods containing omega 9 are as follows:
  1. Avocado
  2. Canola Oil
  3. Cashew nut
  4. Almond nut
  5. Pistachio Nuts
  6. Olive oil
  7. Chia Seed Oil
  8. Kuaci Sun Beans
  9. Peanuts
  10. Macadamia Nuts
To get the full benefits of these different types of foods, it is advisable to consume fresh foods. Avoid storing all types of foods with high omega 9 content in hot places, and better if you store them in the refrigerator.

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Health Benefits of Omega 9 - This is because the benefits of omega 9 contained in seeds and nuts easily damaged. In addition it is advisable not to consume various types of food sources of omega 9 along with types of saturated fats such as red meat.