15 Amazing Health Benefits of Noni

Amazing Health Benefits of Noni - Noni leaf has become one of the plants to treat complaints of various health problems. Since long ago many people who planted this tree mengkudu to be taken advantage. The benefits of noni fruit has been popular as a remedy for various diseases but actually the benefits of noni leaf is not less great than the fruit. Noni fruit does have unique characteristics, but this plant has many benefits. Moreover on the leaf is good for skin care, even for health. Read more, reviewed in this article.

Amazing Health Benefits of Noni

Amazing Health Benefits of Noni

Benefits of Noni Leaf To Overcome Acne Stone

The use of noni leaves to remove acne stone will be made into a natural herb. Making it quite easy to practice, here's how to manufacture:
  1. Use the leaves mengkudu who are tree dipucuk then wash clean
  2. Finely mash the leaves with the added benefit of olive oil to taste and a little salt
  3. Mix the ingredients together and prepare them for use
  4. Before use, remove pus acne by squeezing pimples using fingers do not use nails.
  5. Lighten your face with warm water and then dry
  6. Put a concoction on acne that has been removed pus
  7. Wait a few moments for the ingredients to seep on the skin
  8. Clean your face after the process of absorbing the herb to skin done
Perform maintenance on a regular basis until the acne scars disappear from the face. Good luck…

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Leaf Noni Content To Overcome Acne

Who would have thought if the plant mengkudu proved to provide health benefits and beauty. Noni fruit itself is known as a natural plant, and the benefits of mengkudu itself is able to prevent symptoms of cancer by fighting abnormal cells that develop in the body. Well, more surprising again, it turns out the leaves are able to overcome stubborn stubborn pimples. Natural content contained in the leaves mengkudu is very powerful against the germs that cause acne. Here are:

  1. Colopetin overcomes inflammation in acne and is a prevention of allergies
  2. Anti-bacterial substances mengkudu leaves, weakened acne-causing germs.
  3. The terpenoid contents provide recovery of skin cells that have been damaged due to acne
  4. Skin rejuvenation affected by acne stone uses the content of the substance terpenes leaves mengkudu

This combination of good content provides both healing and recovery of the facial skin.

Benefits of Noni Leaf For Tea

The Noni Tea is an herbal remedy derived from mengkudu, this small bush or small tree is also known as Great Morinda or Mulberry India. mengkudu native to Southeast Asia and produce fruit throughout the year, growing along rocky beaches and forests. Tea nmengkudu using large leaves, fruit, seeds, roots and bark, according to CrazyforTea.com.

But the body can reap some health benefits by drinking tea made from the leaves of mengkudu, here are:

1. Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention can be done by drinking mengkudu tea, according to Sunfoods.com. The compounds found in them, can boost the immune system and help fight cancer by stimulating white blood cells. In addition, a compound called xeronine found in noni improves the health of cell structure and regeneration.

The American Cancer Society reports that there is no scientific evidence available to support such claims yet, some research studies show a correlation between compounds in mengkudu, against the formation of cancerous tumors.

2. Skin health

Tea mengkudu where a mixture of leaves and fruit are made, contains antioxidants, such as selenium, which increases skin elasticity and promote skin health. The National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, shows that selenium combines with proteins in the body to make selenoproteins.

This can prevent free radical damage to cells, including the cells contained in the facial skin. But there is no direct scientific evidence to prove the existence of noni's health for skin health.

3. Improve digestion

The benefits of Noni leaf stew include to improve digestion, according to Sunfoods.com. The Canadian Consumer Health Organization reports that the Noni fruit extract triggers the serotonin receptor, an antiter found in your brain and the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Noni - Serotonin regulates digestion and regulates the way food is digested in need, so it is beneficial for the treatment of indigestion such as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, worms or food poisoning.