15 Health Benefits Of Cloves

Health Benefits Of Cloves - Benefits of cloves as plant pharmacies live for the problems of various diseases, is no doubt the truth, it is a very common secret of cloves are very powerful for toothache. As a kind of abundant plant in Asia, cloves become a mandatory spice for a variety of Asian specialties. The nature of warm cloves is often used for the manufacture of various beverages, but actually what is the benefit of consuming cloves? As a natural herb of cloves are also useful as well as benefits of turmeric or any benefits of ginger is good for health. Here are:

Health Benefits Of Cloves

Health Benefits Of Cloves

1. Helping to Treat Dentistry

Clove oil has been used for centuries to treat toothache. The way is quite easy that is by placing / applying clove oil on the hole where toothache. The results are very remarkable, the content of substances contained in the clove is believed to have very potent antibiotic properties in killing bacteria.

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2. Preventing Inflammation

Various active substances such as flavanoids are found in native clove oil. Flavanoid works with anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce the inflammation of rheumatic diseases for example. The warm taste can also be an expectorant to treat various conditions of respiratory disorders.

3. Overcome nausea and Vomiting

Cloves have a variety of very powerful content to overcome nausea and vomiting, in addition to cloves, oil is also effective to overcome complaints of nausea and vomiting.

4. Improve the digestive system

Cloves help to relax the smooth lining of the gastrointestinal tract, so they help relieve vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal gas and stomach upset. However, its use should be considered because they have a substance that is strong enough so that it can irritate the stomach.

5. Overcoming colds

If you have a cold, it's good to mix clove oil with honey and drink it once or twice a day to give a warm effect. Additionally, applying the oil on the nose can also help relieve colds.

Keep the body warm

Clove is one of the herbs that can keep the body to stay warm either if chewed directly or by applying the oil on the cold body is also very effective to give a sense of warmth.

7. Overcoming Sinusitis

There are various studies that link the benefits of cloves with sinusitis problems. How to use is to use clove powder and put it on the inside of the nose.

8. Healthy heart

It has been a long time that heart disease is a frightening specter of the world's population. Eugenol content on cloves serves to prevent clots in the blood that prevents the occurrence of heart disease and stroke.

9. Relieves cough

Chewing the cloves can cure the cough caused by the itching in the throat. It may be a bit bitter and bitter, but the chemical content in the cloves is a natural expectorant that thins the sputum.

10. Relieve respiratory tract infections

Cloves have a variety of antioxidants and various substances that can relieve pain and kill germs that cause respiratory tract infections.

Cloves For Leather

The benefits of cloves are also very good to help skin beauty problems and provide important effects for the long term.

11. Overcoming Acne

Clove oil is one of the herbs from various studies turned out to benefit very effective clove oil to remove acne. The trick is very easy by applying it on the acne area. The possibility of acne scattered on the face may be eliminated by killing bacteria with the help of antimicrobial properties of clove oil.

12. Removes stains and streaks on the skin

Clove oil is one of the important herbs to remove stains and strokes on the skin caused by injuries or other causes. This oil can help make the skin softer so it does not look bad if exposed to strokes.

13. Source of antioxidants

The essential oils of cloves are rich in minerals, such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A and C. Very rare oil-shaped herbs have properties that can have good antioxidants to keep skin and facial health.

Cloves For Hair

14. Conditioner

Clove oil can be used as a conditioner to correct various problems of hair such as blackening, fixing dry hair and so on.

15. Prevent Hair Loss

Clove oil can also help prevent hair from loss that can cause kebotokan, very easy way is to apply it on the scalp 5-15 minutes ago in rinse clean.

Clove As a Toothache Drug

It has long been a benefit of cloves is taken for the use of toothache medicines, especially clove oil. Clove oil (Eugenia aromatica) can be produced from distillation of clove powder, clove stem oil, and clove leaf oil. Doctors have suggested the use of this clove oil for dental pain relief as an analgesic.

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How to use it

Health Benefits Of Cloves - Overcoming toothache, cavities are clogged with cotton that has been dripped with clove oil. Or, 10 grains of cloves roasted until smooth, then finely ground, put in the hole of a tooth sufficiently, then covered with cotton. Do it twice a day.