18 Health Benefits of Rice

Health Benefits of Rice - The benefits of white rice for health are mainly sources of carbohydrates that generate energy for activity. Indonesia became one of the country's rice barns that produce quality rice. These factors make rice self-sufficiency, which creates rice as the staple food of most Indonesians. Can not be denied, there are many myths heard about rice that trigger symptoms of diabetes in most people. But whether sebahayakah it rice, let us discuss in this article.

Health Benefits of Rice

Health Benefits of Rice

If we talk about the benefits of white rice for the health of the body then one of the most important things is the source of energy for humans.

1. Energy Sources

Rice is a staple food that is very important for the human body, no wonder many of the world's population is basically rice food. The content of carbohydrates and calories in rice is an irreplaceable source of energy. It is a great source of energy for the body.

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2. Supports human growth from infant to old

As a staple food, rice is the main source to support human growth. Starting from infants to parents supported by rice growth. The content of substances and minerals in the rice, making it the best source to help human growth and become staple food until old age later.

3. Improve the good mood

Serotonin is a compound that causes feelings of pleasure in the brain, carbohydrate content can boost it. This is also shown in the study, a person who undergoes a daily diet with the consumption of 1/2 cup of rice or a piece of bread, often experiencing depression and anxiety.

4. Prevent cancer

brown rice contains a lot of insoluble fiber that will reduce the risk of cancer cells occur in the body. Many studies have already believed that

5. Non-cholesterol rice

rice does not contain any harmful fats at all or sodium. therefore, the rice must also be good to be included in the balanced diet menu.

6. Rich in vitamins

It contains lots of vitamins and minerals such as niacin, vitamin D, calcium, fiber, iron, thiamine, and riboflavin.

7. Treating dysentery

the benefits of rice on the skin of the arinya, is considered an effective medicine to treat dysentery. The three-month-old rice husk contains diuretic properties. Even Chinese people believe that rice is considered to increase appetite, cure stomach aches and digestive problems.

8. Good For Bone

Rice is a "Vitamin" for bones that can make bone growth perfectly formed. Calcium content in rice is very important to form bones to become strong and prevent osteoporosis in old age.

9. Good for the teeth

Tooth growth is also boosted by rice, just like bone, calcium content in rice is very important to form strong teeth.

Function Based on Carbohydrate Content

  1. Controlling Weight
  2. Prevent various diseases
  3. Good for heart health
  4. good for digestive function
  5. Prevents damage to muscle tissue
  6. Set blood sugar levels
  7. Overcoming anxiety

Polemics About Rice Benefits

Since early in Asian countries, especially Indonesia consume more rice than other carbohydrate sources. This is a problem in the present, because rice is considered to have high levels of sugar compared to sweet potatoes, potatoes or wheat. Here are some facts about white rice:

Is rice fattening ??

In fact, low-fat and cholesterol-free rice. Rice is a good source of energy because of its carbohydrate content. Carbohydrates help the body perform its functions and are good for growth.

The content of salt on high rice ??

In fact rice is a food that does not contain salt. Rice is very safe to be consumed by people who diet salt levels in the body.

What about protein content in rice ??

After carbohydrates, protein is the second most common nutrient found in rice. The benefits of rice contain proteins that are considered to be of the highest quality compared to other grains. Rice is also a grain that does not contain allergies like other grains or commonly called gluten.

So from now on, do not be afraid to consume rice. But do not forget to balance with healthy fruits and vegetables on your diet.

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Wary of Rice

Associated with the benefits of rice that became the staple food for the population of Indonesia, there are fears many people say that rice has a very high calorie content. Be aware of the consumption of rice when you want to diet, obesity, and have problems with calories such as diabetes.

Health Benefits of Rice - Nutrient content of rice is very high calorie, so if you experience diabetes symptoms you should be vigilant in consuming rice.