20 Amazing Health Benefits Of A Morning Walk

Amazing Health Benefits Of A Morning Walk - Walking in the morning, is an activity that is often done by every soul-healthy person. How not, the benefits of walking in the morning make people who do feel fresh because the air given is still clean and free of pollution. Unfortunately, there are still many of us who feel reluctant to do so for various reasons such as sleepiness or feeling cold.

Though many benefits provided by mild exercise such as walking this. In fact, research suggests that people who walk about 20-25 miles per week, are more likely to have long lives than those who do not. The benefits of walking in the morning include:

Amazing Health Benefits Of A Morning Walk

Amazing Health Benefits Of A Morning Walk

1. Preventing osteoporosis - Bone health not only requires calcium and vitamin D benefits, but also requires body movement by walking approximately 1000 steps each day and morning sunlight at least 15 minutes a day. If this morning walk is done regularly, then our bones will last longer than the threat of osteoporosis.

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2. Strengthen muscles - Benefits of walking the morning, able to make leg muscles, thighs including buttocks become strong and even able to increase muscle endurance because the body is moving, so that the stamina will be maintained.

3. Lose Weight - Excessive weight is something that most people do not want. In addition to making the appearance becomes unattractive, but also has the potential of the body is infected with chronic diseases. If you have obesity problems, the best way to overcome them is by walking in the morning. Because walking in the morning can burn calories if done on a regular basis.

4. Smooth blood circulation - Walking in the morning also serves as an exercise that can accelerate the heartbeat to pump blood throughout the body such as the benefits of jogging. As a result, the blood circulation in the body will remain intact.

5. Controlling blood sugar - Not only consume a number of benefits of vegetables that will reduce blood sugar. But a study from the American Medical Association found that, people who exercise in the morning including walking, are able to show better control of blood sugar throughout the day.

6. Maintain heart health - Heart attacks are a disease that often causes death for the sufferer. Bright, because the heart itself is the core of the human body system that has a role to pump blood throughout the body. Therefore, anyone will be willing to do anything to treat it.

So if you want to have a healthy heart and avoid heart attacks, a fairly easy way to do is to the benefits of walking. Walking in the morning can make better heart performance, so heart attacks can be avoided.

7. Nourish the lungs - Walking with a fast tempo, will be good for lung health. Therefore, the air inhaled in the morning is clean and has not been contaminated by smoke pollution

8. Prevent Diabetes - Walk every morning on a regular basis, able to make blood sugar levels in the body remain stable awake so as to prevent the arrival of diabetes. Based on research from the National Institute of Diabetes and Gigesive and Kidney Diseases, at a rate of 6 km / h and performed for 50 minutes alone, can prevent diabetes by walking sustainably.

9. Lowering Blood Pressure - Benefits of walking early, able to make blood pressure becomes low and able to reduce stickiness between blood cells. This if it happens, can result in clots of blood clots that can clog blood vessels.

10. Lowering Cholesterol - As the body moves on the walk in the morning, good cholesterol will work as an absorbing sponge of bad cholesterol.

11. Preventing Stroke- Recent studies suggest that by walking for 20 hours a week, can reduce the risk of stroke as much as 2/3 times. This is what causes people in the past only a few who suffered a stroke. In addition to eating foods such as the benefits of fruits and vegetables, their lifestyle is different from the present, because it is always on foot if you want to travel.

12. Maintain fitness and immunity - Benefits of exercise by walking the morning, as much as 3 times a week can improve fitness and maintain the respiratory system. With a fit body condition, of course it will be directly proportional to the increase in body immunity.

13. Improving body metabolism - Benefits of walking the morning can burn calories in the body so that metabolism can increase, even when at rest.

14. Burn fat in the body - It is said that walking in the morning for 20 minutes every day, will burn approximately 7 pounds of fat per 20 minutes.

15. Avoiding Acne - Acne is one of the specter for those who have it. If walking in the morning, it is able to make the quality of the skin the better as well as this acne problem. Therefore, walking in the morning helps the skin to breathe, with oxygen free from pollution and fog, fiber has a moisturizing effect on the skin.

Even if sweating, the skin of the pores will open and cleaned which results in just a few days will make the skin look healthier.

16. Helps Brain release endorphins hormone - This is a hormone that contains chemical compounds that can make a person feel happy. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland located at the bottom of the brain. Like morphine, this hormone is even said to have a power 200 times greater than morphine so it is capable to cause feelings of pleasure and comfort and make someone energized.

17. Increasing the power of concentration - Not only the benefits of playing chess that is able to sharpen the brain, but by walking in the morning makes us more alert. This optimizes the brain power to concentrate more.

18. Like Doing Meditation - Improving the health of the feet in the morning as well as meditation, as found in the benefits of yoga. Fresh wind is able to release positive energy and help overcome mental problems such as depression because it can overcome this depression, then mental health for the better.

19. Prevent senility - The problem of dementia itself affects many people who have over 65 years of age. If the routine walks in the morning, then physically will be able to protect brain function and can reduce the risk of dementia by 40%.

20. Maintaining good sleep quality - From a study conducted at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center in Seattle, shows that exercise done in the morning helps to sleep at night.

Basically, walking is one of every human effort to move from one place to another. This movement is much based on various things to meet the needs of life.

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Amazing Health Benefits Of A Morning Walk - According to John Fruin, walking is the only means to meet the needs of face-to-face interaction that exists in all the commercial and cultural activities within the city. In addition to meeting the needs of face-to-face interaction, it turns out walking is also a tool that can be used to nourish the body. Well, walking is a simple sport that is very healthy especially if done in the morning.