22 Amazing Benefits Of Vitamin C For Skin

Amazing Benefits Of Vitamin C For Skin - Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid compound as a powerful antioxidant that inhibits the movement of disease cells present in the body and is always associated with the human body's defense against extracellular free radical attacks that are usually carried by air or from within the body itself.

The specialty of Vitamin C you need to know

  1. Vitamin C has an important role in iron absorption
  2. Vitamin C is able to neutralize the adverse effects of toxins carried by free radicals that spread throughout the body tissues.
  3. Vitamin C has an extra ability in preventing and preventing the growth of nitrite is the main cause of the emergence of cancer cells
  4. Vitamin C is able to launch the process of toxic and dirt disposal
  5. Vitamin C preserves the integrity of the collagen structure and the skin's natural oils to keep the skin condition in its best condition including a network of fibers composed of cartilage, skin, tendons and soft tissues around the eyes.

Amazing Benefits Of Vitamin C For Skin

For those who are on a diet program or not, Vitamin C is very good for burning fat during sleep at night

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Lemon, Orange, Papaya and Tomato

In order for the diet program goes without a hitch then there are 4 types of fruit that is safe and has a high success rate if consumed as a snack before bed. Lemons, Oranges, Papaya and Tomatoes have very high fibers that are able to break down fats and burn them in carnitine amino acids.

Peanut type vegetables

For those who do not undergo a diet program but want to maintain the weight condition so as not to increase the body weight of vegetables such as beans, peas and beans are very good to be consumed before bedtime. Peas and beans have the ability to quickly burn the large amount of calories that your body has during sleep during the night.

All types of milk

Milk of any kind contains a lot of calcium that has the ability to destroy fat slowly during your sleep at night. This condition can cause the body to decrease body bbobt gradually but surely. A glass of warm milk drunk before bedtime can make the quality of sleep to be better, more healthy heart and faster soundly

Consume whole wheat products

Wheat can burn fat in the body when sleeping at night with the speed and accuracy of no doubt. the metabolic system is getting smoother and able to regulate the low insulin levels in the body to be stable. Wheat consumed along with brown rice and barley can accelerate the process of decreasing body weight when falling asleep at night safely.

For those who are undergoing facial beauty treatments then vitamin C is the best choice, why?

1. Form a collagen cell

because ascorbic acid in vitamin C has the ability to form collagen cells in unlimited quantities whose effects can accelerate the healing of inflammation, wound and infection due to free radicals.

2. Establish good protein

Because ascorbic acid is able to form an unlimited quantity of protein that can protect facial skin from free radical attack in the form of toxic particles carried by air, water, soil, sunlight and food. Protein is formed to make the face more bright and acne free.

3. Fight against the evil of free radicals

Free radicals of many kinds include vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke, daylight, dust and others. Asorbic acid in vitamin C is able to resist and counteract the effects caused are not harmful to health, especially on the skin.

Vitamin C is able to inhibit the formation of excessive pigmentation, preventing cancer cells to grow and prevent skin damage in the form of inflammation, skin peeling, dull skin, dark to skin cancer problems.

4. As water holder

Ascorbic acid in vitamin C can act as a water holder that forms collagen which ensures that the skin condition will always be in the best condition that is to maintain and provide natural moisture on the skin while in hot and cold weather conditions.

As a result Skin will not wrinkle quickly, dry, dull and dark, thus preventing the appearance of fine wrinkles around the face and maintain firmness of the facial muscles systematically.

5. As the most active antibiotics

Ascorbic acid in vitamin C can membentukanyk collagen in an unlimited amount that can fight against all types of bacteria, germs and fungi that damage the skin tissue, in the form of acne, the emergence of small nodules of water that itch and against all types of skin diseases such as panu, ringworm and ringworm.

Ascorbic acid can act as a natural anti-biotic that is active in healing wounds and inhibits the growth of fungus on the skin due to free radicals.

This is the fruit that contains vitamin C and must be a favorite wherever you are, choose one or eat all but on different days. There is no need to overdo one day.

1. Carambola

Carambola contains 46 mg / 100 g of vitamin C which can increase the body's immunity to infections caused by bacteria, germs, pantogens, fungi and viruses derived from the formation of toxic particles from free radicals.

2. Guava

Guava contains 108 mg / 100 gr vitamin C is stronger than orange paada that can lower bad cholesterol levels and can prevent and repair damaged skin tissue akibaat acne and inflammation epidermal terrible skin (deepest skin)

3. Old Kiwi

Old Kiwifruit contains 100 mg / 100 gr vitamin C which is able to protect the valves and blood vessels diarea heart and keep stamina body to be always stable.

4. Longan

Fruit kelengkeng contains 84 mg / 100 gr vitamin C yaang able to reduce depression due to sleeplessness and cure acute insomnia disease.

5. Strawberry

Strawberry fruit contains 56.7 mg / 100 gr vitamin C which has a unique ability to whiten the face is dull, striped and dark and can also whiten yellow teeth.

6. Apple

The apple contains 5 mg / 100 gr of vitamin C which has extra ability to remove toxin (poison) through urine and sweat and mamaapu counteract the bad effects of free radicals.

7. Tomatoes

Old tomato fruit contains 34 mg / 100 gr vitamin C which mamapu overcome skin complaints such as overcoming inflamed and stubborn acne, prevent skin bersidik due to dehydration and so forth.

8. Papaya

Old papaya fruit of any kind contains 85 mg / 100 gr vitamin C is very skilled in the affairs of the protection of walls and digestive equipment and protect it from inflammation or infection due to bacteria.

9. Lychee

Lychee contains 132 mg / 100 gr vitamin C which has high antioxidant substances that can ward off free radicals that maasuk in the body, maintain and control the balance of liquid reserves in the organs so as not easily irritated, infected and dehydrated.

10. Grapefruit

Grapefruit fruit contains 79 mg / 100 gr vitamin C where the substance licopen and flavonoids in didaalamnya dapaat prevent and block the growth of cancer cells and can menyehatkaan digestion organs

11. Pineapple

The old pineapple contains 77 mg / 100 gr vitamin C which didalaamnya contain beta-carotene intact which can reduce the pain and pain of the bones and joints and able to reduce shortness of breath, chest feels distressed and heavy in patients with asthma.

12. Passion fruit

Passion fruit contains 72 mg / 100 gr vitamin C in which there are compounds Cripto xantin and betakaroten intact that can prevent premature aging, prevent the movement of cancer cells to not appear in the body tissues such as lungs and is able to keep the tubal immune to be stable.

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13. An ordinary orange

Orange contains 69 mg / 100 g of vitamin C in which there is a limonoid substance that can, negatively effect the toxic particles generated from free radicals, can reduce the risk of cancer cells and tumors, and nourish the heart blood vessels.

14. Breadfruit

Breadfruit contains 62 mg / 100 g of vitamin C which can help supply adequate carbohydrates in patients with Diabetes so that blood sugar levels quickly decline.

15. Mango

Mango contains 58.2 mg / 100 g of vitamin C in which there is a powerful antioxidant consisting of Isoquersitrin, Fisetin, gallic acid and quercetin which play a strong role for immune formation, preventing the effects of free radicals and preventing night blindness.

16. Lemons

The old lemon contains 45 mg / 100 gr in medium size. able to overcome the disruption and inflammation of the gastrointestinal wall, Overcoming interference in the respiratory system, prevent asthma in order not to relapse and prevent constipation.

17. Pir

Pear contains 9.4 mg / 50 g of vitamin C which can prevent at the same time treating infectiono, inflammation and bruising, Can decrease kadaar cholesterol, stroke and can maintain the immune system and nourish the heart.

18. Bananas

Whatever the type of banana contains 9.3 mg / one medium banana that has been able to maintain heart health, keep the blood pressure system to keep it balanced and normal, preventing constipation and digestive health.

19. Melon

Melon fruit 26,3 mg / one medium-sized lemon, which has been able to prevent the occurrence of eye health complaints are mucous eye disorders ,, and able to ward off free radicals that bring toxic particles produced from food, and air.

20. The wine is dark green

Mature green wine contains 15 mg / 1oo grvitamin C which contains resveratrol substances that have the ability to reduce weight and launch the process of destruction of fat and able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

21. Avocado

The old alpukaat Bauh contains 21 mg / one small-size avocado in which it contains unsaturated olet acids that can work to destroy bad cholesterol in the blood and can prevent premature aging in productive age such as fine wrinkles, dark spots, scaly, dry, dull and wrinkles.

22. Lime

Fruit lime menagndung 18.7 mg / lime in small size sudaah mamapu combat the bad effects of free radicals in the ability to prevent the entry of bacteria, fungi and germs in the skin tissue and can protect collagen stored under the skin to keep it intact and healthy.

23. Pomegranate

De fruits, five old ones have high levels of vitamin C which are almost as strong as lemon which has the ability as a powerful antioxidant in maintaining the immune system so as not easy to fall ill, can prevent cancer, especially leukemia, breast cancer, prostate and lung cancer , can also as anti-inflammatory, able to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and can improve the nerves and brain tissue to avoid Alzheimer's disease.

24 Soursop

Soursop fruit has a high vitamin C content and is equivalent to pomegranates. Soursop is able to prevent fractures, bone loss, prevent pain in the joints, slow the signs of aging in adulthood and can increase body immunity against flu and colds attacks.

25. Sawo

mature sapodilla fruit contains 24.5 mg / 100 gr vitaamin C that can prevent and treat hemorrhoid disease and mamapu help kelangkauaran body in producing enzymes and smooth metaabolism of the body. Substances in sapodilla also play a major role in the process of wounding sores because sapoe have anti-baakteri, anti-fungal and natural anti-biotic.

26. Blackcurrant

This dark purple fruit contains vitamin C of 180 mg / 100gr which can ward off all day's radical bbas for anyone who is doing activity under maatahari or outside the house.

27. Ceremai

The yellowish fruits are uniquely but uniquely rounded, but they contain vitamin C equivalent of lime that has the ability to increase the immune system in people who are recovering from illness especially in women who have given birth normally.

28. Cherry

Cherry fruit contains vitamin C is high enough that is 65 times higher than vitamin C in citrus fruit. Substance in the cherry fruit can menagkal adverse effects of free radicals in the form of air pollution and direct sun exposure.

This is a vegetable and seasoning kitchen that contains vitamin C which can be a healthy menu of choice for families


Cauliflower contains 46 mg / 100 gr vitamin C which can prevent constipation and increase body resistance against free radicals and prevent bone loss and prevent pain in bone and joints in elderly or elderly, mamapu improve the health of pregnant women and fetus heart healthy .

2. Broccoli

Broccoli contains 90 mg / 100 gr vitamin C which can help the success of a healthy diet program, can nourish the heart condition and can act as an antidote to enter the body and mamapu healthy digestive system.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric contains 25.9 mg / 100 gr vitamin C which can be the strongest anti-inflammatory because it has been proven to cure inflammation, reducing pain wounds paad, cure infection, relieve asthma disease, eliminate shortness of breath and chest pain and also able to cure chronic eczema disease.

4. Red pepper

paprika contains 80.4 mg / 100 g of vitamin C that can nourish the heart, mamapu prevent stroke and heart attack suddenly.

5. Carrots

Carrots contain 5.9 mg / 100 g of vitamin C which is able to repair, protect and maintain the strength of connective tissue in the form of hair, nails and teeth in order to stay healthy and normal, can menhghancurkan cancer cells and tumors that grow in the first stage.

6. Cabbage

Cabbage vegetables contain 160.8 mg / two medium cabbage cups that have the ability to prevent and treat diseases sariawaan and gum berdaraah, can counteract the growth of cancer cells due to direct exposure to sunlight such as skin cancer.

7. Chilli

Whatever type of chili (cayenne, red pepper, curly pepper and others) contains 84 mg / 100 g of vitamin C which is able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the prostate. relieve vertigo and migraine diseases and can eliminate aches and aches in the muscles of the body and joints.

8. Celery

Celery leaves contain 130 mg / 100 gr vitamin C that proved able to stop the mutilation, repair and protect the network of hormonal function for regular menstruation, can clean the dirty blood in the body and lower blood pressure systematically if diligently consume celery leaves.

9. Mustard

Sawi contains vitamin C equivalent with grapefruit because in one cup of vitamin C alone in the mustard sufficient as much as 60 percent of vitamin C in one day.

10. Lettuce

Lettuce contains 8 mg / 100 gr vitamin C which is able to multiply red blood cells, keep blood sugar levels in order to always normal, Can cure inflammation of mouth oral sprue and able to protect baby become defect in uterus.

11. Kale

Leaf kangkung contains 32 mg / 100 gr vitamin C which can improve the quality of a person's sleep to avoid insomnia, able to sharpen vision yaang vague, able to nourish the bladder so that can melancaarkan urine and able to prevent the onset of diabetes mellitus symptoms.

12. Basil

Basil leaves contain 50 mg / 100 gr vitamin C which can prevent the onset of menopause at young age, can treat body odor and odor in mouth cavity, able to cough cough and fever.

Consuming vitamin C in the form of tablets or drinks containing vitamin C along with the use of drugs for certain diseases can affect the health of the body
  1. Taking headache medicines or windsurfers together with vitamin C in the form of tablets or beverages can trigger the chemicals present in the drug will settle in the blood and can not afford to be wasted naturally through urine, this condition can cause poisoning of the body.
  2. Taking drugs for cancer chemotherapy along with vitamin C in the form of tablets or beverages form the benefits of these drugs will disappear and only make the chemical that is in the drug settles in the blood and cause poisoning the body.
  3. Taking birth control pills along with the use of vitamin C in the form of tablets or beverages form can cause the hormone estrogen increases sharply and trigger hormone damage.
  4. Taking antidiabetic drugs along with the use of vitamin C tablets will cause chaotic urine test results in diabetics and the health team will find it difficult to handle the disease.

The best way to consume vitamin C in people who have certain diseases is after two hours of taking the drug. Why?
  1. Taking any medication will reduce the supply of vitamin C in the body so that the body is always suffering from vitamin C deficiency after taking painkillers or other drugs. If you take medication for two hours, then taking vitamin C after it is the right time because the body will be protected from lack of vitamin C.
  2. Consuming any drugs such as painkillers or drugs for fever is not allowed along with tea drinks, because in tea was contained vitamin C is enough to make drugs have no efficacy again and also can cause poisoning in the body.
  3. Consuming sea food food in large quantities and dibaarengi with drinks containing vitamin C then what happens is the body will experience arsenic poisoning and react with stomach acid that can cause death. Consume vitamin C drink should be two hours after eating seafood.
  4. Consuming sleeping pills in small amounts is still not allowed along with drinks containing vitamin C because it will only cause sleep to be longer and cause the body becomes weak and shortness of breath after awakening from sleep. If you have insomnia disease should take vitamin C two hours after taking sleeping pills.
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Amazing Benefits Of Vitamin C For Skin - Consuming drugs should only be with water because white water is the only secure medium because it does not contain any compounds inside which can react less well to the chemistry present in the drug to be consumed. In addition to drinks that contain vitamins are not allowed also if taking drugs in barengi with drinks containing caffeine, tea, milk and beverages containing alcohol.

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