22 Health Benefits of Chili Pepper

Health Benefits of Chili Pepper - Cayenne cayenne is one of the plants belonging to the type of vegetables, this plant is often used for cooking so that cuisine has a variety of flavors with the existence of these cayenne pepper. The flavor contributed by the benefits of chilli pepper is a spicy flavor, this is due to the plant of cayenne pepper capsaicin which produce spicy flavor in this plant.

Cayenne pepper has a scientific name that is Capsicum frutescens into the Solanaceae plant or eggplant. Types of cayenne pepper was different, including white cayenne pepper, ceplik cayenne pepper, cayenne pepper green. Where the cayenne pepper has a different capsaicin content with every mg / g of dry weight, capsaicin is most abundant in white chili with a rate of 13.5 mg / g of dry weight.

In addition to capsaicin, other ingredients contained in cayenne pepper include:

Health Benefits of Chili Pepper
  1. Betakarotene or provitamin A
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Vitamin B1
  4. Vitamin B2
  5. Mineral
  6. Calcium
  7. Phosphor
  8. Capsaicin
  9. Kapsaikin substance
  10. Kapsisidin substances
  11. Protein
  12. Carbohydrate
  13. Iron
  14. Niacin
  15. Lasparaginase
  16. Potassium
  17. Copper
Although cayenne pepper is only used to add flavor, but this pepper has benefits for humans, including the benefits are:

Health Benefits of Chili Pepper

Digestion becomes more smoothly

For those who always experience problems with digestive affairs, can be tried to overcome by consuming this cayenne pepper. It has been widely circulated that cayenne pepper can help in the process of digestion, it is because the cayenne pepper is able to stimulate the digestive system with increased flow of enzyme production and also stomach acid. Therefore, it can help the body in the process of food metabolism, then when it is difficult to remove the gas in the body can be overcome with chili powder due to chilli powder the process of assimilation and elimination in the body with the stimulation of peristaltic stomach movement.

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Helps in weight loss

With cayenne pepper also for those who are on a diet can be helped by eating, but it is not recommended by consuming excessive. Chili cayenne is able to increase in the process of this metabolism was also able in the process of burning excess fat.

Treat infections

Anti-fungal properties owned by chili treated this can cope in the healing of infection, so that various diseases due to infection can be overcome by the consumption of cayenne pepper.

Overcoming pain in joints

Capcaisin content is not only provide a spicy taste alone, but has other benefits by providing benefits to overcome or relieve joint pain in our bodies. Capcasaini this work is by relieving the muscles that are experiencing a seizure, so that the presence of capsaicin able to relieve spasms in our muscles.

Anti cancer

Chili pests in this cancer problem is by eliminating the existing cancer cells in the body, but this process does not damage the normal cells that exist in the body. The content in cayenne pepper that handles the removal of cancer cells is capsaicin, but it is not recommended also by excessive consumption.

Heart health is increasing

The cause of this jatung attack because it can with high blood pressure, but by eating chili sauce blood pressure in the body will be maintained stability. So that the heart will be healthier, as well as other chili pepper capabilities that is also able to remove bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the human body. Cayenne pepper also helps in preventing heart attacks, as this characteristic of cayenne pepper has the ability to open arteries in the heart.

Fight in stroke

Characteristics of cayenne pepper that can smooth blood circulation has benefits against people who have stroke, stroke itself occurs due to the clogging of the blood vessels and the occurrence of blood clots in the brain.

Appetite increases

Someone who experienced an increase in appetite due to the addition or increase in endophon hormone production in the body, so the appetite in the body will increase by eating this cayenne pepper. The content of cayenne pepper, which makes adding to the production of endophone hormone in the body is capsaicin contained in chill care.

Maintain immunity

With the presence of vitamin C in cayenne pepper, serves to protect the body from various diseases. So the human immune can be maintained so as not easily attacked by various diseases.

Reduce the presence of mold on the skin

Capcaisin owned by cayenne pepper can help in reducing the fungus in the human kuliut, so that the fungus on the skin that makes skin itching can be overcome by eating cayenne pepper.

Overcoming headaches

The benefits of cayenne pepper are able to stimulate the response of pain that is observed in different parts of the body, where it can cause the brain to divert attention to other responses that make pain in the head. So when feeling dizzy, can eat food contained chili sauce, usually will come out from the nose mucus that indicates dizziness in the head has begun to subside. So the head is not heavy algi and dizzy.

As an anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory function can be used as a good herbal remedy for people with diabetes or blood sugar, arthristis, psoriasis, and also nerve damage that has something to do with herpes disease due to the virus.

Helps in the detoxification process

Through warming up the body of the detoxification process occurs, it can happen by the consumption of cayenne pepper that can make the body sweat. In this sweaty body is one of the important processes in the process of detoxification, for the morning consumption of cayenne pepper can be mixed with other honey and lemon to drink in the morning where the drink is able to carry out the detoxification of the body thoroughly on the human body.

Saliva production increases

Causes that make cayenne pepper can help in human digestion, because it is in cayenne pepper can stimulate in producing more saliva. Where when more saliva exists in the body, the better in the process of digestion and able to maintain oral health.

Helps in preventing blood clots

The risk of a heart attack that eventually leads to stroke not only because of blockage in the arteries, but because of blood clots that do not reach the blood throughout the body or not spread blood throughout the body. It can be overcome with cayenne powder which helps in reducing atherosclerosis in the body.

The body's metabolism becomes faster

In addition to losing weight, but cayenne pepper can also mepercepat metabolism in the human body that will accelerate it will impact on weight loss. So from that cayenne pepper can help in losing weight, because of the acceleration in the body's metabolism.

Hair growth

Cayenne pepper can help in increasing the occurrence of air circulation in the scalp, when the air circulation decreased it will be damage to the hair like hair loss even to experience baldness. Then it can be overcome with cayenne pepper that can improve air circulation on the scalp.

Prevention in the occurrence of high blood pressure

Cayenne pepper is also able to cope in blood problems, including high blood. Where it happens because there are substances that make chili pepper is able to act so, the content is capcaisin that is able to smooth blood circulation in the body premises to reduce the formation and agglomeration that causes blockage of arteries in the heart.

Lowering high fever

In addition to the fruit that dikonsmusi, but part of the cayenne pepper can be used. Like leaves from cayenne pepper that can reduce high fever in our body, it can be done with other additions such as lettuce oil with pengerajaannya dibalurkan on selurh body or affixed to the crown.

Relieves colds and nasal congestion

Cayenne pepper can relieve colds and also other trapped in nasal congestion problem, this is because of the cayenne pepper capsaicin that is able to thin the existing mucus area. So that the liquid that makes clogged can come out and dilute.

Maintain eye health

The content of vitamin B2 in cayenne pepper can help in maintaining eye health, so the eyes will always be healthy rarely often eyes experience eye pain and ata become more sharp and clear when seen. So do not just eat carrots just to keep kesahatan eyes, but can also eat chili pepper. But do not overdo it in consuming it.

Prevent beriberi disease

Beriberi disease that attacks the human body can be overcome with the cayenne pepper that is around, the reason is because the cayenne itself is a B1 content that mempu prevent the occurrence of beriberi disease.

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Health Benefits of Chili Pepper - That's some of the benefits of cayenne pepper for health, if you want the body awake health can be one of them eat chili pepper. But keep in mind it is not recommended to consume excessive cayenne pepper, and also required a regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.