4 Health Benefits of Pecans

Health Benefits of Pecans - Benefits of hazelnut as a spice ingredient has been widely used both in the archipelago or abroad. Pecan is the result of abundant earth in Indonesia so it is very easy to get it in any season condition. In the culinary treasures Nusantara candlenut is widely used as the ingredients of cooking because it produces a savory taste in cuisine. The Maluku archipelago is the largest producer of candlenuts in Indonesia. Abundant gift makes pecan used for various purposes besides for cooking.

Health Benefits of Pecans

Research abroad has mentioned that a number of skin content and leaves of candlenut plants have been tested against cancer symptoms. In addition it provides treatment for various respiratory diseases suffered in children such as asthma symptoms. Some other complaints of problems along with the way of treatment, as below:

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  1. Treating dysentery: 10 grams of hazelnut stem boiled with water as much as 400 cc, then wait until the remaining setangahnya. Drink potions while warm.
  2. Relieves toothache - 3 sticks of hazelnut sticks in balurkan on a sore tooth. Do it 3 times a week.
  3. Overcome the sprue - gum stem nut taken sufficiently then give a little coconut milk then mix well. Thin sprouts of this herb on the part of the sprue.
  4. Fever in children - A few drops of boiled candlenut oil with enough water, then add 15 grams of pulutan root. Boil until boiling, then drink the potion while warm.

Several alternative candlenuts for this treatment can be used for early relief against the disease. But so far no convincing clinical studies have been done on the effects of candlenut in humans. Therefore, therapeutic and toxicity benefits are unknown. Regardless of the claims made by the candlenut product manufacturer, the consumption of hazelnut should be monitored by a reliable health professional.

Content of Substance In Pecan

As has been widely known in addition to spices ingredients for the content of hazelnut rich compounds essential for the body. Chemical content contained in the hazelnut include such as glycerides, linoleic, palmitic, stearate, myristic, oil, protein, vitamin B1 and fatty acids. The popular hazelnut benefits are found in the hazelnut oil, derived from the roasted hazelnut or burned. The hazelnut oil is useful for hair as well as the benefits of olive oil and restores the natural glow of black hair so that the candlenut oil extract is widely used by shampoo manufacturers.

Getting to Know Candlenuts

The original Kemiri tree to Southeast Asia and Hawaii has been cultivated in South America. Trees or varnish trees, nuez de la India or kukui bean trees, grow to a height of about 50 to 80 feet (15-25 m). Its branches are spreading that grow pale green and produce 1/2 inch to 2.5 inch (4 cm to 6 cm) diameter candlenuts, with hard outer shells and high oil content.

In Hawaii, pecan trees have many non-drug uses. Candlenut can be pounded into a paste and used as a spice. The flowers are used to make leis. The wood used to build the ship, which is varnished with hazelnut oil.

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Health Benefits of Pecans
- The candlenut tree because of its role in Hawaiian culture, has been designated as the official tree of the state of Hawaii. Pecan that is charred after being burnt, can be made into ink used for tattoos. Candlenut Oil is used to help preserve fish nets. When the tree grows it is known to produce up to 180 pounds of nuts. Trees are symbols of enlightenment, peace, and protection.