40 Health Benefits of Lobster

Health Benefits of Lobster - For those fans of seafood food, would have been familiar with this one meal. Lobster, commonly known as a giant prawns are tempting taste. Shapes and sizes that can be said for giant countrymen shrimp, it is really tempting the stomach to taste it Especially in cooking in accordance with the favorite spices. Of course the more evocative appetite.

Lobster menu is a favorite menu in any sea food restaurant. The reason, although the shape and size of this great was in barengi with a savory taste and soft corn texture. It may even be softer and savory in appeal with the usual shrimp. Behind this delicious food, contained some of the benefits of lobster that may make the body more pronounced, one of which lobster meat has a high enough protein content. Even so, actually still bnayak other lobster benefits that can be in the can.

Health Benefits of Lobster

Health Benefits of Lobster

1. High Protein Producer

Although this food falls into the category of 'caution for obesity', but that does not mean not entitled to consume it. Because who would have thought the benefits of this lobster bermayata rich in animal protein content. It is highly recommended for children who are still in the growth stage to eat these foods.

2. Good for New Cell Formation

Benefits of this lobster is rich in protein content. So eating lobster for you is in need. Because it is able to assist in the process of forming new cells and replace damaged cell cells. That way your body system more run smoothly.

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3. Preventing Kwashiorkor's Disease

Benefits of lobster is also very good to overcome the disease associated with mal nutrition, one of which is kwashiokhor disease. Usually marked with belly bumps, then hands and feet become emaciated. This can happen because of lack of nutrient intake, especially protein nutrition. For that it is recommended for people with kwashiokhor eat this food.

4. Good for the Development of Brain Cells

Another benefit that can be obtained from eating lobster is able to stimulate the development and growth of brain cells. Moreover, the protein comes from the sea, more supportive of omega 3 substances. This substance is very active in the formation of the brain, which is able to push to work optimally. Recent research proves, children who consume omega 3 has a sharper memory.

5. Quick Overcoming Bruises and Bruises

Falling state, bruises and bruises are incidents we can not take into account. Some people when the wound, there is a speedy recovery there is also a long time. One way to deal with bruises and bruises is to consume lobster. Because the protein content can help the body to repair damaged cells due to bruises and bruises earlier.

6. Assisting the supply of spare energy

Eating lobster certainly makes you full, is not it? Indeed in the lobster levers terrdapat enough calories to make become full. Moreover the protein in it is also very much. If a lot of protein content was not in use, it will be stored in the form of energy in the body.

7. Essential Amino Acids

In lobsters there are also essential amino acids. Where this amino acid can not be produced by our bodies. For that way the fulfillment is to consume from the outside. For example from foods containing essential amino acids.

8. Quickly Heal the Inflammatory Process

Other benefits of lobster also present in the amazing content in lobster meat is the presence of omega 6 (arachidonic acid or AA) and omega 3 (eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA as well as docosahexanoic acid or DHA). This content is very active and good for producing prostaglandin. With the help of alteration of omega 6, this right can help cure inflammation.

9. Preventing and Reducing Stroke Risk

Not only that, the benefits of lobster that get from omega 6 is able to reduce the risk of stroke. Because with the presence of omega 6 substances, flexibility of blood vessel walls are maintained. As a result the possibility and risk of stroke and coronary heart disease also decreased.

10. Smooth the Skin

The lobster consumed was also good for treating and maintaining skin health. Because in it contain vitamin E and vitamin A that work actively to help keep your skin rejuvenation to remain smooth and soft

11. Adding Immune System

In the content of 100 grams of lobster, there is a vitamin C content that can be made in addition to the immune system. Will feel it when your body tired, then you should eat vitamin C. Consuming lobster also helps improve immunity system.

12. Good for Bone Growth

Lobster is a very good food consumed for the age of children who are still in its infancy. Because the lobster has a high content of phosphorus and calcium. Both of these substances greatly help bone formation to become strong and sturdy. Not only that, but also help improve bone structure.

13. Strengthening Dental Growth

Teeth are one of the most important organs to help you eat, especially if they are broken, can not wait for you to grow back. For the teeth only experienced a period of growing 2 times, the age of milk teeth and permanent teeth. When the two periods have passed, the teeth will not grow again. For that it is very important for us to maintain and care for the growth of teeth. Substances that play a role in this case is calcium and phosphorus. Both compounds are good for strengthening the teeth to stick at the roots, also strengthen the tooth structure not to be broken.

14. One food, One Million Nutrition

You may need occasional lobsters as a list of home cooking menus. Because even if only one lobster meat, has met some pretty good nutrition for your body. For example vitamin B12, B6, C, A, E, as well as some minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. Especially in the enrichment of omega 3 and omega 6 substances are good for growth and development of the baby's brain. The content is also very useful for the elderly, ie lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart chorion, artherosclerosis, and stroke.

15. Lose Weight

Lobsters are powerful enough to help you lose weight. The reason this food has a low fat content. Moreover, the content of calories are not too high is also not too dangerous.

In addition to the above 15 main benefits, lobsters actually also have a myriad of benefits, including:
  1. Energy sources
  2. Accelerate wound healing
  3. Increases red blood cells
  4. Helps the fulfillment of balanced nutrition.
  5. Improve brain performance.

Benefits of Lobster Content

Lobsters or known as giant prawns are well known as high protein-producing foods. In one cup of lobster meat, then cook with in stir fry, it will find 129 calories. Quite a lot is not it? But it is also in balance with the resulting protein, which amounted to 28 grams. Even this figure reached 16% of the recommended 2000 calorie diet. The content of the benefits of lobsters are also not only that, the following are:
  1. carbohydrate
  2. fiber
  3. vitamin B
  4. vitamin B6
  5. vitamin B12
  6. vitamin E
  7. vitamin A
  8. vitamin C
Minerals in lobsters are also quite a lot, for example like:
  1. Phosphor
  2. potassium
  3. magnesium
  4. zinc is the most dominant
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Health Benefits of Lobster - Actually there are other vitamins contained in this lobster, but the levels are very small. Even some people think consuming lobsters is the same as taking multivitamin supplements.