45 Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Skin Hair And Health

Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Skin Hair And Health - The benefits of soursop leaves in the world are very popular especially since research has begun to prove that it can combat super-harmful diseases such as cancer. Soursop leaves are very many benefits especially for the health of the human body that can unexpectedly treat some dangerous diseases.

In everyday life we ​​are not so aware of how great kasiat soursop leaves this. If you do not know the benefits of this leaf then you should read this article carefully.

Before discussing the details of how soursop leaves can be WEAPONSHIP, let us discuss the nutrient content contained therein.

Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Skin Hair And Health

Nutritional Content of Soursop Leaf

  1. Annohexocina
  2. Annomuricina A, B, C and E
  3. Annomutacina
  4. Annopentocinas A, B and C
  5. Muricoreacina
  6. Gigantetronemina
  7. Murihexocina A and C
  8. Javoricina
  1. Anonaine
  2. Anoniine
  3. Atherospermine
  4. Coreximine
  1. Gentisic Acid
  2. Lignoceric acid
  3. CLA
  4. stearic acid

Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Skin Hair And Health

Benefits of soursop leaves for health there are so many that should be especially useful for cancer, diabetes, and as a drug gout. Recorded no less than 7 proven benefits of soursop leaf for health, here in between.

1. Eradicate Diabetes

Normal sugar levels in our blood range from 70 mg to 120 mg. Nutrients in soursop leaves are believed to stabilize blood sugar levels in the normal range. In addition, soursop leaf extract can be used as one of natural diabetes herbal remedy solution.

How to use:
  1. Take 2-5 soursop leaves
  2. Clean with clean running water (to remove germs and bacteria)
  3. Boil the soursop leaves in warm water 3 glasses
  4. Allow to dry to 1 cup.
  5. Drinking regularly morning and evening for diabetics.
  6. Do it regularly 3-4 days, then check your blood sugar levels.
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2. Fighting Cancer

This is one of the reasons why the benefits of soursop leaves are phenomenal in the world including in Indonesia, which is rich in herbal plants. How does it work to eradicate and fight cancer?

Soursop leaves can inhibit cancer cells and cure cancer more quickly and effectively than chemotherapy that produces some side effects other than the cost is very expensive. In fact, studies have proven that soursop has an active ingredient that is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy in the fight against cancer cells. Thus, soursop leaves can treat various types of cancer including prostate, lung and breast cancer.

How to use :
For treatment, boil 10 soursop leaves in 3 cups water to be just one glass, strain and chill then drink this herb every morning for 3-4 weeks to see the effect of your condition improvement. Soursop leaf as a cancer treatment is one of the most powerful drugs to date.

The benefits of soursop (fruits and leaves) in the fight against cancer are enormous which makes it has been used for more than 40 years for this information. The benefits of dragon fruit is one of the fruits that are also at war for this cancer problem.

3. Uric acid Treatment

Soursop leaf consumption can help in treating uric acid that you suffer. In fact many alternative medicines use soursop leaves for the treatment of gout.

To use soursop leaves as a drug uric acid, boil 6 to 10 leaves soursop that is old but still green that has been washed. Boil the leaves in 2 cups of water and bring to a boil a glass. This herb should be taken twice a day ie morning and evening for maximum benefit.

4. Back Pain Treatment

Back pain often we experience especially when exercising and getting older. Using chemical drugs for back pain can cause side effects. Soursop leaf is an effective herbal remedy for treating back pain without negative effects.

How to use:
You can boil 20 sheets of soursop leaves in 5 cups water until only 3 glasses of water remaining. Drink ¾ cup of this herb once a day to help overcome your back pain problem.

5. Boost Immune System and Prevent Infection

Nutritional content of soursop leaves is believed to boost the immune system and avoid infection in the human body. Boil soursop leaves 4-5 sheets in 4 cups water until the remaining one glass of water and drink this herb regularly once a day for useful results. Antioxidant compounds in soursop leaves are very useful for maintaining the health of our bodies.

6. Overcoming rheumatism

Rheumatic disease is usually experienced in the elderly, causing great pain. Soursop leaf is a natural herbal treatment for arthritis pain.


For the purpose of eczema and rheumatism problems is the use of slightly different, puree soursop leaves and apply on the area of ​​the body affected by pain due to arthritis and eczema and rheumatism regularly twice a day. Let stand a few minutes until the leaves are slightly dry.

7. Against Bacteria / Virus / Parasite and Prevent Tumor Development

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, soursop leaves are very effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, parasites and tumor development. Properties of healing that make soursop leaves can be used as an anti-seizure drug. They are also able to reduce fever and lower high blood pressure. Soursop leaves help in treating inflammation and swelling legs. They help digestion and increase appetite. Consumption of soursop leaves regularly helps in increasing stamina and facilitates rapid recovery of various diseases.

Benefits of soursop leaves for the skin is also no less important for our bodies, especially those experiencing problems in the skin.

Soursop Leaves For Leather

8. Treating ulcers

Soursop leaf was also able to help treat ulcers.

How to use it quite easily, take a few leaves of young sours as much as 5 to 10 strands, puree, and paste in places affected by ulcers until the ulcer is dry.

9. Eczema Treatment

Eczema or eczema is one of the terms used for skin disorders (one skin disease). This eczema almost covers all skin disorders for example is a wetness skin disorder or skin disorder that is too dry.

As mentioned earlier, soursop leaves can treat eczema in a natural way. You can use soursop leaves as a mask (by smoothing it first) and apply it to the affected area twice daily on a regular basis. This will help in reducing the pain caused by eczema in addition to cure it of course.

10. Overcoming blackheads

Soursop leaf that has been smoothed if applied to the skin can be very useful in preventing the occurrence of blackheads and other skin problems as well.

Soursop Leaves For Hair

In addition to health and skin, the benefits of soursop leaves for hair is also quite important, especially in eradicating pests in our hair.

11. Eliminating Fleas

Soursop leaf has the ability to inhibit the growth of parasites that grow in the head skin which can cause hair disorders such as lice and dandruff. How to use is quite easy, simply boil the leaves of sours 10-20 minutes ago using the cooking water to shampoo can help remove parasites including fleas and dandruff caused by the parasite.

Soursop Leaf Benefits As a Medicine

Benefits of soursop leaves are also widely used as a drug, substances contained in the essence of soursop leaves are very effective in fighting and becoming drug ingredients. Here is a list of efficacy given by soursop in its effect as a medicine.

  1. Antibacterial: To inhibit bacterial growth
  2. Antivirus: To inhibit the development of virus
  3. Anticancer: To inhibit cancer progression
  4. Antitumor: To inhibit tumor growth
  5. Antiparasit: To Inhibit the development of parasites
  6. Antimalaria: Preventing malaria
  7. Antileishmania: Antileishmania
  8. Antispasmodic: Substances that can relax smooth muscle
  9. Antikonfulsan: anticonvulsant
  10. Astrigen: Substance wrinkles / shrinks the mucous membranes
  11. Antimutagenic: Substance that inhibits gene mutation
  12. Analgesics: Substances that can reduce pain / pain
  13. Anti-inflammatory: Substance that suppresses inflammation
  14. Heat-lowering drugs: Substances that can reduce the heat of body fever
  15. Hypotension: Substance that lowers blood pressure
  16. Hypoglycemic: Substance that lowers blood sugar levels
  17. Nervine: To strengthen the nerve / tonic nerve
  18. Cardiodepressants: Depressing cardiac activity
  19. Galactogogue: Substances that can increase milk production
  20. Tranquilizers: A soothing substance
  21. Stomakik: substances that strengthen the stomach and increase appetite
  22. Vasodilator: A substance that dilates blood vessels
  23. Vermifuge: Substances that can kill intestinal worms
  24. Diuretics: The emetic of aurine
  25. Calming: A soothing substance
Although soursop is a super plant, but please note that the benefits of soursop leaves should we understand the common sense, if the disease / complaints do not go heal do not hesitate to visit a related expert doctor.

Soursop Leaf Benefits For Cancer

Well the benefits of soursop leaves for cancer is still in a very long debate, but the outline of cancer is a disease that until now is still difficult to heal. Some patients and their families are not surprised to try a variety of herbs and plants to treat these cancers, including one of the soursop leaves. From medical research, there are indeed some high antioxidant content in soursop leaves that can be relied upon to eradicate cancer. Further research on soursop leaves is still being developed and become one of the most awaited in the medical world.

Tips to Utilize Soursop Leaf

If you use soursop leaves for various health purposes it is better to follow some tips that we summarize the following.
  1. Clean the leaves. Do not forget to clean the leaves with running water because there will be many germs, and bacteria in soursop leaves, including fruit.
  2. Do not consume too much, make sure you follow the advice given so as not to reduce the efficacy of the leaf.
  3. Consult an associated herbalist. Make sure you consult with related herbalists to get real information on the benefits of soursop leaves, how to use, and their nutritional content.

Interesting Facts About Graviola

Soursop can we say as a super plant, why? this is because a lot of research done and found that almost all parts of soursop starting from the skin, leaves, roots, and of course the fruit can be used as a powerful traditional herb for the human body, health, or the outside.

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Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Skin Hair And Health - The benefits of soursop leaves for health are enormous and the most phenomenal benefit is to treat cancer. But empirical evidence from the medical world still has not confirmed it. Because the health benefits are so numerous then everyone is trying to find various alternative natural medicine patent. Here are some benefits for soursop leaves.