48 Health Benefits of Swimming

Health Benefits of Swimming - The benefits of swimming for health is very important, not only that, it also has super benefits for the body. is a type of water sports that many people do as a fun hobby activity, one of the effects of the benefits is a high body. Swimming is a fun activity and is now a family recreation facility. Swimming as a means of recreation is indeed held in places that are quite extensive equipped with various game facilities. It is a great way to introduce children's swimming sports through games.

Health Benefits of Swimming

The benefits of swimming as a sport will make the body feel fit. Applying a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritious foods should also be coupled with sports to meberimbangannya, one of them with a good swimming for the body. Some of them are as follows:

Health Benefits of Swimming

1. Exercising breathing

One sport that can train breathing and strengthen the breath is swimming. Water sports such as swimming require strong breathing to be able to dive for a long time. The respiratory work system will itself be trained to be longer while swimming. This swim movement also includes all the muscles of the limbs so swimming regularly can spur blood flow to the heart, blood vessels, and lungs to become more fluid which is important to provide longer breathing.

2. Increase Muscle and Bone Strength

You can observe swimming athletes around the world, there are various advantages for those who pursue this sport is the strength of muscle and bone. You can certainly see how their muscles that have a hobby swim, look harder and is ideal.

3. Raising the Body

One of the most important tips in your effort to raise your body is to swim. In addition to basketball, swimming is one of the most effective types of exercise to make your body higher than other sports. Do not believe ? swimming from various studies tops the list in your effort to provide optimal height.

4. Healthy For Heart

Swimming can be used to help heart health and gain natural health and improve your respiratory system. Swimming is one type of healthy exercise for the heart.

5. Ideal body shape

Your fitness difficulties and did not manage to get the ideal body, it is worth considering to routine swimming. Swimming is very effective in forming ideal body especially biceps. Swimming also allows all limbs to move perfectly, with swimming then biceps will be formed more perfect. Of course the muscles in the hands and feet will also form naturally.

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6. Relieves stress

Many movements in the water and swimming is able to increase endorphins in brain hormones so that the mood is more calm and comfortable so this can lower our stress level. In contact with water also makes the body cooler that affects mood and mind.

7. Improving Body Fitness

The benefits of swimming is very commonly done for the formation of beautiful body posture and make the body fit throughout the day. Swimming sports are healthy and also have an impact on fitness. Swimming is aerobic water which, if done for at least 20 minutes with rhythm and the same technique at a constant speed, will help improve fitness, stimulate metabolism and burn body fat. The same is done when burning fat during aerobic exercise.

8. Relieves arthritis

Posture especially the back area can be fixed by swimming. Exercise berenag can reduce the problems that attack the spine. Constant motion of both hands and feet can strengthen the muscles so much faster.

9. Lose Weight

Swimming is the most effective exercise to burn calories and fat in the body, with a routine swimming then you can lose weight easily. At least there have been many communities and individuals who take advantage of swimming to lose weight in their bodies and the results are very effective.

10. Lowered Risk of Diabetes

Swimming is also very effective to avoid you from getting diabetes, this exercise is very effective to reduce and burn calories and fats and sugars in the blood so you are free from diabetes.

11. Alternative recreation & improve mood

Swimming is one of the recreation that is very fun, it is also not just used for sports. But some people use it for recreation and relieve stress. No wonder if most of the family recreation area there is a pool column that you can use.

12. Alternative therapy when injured

Many injured athletes are required to undergo swim therapy to accelerate the healing of their injuries. Of course this recommendation should be based on the request of the therapist and should not be done without expert supervision. Rehabilitation with swimming in healing injuries has been done a lot of athletes soccer, basketball, until athletes badminton.

13. Improve Body Flexibility

Swimming will train the movement of the feet, hands, head, and all the rest of the body. There is nothing wrong that people who diligently swim will have a more flexible body for various movements.

14. Longer Age

If you want to get a longer and healthier age, it would not hurt you to exercise regularly. The pools of various studies that have been done are believed to help in increasing the age for longer and staying fit in the old days.

Well that was the benefit of swimming in general, but there are more specific benefits that we can get from swimming.

For Baby
Helps baby's motor development
Helps neural development
Help the growth process
Improving the immune system
Helps baby's courage
In order not easily surprised
In order not to fuss while bathing
Helps adapt the baby elsewhere

For Women
Keep your body ideal
Maintain body shape after pregnancy
Tighten the muscles
Tighten the g-spot
Detoxify toxins in the body
Relieve stress

Pregnant women
Increase endurance
Sleep more soundly
Avoiding stress
Prevents premature
Helping the delivery process
Loosen the muscles around the hips
Strengthens lungs
Strengthens the heart

For Parents
Keep your bones healthy
Keeping senile
Prevent stroke
Maintain heart and lung function
Makes the body relax
Prevent sudden death
In order not easily attacked by disease

For disease recovery
Effective pools are also applied for mild strokes
Effective for mild injury
Effectively train the weak heart
Effectively train the lung to be stronger
Helps strengthen breathing

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Swim Tips

If you want to swim make sure you do some tips below:

  • Warm up 10-15 minutes
  • If in a public pool, rinse the limbs after swimming
  • In addition to rinse, should take a bath with soap and clean water at the time of swimming.

Health Benefits of Swimming - Swimming is a fun sport, do it regularly then you will get the effects and benefits for the body.