5 Benefits Of Lemon For Diet

Benefits Of Lemon For Diet - Lemon is one of the fruits that belong to the genus of citrus which is a native plant from Asia. It is thought to have originated from Assam, the area to the north of India and also Burma, now the lemon has become a worldwide fruit because it has spread in Europe and America in the 19th century, because of the massive planting of lemon plants is done in California and Florida. Lemon plants will only grow well in areas with warm temperatures of about 15 to 30 degrees Celsius or about 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, this yellow fruit has a very strong acid taste because of the content of citric acid about 5% -6% in the lemon.

Benefits Of Lemon For Diet

Extraordinary Lemon Benefits

Despite having a taste that is less than delicious, lemon is one of the most favorite multifunction fruit in the world. Evidently, lemon is widely used as a floor cleaner. The content of the lemon is effective in killing bacteria on the floor of the house. In addition, with a distinctive smell was usually used as an aroma therapy for the room becomes more fragrant.

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In the world of science itself, it turns out the lemon fruit has a remarkable function. This lemon has a weak electrode that can drain the flow of electricity. With current technological developments, lemons can be used in watch batteries that do not require many electrodes. While in culinary, lemon is a food and beverage.

Furthermore, in the world of own health, lemon also has a remarkable. For example, as an aroma therapy for sick people who can improve the patient's mood. There are other benefits for health is can be used as a weight loss drug because it contains no cholesterol at all and also low in sugar. As a natural diet remedy, C. Lemon can be enjoyed in various ways such as the following:

Benefits Of Lemon For Diet

1. Served with honey

To lose weight, this lemon can be enjoyed as one of the healthiest beverages. Because it's sour, some people would not like it. Therefore, honey can be the right solution. The added benefit of honey into this lemon drink can disguise the sour lemon flavor with the sweetness of honey. Then, the combination of lemon and honey is incredible.

Both have health benefits, especially lemon fruit that can make weight loss. The addition of honey to lemon drink, in addition to disguise the taste of lemon acid, also has its own function for the body. The content of the honey can increase the strength of one's immunity so it will not be easy to hurt. Then, for the content of lemon such as citric acid will have good benefits for the body because it can launch the digestion that affects the control of one's weight.

2. Made as a salad

The lemon salad can be made by thinly slicing a lemon which can then be eaten straight away. The purpose of this sliced ​​lemon is that the acid from the lemon will not be too strong on the tongue. If you do not like the lemon eaten directly, lemon salad can be added with a variety of fresh fruit or fresh vegetables are usually consumed as a salad.

Or, can also lemon is only used as a salad dressing by squeezing lemon water on fruit salad or vegetable salad. In addition to healthy, the content of vitamin A benefits in the lemon is able to increase the benefits of body fiber is very good to smooth the digestive process. In addition, a lemon known as a low-glycemic fruit can help weight-loss programs. Coupled with various fruits and vegetables, this salad will be more healthy.

3. Consumed as a warm drink

Lemon is famous for its fruit. Therefore, in the diet program, lemon can be served as a warm drink. How to make a drink this one is quite simple. Simply provide warm water in the cup then, insert the lemon slices into it. Stir and wait a few minutes until the warm water has a sour taste from the lemon.

The benefits of drinking warm water and lemon is very useful for the body to digestion, because of the content of citric acid and vitamin A to increase body fibers. Lemon warm drink will be very good if served without sugar and consumed in the morning, as a substitute for the benefits of coffee or tea benefits are usually served sweet.

4. Served with tea

In addition can be served as a warm drink, lemon can also be added in tea. Tea with lemon has indeed been popular since the first. Even now many tea companies that offer tea with lemon in one package. Taste of tea mixed with acid from lemon make this drink popular. Then to consume, lemon tea drinks can be made at home.

The way of making it is quite simple:

Prepare the brewed tea
then insert the lemon slices into it
one to two slices is enough
To increase the benefits of lemon tea drinks, should not be mixed with sugar drinks
If you want a sweet taste, just add low-fat sugar or honey.

These drinks can help you lose weight, especially if the tea used is a green tea known as a diet drink. Obviously, the combination of tea and lemon will greatly help the diet program because the calories present in 100 g lemons are only about 29 calories, and this figure is smaller than the calories present in citrus fruits.

5. Served as juice

Furthermore, lemons can also be presented as a weight loss juice. Lemon juice has been known to many people since the first so not a stranger anymore. What distinguishes between the usual lemon juice with lemon juice for the diet is on the way of presentation. If in the usual lemon juice, sugar is added to the juice to make it sweeter, the lemon juice for the diet just do not use it. This is caused by excessive sugar content in the juice consumed can trigger a person's weight gain.

Therefore, the use of sugar in lemon juice for the diet is reduced or not added at all. To get a sweet taste, choose other foods that are more healthy like honey. If lemon juice diet is consumed regularly, this juice can lose excess weight.

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Benefits Of Lemon For Diet - That's 5 servings of lemon that can be tried to lose weight. The thing to remember when entering the lemon in the list of diets is that the person does not have ulcer disease or other digestive diseases. This is because the acid content is high enough in the lemon can trigger a recurrence of the disease. In addition, in doing a diet with lemon, other food intake must be well controlled so that diet program can run smoothly.