7 Benefits Of Tea With Honey

Benefits Of Tea With Honey - Drinking tea has become a hobby, a habit even one of the traditions in various countries such as China, Japan, India, and England. According to research results tea does have many benefits for health, no wonder in China, Japan, and England there is tea time or the time where in the special to drink tea to get the benefits of tea. In Japan there is even a tea ceremony that has become a tradition since time immemorial.

There are various types of tea in the world that also have a variety of tastes and benefits. In the East people prefer herbal teas especially the benefits of oolong tea or black dragon. Being in Japan the benefits of green tea are preferred. In continental Europe the benefits of black tea are more popular because they have strong taste and are said to give energy to body and mind.

If tea is usually given sugar as a sweetener, from now on you might want to try adding pure honey as a sweetener. Honey is well known for its various properties in overcoming various health problems. Imagine if these two natural ingredients are combined? Of course the benefits you feel can also be many-fold. In fact heated honey will not eliminate the nutrients and benefits of tablets.

Benefits Of Tea With Honey

Mixed Honey Tea

Some of the ingredients contained in honey mixed tea are as follows:
  1. Anti-cancer polyphenols
  2. Essential oils
  3. Vitamin E
  4. Vitamin B
  5. Minerals (zinc)
  6. Flavonoids

Benefits of Mixed Honey Tea

Slimming Body

Drinking honey tea can actually increase metabolism in the body. As a result, faster calories and fat burns so that the body fat reserves are increasingly eroded. Without fat that accumulates of course weight can also be reduced to be more ideal.

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To get maximum results it is recommended to use green tea mixed with a teaspoon. You can drink it regularly in tea time.

Increase Concentration

According to some studies drinking tea mixed with honey can also make the body feel more fit and improve the sharpness of the brain. The condition is very good for improving concentration. Therefore, drinking tea while studying or reading can be a good idea because it is able to help the absorption of information better.

Strengthens Bones

Who would have thought the habit of drinking tea mixed with honey can make our bones stronger. The content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances contained in this drink is a major factor why honey mixed tea is very good for bone health. The main is green tea mixed with honey.

As the ages get older, bones become susceptible to osteoporosis, so drinking honey can reduce the risk of bone loss in old age. For those who have an allergy to dairy products can also make this honey mixed tea as an alternative to maintain health and bone strength.

Prevent cancer

Cancer is one of the silent killer that always lurks our body. In fact every human is born with cancer cells in their body. But not to worry, antioxidants contained in tea, more on green tea, is known to have the ability to prevent the active cancer cells and keep the health condition of the body to stay fit.

Strengthen Teeth

In green tea contained a good kaketin in the fight against bacteria. If the compound is combined with the efficacy of honey is certainly more powerful in dealing with bacteria streptococcus mutans, the battery that often leads to infection and problems in the human body, especially the teeth.

Calming the Mood

By drinking tea mixed with honey is also very good to make our moods become better or good mood. The various pressures that we feel in daily activities of course can easily make our feelings and thoughts disturbed and eventually even cause stress and depression. One of the healthy ways to fight negative mood is to drink honey mixed tea. Try this way to reassure your feelings and thoughts. You can also drink honey-flavored tea before undergoing school exams or meetings at work.

No Side Effects

Unlike coffee, honey-flavored tea has only a small amount of caffeine, so it will not affect your body and give you caffeine side effects. The content of caffeine in a cup of tea on average only 40 mg only. Distinct quite far can be compared with the amount of caffeine present in a cup of hot coffee. This of course becomes the benefits and advantages of drinking other honey tea than drinking coffee.

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Benefits Of Tea With Honey - So many benefits offered this herbal drink for health. You may want to start incorporating this herbal drink into the menu and start scheduling tea time each day. Because drinking honey mixed tea can also be an alternative healthy drink to replace your drinking coffee habit.