8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Fish Oil

Amazing Health Benefits Of Fish Oil - The popularity of fish oil is already famous for its benefits, especially the various manufacturers of drugs make it in the form of tablets or like syrup so easy to consume. Fish oil seems to have been consumed on a large scale because the benefits are good for the body. This has been a lot of research that provides proof of the benefits of fish oil for the body.

Some of which we outlined below:

Amazing Health Benefits Of Fish Oil

Amazing Health Benefits Of Fish Oil

1. Protecting From Air Pollution

Who knows that one of the many benefits of fish oil can protect the heart from air pollution. According to a study in America's 2012 study, 29 healthy middle-aged adults consumed 3 g of fish oil or placebo daily for four weeks and then exposed to unclean air for two hours. The researchers found that those who took fish oil did not have the same negative responses as those who took the placebo.

The bottom line: Omega-3 fatty acid supplements offer protection against heart and bad lipids associated with exposure to air pollution, especially if living in urban areas.

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2. Reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis

According to a study at the University of Bristol study, omega 3 in fish oil can significantly reduce the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis. This omega-3 rich diet is done on guinea pigs that naturally develop osteoarthritis. Then reduce this disease by 50% compared with only eating standard foods.

The bottom line: If you often experience any joint pain, the inflammatory process disorder can be reduced by consuming fish oil every day.

3. Reduce the signs of aging

Evidence is growing that telomere shortening (DNA at the end of chromosomes) can inhibit stem cell function and regenerate cells that cause aging. A 2010 study found an association between fish oil levels and telomere shortening levels for five years. This shows the protective effect of omega-3 fatty acids.

Bottom line: Adding fish like salmon in your daily diet, at least twice a week is a great way to increase your omega 3 intake.

4. Increase fat burning

When Peter Howe and colleagues at the University of South Australia studied the effects of diet and exercise on the body, they found fish oil supplements and exercise made for a combination of lowering fat. During the study, overweight and obese adults with metabolic syndrome, and a greater risk of heart disease, took omega-3 fish oil daily with aerobic exercise three times a week for 12 weeks. Parts of the body that store fat, especially abdominal fat, are significantly reduced in the group doing the exercises and added fish oil, but not for those who only do the exercises.

But you have to remember, it turns out the benefits of fat has a very important role in the body. Fats that have a good role for the body is the type of food we eat is a source of nutritious food.

Bottom line: The ability of insulin sensitivity, anti-inflammatory and fat-burning benefits will be beneficial by choosing supplements containing fish oil.

5. Increase Brain Power and Memory

Researchers have found a positive relationship between fish oil supplements and cognitive function and brain structure differences between users and non-users of fish oil supplements. Compared to non-users of fish oil supplements, it is associated with better cognitive functioning during the study.

The unique finding is that there is a clear relationship between fish oil and brain volume in two important areas used in memory and thinking (cerebral and hippocampal cortex). In other words, the use of fish oil is associated with a lack of brain shrinkage in patients taking this supplement.

The bottom line: Intake of foods that lack the content of omega-3 fatty acids, can cause the brain will quickly lose memory and ability to think. Add fish oil to your daily supplement list to maintain brain health for years.

6. Maintaining muscle

Complementing the diet with fish oil can prevent muscle loss that usually occurs in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. A study involving 16 patients who consumed fish oil (2.2 g / day) and 24 patients who did not. Patients who do not consume fish oil will lose an average body weight of 2.3 kg whereas, patients who consume fish oil will maintain their weight.

The bottom line: Remember, the muscle is metabolically active and burns calories even during sleep. Adding fish oil will help keep the muscles, even when dieting.

7. Improving Bone Health

The benefits of fish oil serve to increase bone density, not only requires calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for optimal bone health. The researchers compared the effects of omega 6 DPA and omega 3 DHA in bone growth in mice. The results showed that rats fed the omega-6 dietary supplement had the lowest bone mineral and mineral bone mineral content compared to the rats fed the omega-3 supplement diet.

Bottom line: The authors concluded that omega 3 appears to be important for healthy bones and maintains bone mineral density. In addition to fish oil supplements, be sure to add routine strength training routines to prevent osteoporosis.

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8. Benefits of Fish Oil For Pregnant Women

Amazing Health Benefits Of Fish Oil
- Pregnant women need intake that is not only healthy for the mother but, also provide a good impact for the development of embryo. This need must be balanced as provided by the benefits of fish oil. DHA content is very important for the growth of the brain and fetal eye. Eating this fish meat or fish oil supplements will improve the health of the mother and also the development of the fetus. but keep in mind is not to consume fish oil that comes from the fish's liver during pregnancy such as cod liver oil. Because of the large amount of Retinol and vitamin A.