9 Health Benefits of Shrimps

Health Benefits of Shrimps - Shrimp is a mandatory menu for seafood lovers. Obviously, it tastes good and complete nutritional content into its own plus points. Especially if the shrimp is collaborated with a variety of spices and certain spices. Of course it will be very appealing, is not it? Nevertheless, it still remains indifferent to the benefits of this shrimp loh. Those who avoid the consumption of shrimp much because of the assumption that shrimp contains a lot of bad cholesterol or often called LDL. Is that true yes?

Health Benefits of Shrimps

Cholesterol content Shrimp

Various studies do show, if the shrimp contains a lot of bad cholesterol or LDL that will be able to interfere with health. Eitsss, but do not get me wrong. In addition there are LDL, shrimp also have high HDL you know.

HDL is good cholesterol. So, here the bad cholesterol will be offset by a high amount of good cholesterol as well. So do not be afraid. And also, in fact we can anticipate this bad cholesterol so that the amount can be reduced. There are some cooking tips and tips in order to reduce the concentration of LDL in the shrimp that will be described in this article. But before, let's find out first about the benefits that we get if we consume shrimp.

From the table above can be seen that shrimp contains many vitamins, minerals, proteins and other elements that are very useful for the body. The full explanation is described below:

  1. The content of selenium is 102%, very sufficient to meet the daily selenium requirement of the body.
  2. Vitamin B12 content, can meet 78% of daily Vitamin B12 body requirement.
  3. Protein content, can meet 52% of daily protein requirement of body.
  4. Phosphorus content, can meet 50% of daily phosphorus needs of the body.
  5. The content of choline, can meet 36% of daily body choline needs.
  6. Copper content, can meet 32% of daily copper needs of the body.
  7. Iodine content, can meet 31% of body's daily iodine requirement.
  8. Vitamin B3 content, can meet 19% daily vitamin B3 requirement of the body.
  9. Zinc content, can meet 17% of daily zinc requirement of the body.
  10. Vitamin E content, can meet 17% of daily vitamin E requirement of the body.
  11. The content of Vitamin B6, can meet 16% requirement of Vitamin B6 daily body.
  12. Omega 3 fat content, can meet 14% of daily omega 3 body fat requirement.
  13. Acid content of patotenis, can meet 12% requirement of daily patotenic acid body.
  14. Vitamin A content, can meet 11% of daily Vitamin A body needs.

Well, a lot of non-nutritional content and nutrients contained in 113.4 grams of shrimp? then what are the benefits of shrimp for our body's daily health?

Health Benefits of Shrimps

1. Shrimps as Hormone Balancer

The benefit of consuming the most important shrimp is the balancing of the hormones present in the body. In particular, if we often do sports activities shrimp is very useful. Shrimp that contain lots of protein will help produce hormones and balance the amount of hormone in the body. Especially if we want an increase in muscle mass, muscle mass-forming hormone will be produced well by the nutrients present in the shrimp.

2. Prawns Prevent Cancer

Lung disease like cancer can be prevented by consuming shrimp you know. At 56 micrograms in the 4 ounces of shrimp we consume, there is selenium with the right amount to meet the needs of selenium minerals in the body. This mineral selenium is an antioxidant substance that can prevent the growth of cancer cells. In fact, some research has been done to prove that the content of selenium in the shrimp can be absorbed properly by our bodies.

3. Shrimps Prevent Heart Disease, Diabetes and Anti depression

In addition to cancer, shrimp can also be a unique deterrent factor to avoid risks to cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure. Again, selenium is a very influential factor in the prevention of heart disease. because the lack of selenium can actually result in high risk of heart failure.

Diabetes is classified as a disease that is difficult to cure can also be prevented by including the shrimp into the food menu we consume every day.

And one more, selenium in the shrimp is also useful for prevention or treatment for people with depression. Wow really this shrimp?

4. Shrimp as source of Omega 3

Some people consider shrimp as a source of bad cholesterol or high LDL, so they prefer not to include shrimp into the daily healthy menu. But do you know if shrimp is a source of omega 3 is very complete? of course you already know the benefits of omega 3 right? very important for the brain.

Yes, many studies have proven the truth that shrimp have omega-3 content. Within four ounces of shrimp, contained 50% Eicosapentaenoic Acid or EPA and contained Docosahexaenoic Acid or DHA in a balanced percentage of 50%. EPA and DHA itself are two types of omega 3 that play an active role in maintaining the health of the nervous system and as a preventive factor of diseases associated with heart organ.

5. Shrimps contain anti-inflammatory substances

Research shows that shrimp contains substances that can be used as anti-inflammatory. These anti-inflammatory agents are Astaxanthin and selenium minerals. This astaxanthin is found in the color pigment found in the shrimp shell. The substance has been widely investigated by experts and found that this substance is very useful to prevent and treat inflammation.

6. Shrimp as a source of foods rich in protein

Shrimp is one type of food that is a source of excellent protein. Protein content in the shrimp even make the shrimp into the top ten most healthy foods in the world. And, shrimp contains proteins that can not only capture the body's needs but also have excellent protein quality. Protein usefulness of course very much. Growth of nails, hair or to increase muscle mass.

7. Shrimp can increase the eating afsu

If you feel less wandering to eat, it is advisable to consume shrimp. Why? This is because shrimp that contain lots of protein if consumed will form a substance called peptide. Peptides in the body will stimulate the release of hormones associated with appetite cholecystokinin hormone (CCK). The number of CCK is what regulates one's appetite level. With the peptide, the amount of CCK hormone can be adjusted so you can have your appetite back.

8. Shrimps as Anemia Drugs

Shrimps have a high and varied amount of Vitamin. Among them, shrimp contain vitamin B. Not only one type of vitamin B alone but there are also other types of B vitamins. Vitamin B in shrimp is vitamin B6, B12, choline, niacin and pantothenic acid. Usefulness of these B vitamins is to stabilize blood pressure and can prevent the occurrence of anemia. Even those who are suspected of having this blood deficiency can be treated with customized shrimp consumption.

9. Shrimps have a high phosphorus content

Shrimp are very rich in this benefit also has the property to strengthen our bones. Consumption of shrimp on a regular basis will increase the density and make our bones become stronger. The bone-forming agent of phosphorus is present in the shrimp with a high amount. In addition to bone, phosphorus can also strengthen our teeth. Because if our bones are fragile or bone loss occurs, health will generally be disrupted. The joints will be very painful when we experience bone loss.

Suggestion of Shrimp Serving

For presentation suggestions that you can get all the benefits of shrimp, tips and tricks quite simple and you can practice yourself at home.

1. Do not be fried

Shrimp will be very good properties if not cooked with fried. The bad cholesterol content in cooking oil will add more bad cholesterol or LDL to the shrimp.

2. Steamed better

So, if you want shrimp to have a low amount of LDL, try to cook the shrimp with steamed. This steaming is much healthier than if you cook shrimp using cooking oil.

3. Burning also allowed

Alternatively if you do not really like steamed food, shrimp is cooked by burning. Cooking by means of burning will make the nutrient content in the shrimp is maintained, and you can still enjoy the delights of this one seafood processed.

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Side Effects of Shrimp Consumption

Health Benefits of Shrimps - In general shrimp have no side effects on health. Only, for those of you who have allergies on the type of seafood, in order to be careful when consuming shrimp preparations in any form. If necessary, you should limit the amount of food consumption of shrimp processed in order to avoid the recurrence of allergies.