Health Benefits Of Playing Piano

Health Benefits Of Playing Piano - Playing a musical instrument was not just a hobby, but also able to provide benefits, one of them while playing a piano instrument. Many myths are growing about the benefits when able to play the piano then we too will be able to play other musical instruments. But the information is still no further proof of the experts.

Apart from that, learning piano is a useful thing. For children up to adolescence it is recommended to start learning piano as early as possible. What are the benefits of playing the piano that you can feel, here are the full review.

Health Benefits Of Playing Piano

Health Benefits Of Playing Piano

1. Achievement in academic field

Learning piano for children who are still sitting in school will also affect academic achievement in school. How can? According to Dr. Frances Rausche, playing the piano can significantly improve brain development and help other learning processes, including academics. With so not only non-academic ability who excel, but in the field even though subjects will get ranked in its class.

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For those who are still sitting on the school bench, start to learn this instrument. As for the parents, should have started getting her child to learn a musical instrument. One of them played this piano instrument, which is very sharpening the brain.

2. Improve the intelligence of the brain

Already many who know that music greatly affects the intelligence of a person, such as the benefits of listening to classical music for the development of the baby. So also with piano, Dr. The Gordon Show says that learning piano stimulates brain cells to thrive, improving one's intelligence or intelligence. Many parents are starting to familiarize their children learn piano, because if the child has been in ajarakan this musical instrument will train the brain power growing faster. This is because the growth of brain cells at the age of children is fast.

3. Train concentration

When learning piano, as basic skills must be able to read the beam notes. When playing the piano, required to concentrate on reading the notes. Then coordinate with the movement of arms, hands, until our fingers to press the keys to produce a beautiful tone.

In playing the piano, all our fingers play a role in playing this instrument. This is what makes the piano music instrument more difficult than any other musical instrument, as well as the benefits of playing chess that can hone brain function.

4. Improving imaginative power

Research in the United States precisely on Rhole island done to the children of music school, in the results of his research which was given the title "Learning improved by arts training" revealed that children who learn to play piano instrument has a higher sensitivity and imagination than children who do not learn it.

5. Giving peace of mind

One essence of the birth of a musical instrument is to meet the needs of actualization and sense of security within. Where by listening to music, we will feel the peace of the soul. Just as the benefits of playing the guitar, the tones produced by this piano will create the impression of comfort and quiet for the listener. Especially if it is played by devoting deepening feeling, to the song being played.

6. Enhance self-confidence

The benefits of piano learning can change the shy people, become confident. Why? Because having piano skills is something to be proud of, where not everyone can do it. While other people do not have the ability to play the piano, then feelings of pride and confidence will arise within themselves.

Given the piano learning is so difficult, we need to balance the brain to press the keys with both hands properly. Concentration power to read notes and the process of abbracting each tone change requires the work of the brain that is not easy.

7. Supporting future careers

Higher education is promising in finding jobs such as college benefits, but piano playing skills are good enough for future career prospects. Capital capabilities that are owned can be developed to earn income. Careers that can be taken is also very diverse, ranging from opening a music school itself, a mentor, has a band to jump in the music industry or joined in the orchestra group. Of course this has a very lucrative prospect for the future.

8. Train the discipline of time

The benefits of playing the piano can train our discipline against time. This is claimed in a study conducted in the United States to find the fact that there is an average condition in the part of the brain that is related to the ability of concepts, language and time management. Research conducted on 48 participants aged 19 to 21 years of men and women. Those chosen as participants are those who have mastered this piano instrument.

9. Good communication skill

Another study also conducted in the United States that tested the little pianist. The study found that there is a similarity between them that the ability to respond quickly, in addition they have a high sensitivity to the sound around it. It shows that good hearing ability will affect the ability of communication as well. That way, the benefits of playing the piano will also affect our hearing ability to affect our communication skills as well.

10. Be sensitive to others

From the results of previous studies, the experts also added that the presence of brain cells that show excellent levels of focus. Even in conditions that are less conducive though, those who are able to play this musical instrument and remain focused in the middle of the noise though. By playing the piano we are required to concentrate and adjust to other musical tones or vocal tones are accompanied. So it is not uncommon for us to see piano players not much attractive at the show, rather than the players of other musical instruments.

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Health Benefits Of Playing Piano - That focus is what Dr. Gordon Shop can make a pianist has a sensitivity to any tone errors that are not aligned. It trains our brain cells that have the function of sensitivity, in the social world this also helps to increase the sensitivity to the condition of the people around.